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Have questions about urgent care? Remember: if you have a true medical emergency, always call 911. Read more to learn about CityMD walk-in clinics and how urgent care works. left link As of 4:30 p.m. Thursday the site remains down. CityMD’s Patient Portal provider is currently working to resolve the issue. We understand that accessing your results is extremely important. If you have not yet registered for the Patient Portal, please click "Sign Up" under Not Registered below.You need to enter your User Name (we suggest you use your "100" number), your University ID (your "100" number), and … For more information and frequently asked questions about CITYMD, click below. If we do not have your email on file o We thank you for your patience. Now you can get quality medical care - in the comfort of your own home. Here are the services we offer at every location. We thank you for your patience. Welcome to the URI Health Services Patient Portal . CityMD, a network of urgent care, walk-in medical clinics, needed a healthcare IT partner to help it meet the challenges of rapid growth, including comprehensive documentation and handling higher caseloads, without losing focus on dispensing high-quality care and kindness to every patient. The comprehensive, quality care you need, the moment you need it. — CityMD (@CityMD) April 30, 2020 Remember me? — CityMD (@CityMD) April 30, 2020. Problem. Some CityMD patients received additional information from our patient portal saying a positive result on the COVID-19 antibody test confers immunity. We apologize about your Patient Portal experience and inconvenience. Patient Portal Login. CityMD’s Patient Portal provider is currently working to resolve the issue. Many public health experts have said that the presence of antibodies in a patient means it is very likely that the patient has some degree of … Password. As of August 2019, Summit Medical Group and CityMD, the leading urgent care provider in New York, have merged. If you are an existing patient or gardian and we have your email on file, please call our office and ask that an account be created for you. Welcome to Patient Portal, Your Medical Home on the Web With Patient Portal, you can connect with your doctor through a convenient, safe and secure environment. Portal Admin Login. Login. User name. Together, with over 1,400 health care providers, we provide best-in-class primary, specialty and urgent care services bringing healthier, kinder communities to New Jersey and New York. Simply sign up for an account or log in. Forgot Password?

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