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You can really tell the difference from other corn tortillas by the texture. Send us an email to and our wholesale hospitality team will research best shipping options for your wholesale needs. *Warm water (~100 degrees F, or the hot setting on your faucet) is recommended, in order to begin blooming the natural flavor of the masa and to fully activate the small bits of pericarp (corn skin) in the masa flour (which help the masa bind, naturally). Please ask us if you have any more questions at Compared this product with some of the masa harina that I had in my pantry, one that I purchased at the local market. It is popularly known a traditional flour initially used in historic Mexican dishes such as corn chips, tamales, tortillas, and taco shells. The kernels (now nixtamal) are then ground into a fine masa, or dough. We look forward to keeping you up to date on all our news, offers, new products and much much more! I’m glad I discovered Masienda masa late last year. Corn flour is widely used in baking. We purchased over 10 bags! The difference is that masa harina is cooked with an alkaline solution, usually limewater. Loved this masa, makes the yummiest tortilla. Unwatch. The flavor and aroma is so delicious and clean. (verified owner) – October 13, 2020. Masienda PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing extended shipping timelines and all orders are expected to ship within 4-6 business days, US holidays excluded and regardless of shipping method (i.e, FedEx Ground versus USPS Priority Express). We’ve given your Masa Flour as presents to fellow foodies and their reactions have been the same as ours. I’m constantly impressing guests with my corn tortillas! (verified owner) – September 4, 2020. not only has the quality of this packaged Masa exceeded my expectations, its inspired me to only make tortillas fresh at home (with a steel press i got on amazon). I love that they use top ingredients. Worth every penny. A Mexican corn flour, Masa Harina is an incredibly soft flour that is either made from dried corn kernels that have been soaked and cooked in lime water or finely ground hominy. (verified owner) – November 16, 2020. Add the 2 cups of Masa Harina and 1/2 teaspoon salt to a mixing bowl. We have gone through two bags in a month and I’m about to order more. Daniel Brown Daisy Thole (verified owner) – October 13, 2020. Simply lovely . All Rights Reserved. 4.3 out of 5 stars 61. I love what the company stands for and you can’t deny the quality comes through in the product! For Masienda Chef-Grade Masa Flour, the masa then undergoes a low-and-slow drying process, which makes for a finished, shelf-stable masa flour that carefully preserves the flavor and nutrients of a freshly-milled masa. Aria Nawab Thank you for your review, Laura! My children and my wife love for me to make fresh corn tortillas and meat empanadas from Masienda! (verified owner) – October 11, 2020. Anne One tip… I use a glass pie pan that has no raised edge or lip on the bottom to press out the tortillas between heavy ziploc bag plastic instead of a press. 4.5 out of 5 stars 254. Kosher approved. I highly recommend it, Michael Jordan £6.99 £ 6. Molinitos are made-to-order and non-refundable due to the nature of fabrication and preparing the order. Masienda (verified owner) – October 9, 2020. 500g. Breads and pastries can also be made with the flour, and Mexican spices and herbs can be added to it if desired. It tastes like the earth but with a little softness. (verified owner) – October 14, 2020. Joshua Mamis Masa harina flour - Bewundern Sie dem Favoriten. We’re so glad you’re enjoying! I’ve been using the masa for about four months now. In many countries, starch derived from ground corn is used as a thickening agent in soups as it is tasteless. I have been making my own tortillas since the late 70’s when I moved to New Hampshire where the only tortillas available at the time were canned. We were accustomed to eating the pre-made tortilla shells or using other masa flour brands that are typically available in grocery stores and after making fresh tortilla shells with your Masa Flour there is simply no comparison in quality or taste, your Masa Flour is a superior product. (verified owner) – October 26, 2020. 99 (£6.99/kg) "masa harina organic" Nixtamalized Cornmeal from 100% Natural Corn, 1kg - Harina de Maiz Nixtamalizado NATURELO 1Kg. It makes delicious tortillas and the directions and process are simple. You will not be disappointed! Bought a few bags to try this masa out after starting to make my own tortillas with other masa brands. It is made by making nixtamal and removing the hulls from the corn. Colin Sato Saw this on one of Rick Bayless’ kitchen demo videos and gave it a shot. (verified owner) – October 9, 2020. Now my tortillas are a cut above, Home made is the way to go to get delicious tortillas. I’ve been buying masa from the small Mexican grocery stores in a huge bag and wasn’t understanding why my homemade tortillas are so boring. After trying this masa I realized it wasn’t me, it was the product I was using and now we eat homemade tortillas all the time. (verified owner) – October 10, 2020. Make 13 balls of masa of the same size. Cathy Weston (verified owner) – October 18, 2020. This Masienda masa harina is fantastic–it’s never been easier to make high quality tortillas. Company Number: 8197522 | VAT number: GB 981302627, We use cookies to ensure that you receive the best experience possible whilst you use our website. Masienda masa has incredible flavor, and using the directions it’s easy to make perfect puffing tortillas. Hi Becky, wonderful we’re so glad you enjoy it! Andrea This flour is beyond all my expectations. I’ve been making tortillas at home for 15 years now — first with Maseca, then for years with Gold Mine organic and occasionally Bob’s Red Mill. Not gritty – meaty but airy. (verified owner) – October 13, 2020. Wishing you many delicious tortillas! £2.79. The aroma of the Masienda product was infinitely better than the other one. This special type of flour is made from cooked corn kernels that are soaked in lime before they are ground into flour. (verified owner) – October 9, 2020, This masa is perfectly ground and makes the most absolutely delicious tortillas!!! The flavor of this maseca is delicious! My customers truly appreciate that mine are made from non-GMO corn. Masa harina means “dough flour” and is the corn flour that makes masa dough. This masa a bit less forgiving than that milled from other varities. I had no idea what REAL masa tastes like until I tried Masienda Chef-Grade Masa Flour! This masa is truly amazing!! Unsere Redaktion an Produkttestern unterschiedliche Produzenten ausführlich verglichen und wir präsentieren Ihnen hier alle Ergebnisse unseres Vergleichs. Highly recommend. Ingredients: Non-GMO heirloom corn (premium), trace of lime. 01582 391511   07828 536 875 (Out of Hours)   Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Once prepared, use immediately, or rehydrate with additional water before use (if waiting several minutes before use). Harina PAN is used to make the maize flour dough also known as "masa de arepa" or "masarepa", which is used to make Venezuelan dishes such as arepas, hallacas, empanadas, and bollos pelones. The search for masa began, and I found Masienda. 4.7 out of 5 stars 359. Both tortillas puffed nicely while cooking. We saw a video of Chef Rick Bayless who recommended Masienda masa in one of his cooking shows, so we thought we give it a try. It’s got practically double the flavor from your everyday grocery store brand. The texture and taste of Mexico is the best of its class here in the USA. (verified owner) – October 10, 2020. Basically my mind is now fixated on cooking whatever can do the tortilla justice. Order extra, you won’t be disappointed. Joanne F Transcendent flavor. I never realized how bland most tortillas are until I tasted this masa. My family has now gone through 4 bags of this masa and it is by far the best we’ve used! (verified owner) – October 9, 2020. Scott Sharrard Masa Harina Create your own authentic Mexican tortillas with Masa Harina. Thank you, Masienda! Mike I bought this along with the nixtamal starter kit. Must admit to have traded masa for mole with friends. The texture a flavor is so much better. (verified owner) – June 8, 2020. Unbelievable flavor, easy to work with, and well worth every penny! Well worth the cost . Discovering Masienda a couple of years ago was a true game changer. Los Angeles curbside pick up available at checkout! You guys are amazing!!! Seriously – it is THAT good!! I’m never without this stuff. It is dotted with crystalline specks of ground corn. By far this masa is the best! We were making poor quality corn tortillas every once in a while with Maseca masa, and inspired by the book “Tacos” by Stupak and Rothman, we upped our game by making them better, and much more frequently. Now I’m making tamales and tetelas too! If aiming for a masa for tortillas, you want a finished masa that is moist to touch, but not tacky (leaving bits of wet masa on your hand and fingers). Masienda I make fresh tortillas 4 to 5 days a week, and pupusas on special occasions. Masa harina is different from cornmea l because once the corn is ground, it is soaked in a calcium hydroxide mix, known as limewater (not the citrus fruit). Tortillas used to be ho-hum, until I discovered Masienda. I have made tamales only a couple of times and they were so gritty and corny. J. Moore Carolyn Monet Hurst-Mendoza The at-home culinary possibilities open wide. It was easy to mix and make the tortillas. I find this stuff kicks the grocery store masa’s butt. Mixes up easily and cooks beautifully. So flavorful and easy to work with! Thank you! Has really elevated my Mexican cooking. Ed Myers Thank you! This whole-kernel corn is gently cooked and steeped in slaked lime (alkaline) water, an ancient technique known as nixtamalization. (verified owner) – October 9, 2020, I love this masa. (verified owner) – October 10, 2020. corn; Meal, 1 teaspoon salt; 3 Pour the water in a bowl add the salt, slowly add the P.A.N. I’ve recommended their products to so many people and love supporting a company that is supporting family agriculture in Mexico. I tried and tried and they were never quite right. I grew up with homemade tortillas and the masa flour from masienda is everything I needed to bring back those memories. I would say you can get 95 percent of doing the whole process but instantly. (verified owner) – October 9, 2020. Sean (verified owner) – October 27, 2020. It’s amazing to be able to purchase a product of this quality, to be able to make tortillas at home in the same league as the extraordinary tortillas I’ve had in Oaxaca. Fresh masa is corn dough. It’s pretty forgiving, too, so even on the first try, you’ll prob be pretty happy with the outcome. I work at a restaurant where we did a modern Mexican tasting menu and wanted high quality masa harina for tortillas, tostadas, and flautas. Howard I will definitely be ordering a bigger bag next time. No turning back even when the bulk masa at the grocer is available again. Ben Blair Shipping and delivery super easy, fast and efficient. The texture and flavor are better than the store bought masa we used to buy. (verified owner) – October 9, 2020. Write a review Rest of Tortillas & Taco shells shelf £ 1.80 £ 0.52 /100g. Yummy goodness! Matthew Harina PAN … So happy to have found a source for heirloom masa. Masienda’s Chef-Grade Masa Flour begins with single-origin heirloom corn (white olotillo) sourced from the tropical (coastal) climes of Oaxaca, Mexico. I live in costal Northern California now and can easily find tortillas, but my home made tortillas made with Masienda’s masa are better than any I can buy in the stores. This stuff in incredible and so simple to make. (verified owner) – October 9, 2020. (verified owner) – October 11, 2020. May contain traces of Wheat, Oats and/or Soy; Storage. This product is so much better than any other masa I have bought before through Amazon or Whole Foods. * Water can be substituted with other liquids such as stocks, broths, juices etc., depending on the desired flavor. Unlike fresh masa, ground cornmeal isn't boiled with lime, so you can add a squeeze to your dough if you'd like. The kernels are ground into a dough and then the dough is dried. Something wrong with this post? (verified owner) – October 9, 2020. (verified owner) – October 12, 2020. Old El Paso Large Super Soft Flour Tortillas 6 Pack 350G . The grind is finer than Gold Mine, resulting in lovely textures. Watch Masienda’s masa makes the best tortillas of any brand I have tried.. (verified owner) – October 13, 2020. It’s amazing home much this improves you tortilla game as opposed to the instant masa you find in most stores. In fact, it’s the corn dough that’s used in masa harina, except it hasn’t been dried out just yet. Joseph Torres We were looking for a masa that was similar to the masa from Mexico and we found it with Masienda! The difference in smell was less noticeable here, however, Masienda’s still had a stronger corn smell. Cynthia Stateman This masa has been a god send. (verified owner) – September 4, 2020. Masa harina is the traditional flour used for corn tortillas, tamales, and other Mexican dishes. (verified owner) – October 10, 2020. (verified owner) – October 9, 2020. Needless to say it has ruined all other masa harina for me and I’ll be buying this in bulk going forward. Elias Meyer-Grimberg Maseca Masa Harina White Corn Tortilla Flour - 1kg. I can’t go back to the mass-produced stuff. What I appreciate most is the unmistakable aroma and flavor of corn, as tortillas should smell and taste. The first bag was consumed instantly and has been re-ordered in greater volume! Can’t believe I wanted this long to make my own tortillas. That was just a couple short months ago and I am now back on the site to buy more! It is relatively easy to get the right masa:water ratio with just a small amount of practice. I love this stuff! You can make your own corn tortillas, gorditas, tamales, sopes, pupusas, atoles and empanadas. The taste and smell of these tortillas delights me EACH time I make them. Every single day I make tortillas, at home on my cast iron skillet, using their flour. This process softens the corn, imparts calcium and activates the essential amino acids and vitamin B3 found naturally in each kernel. Natco Cares; The Natco brand is cherished by those who love quality exotic cuisine. You've just added this product to the cart: My tamale-buying customers LOVE Masienda, and so do I! Dry and clean place exclusively buying masa from Masienda ’ s Chef-Grade masa flour: 1.4 water (! Campbell ( verified owner ) – October 9, 2020 around great product the traditional flour used buy! And seasonings to taste ( optional ), evenly incorporating throughout finished masa of eating entirely low in.! Several minutes before use ) of all-purpose flour for millions of people who have for! You dehydrate the dough, you ’ d best be stocked, Susan verified! Using the directions it ’ s amazing home much this improves you game. ( premium ), trace of lime bland most tortillas are a cut above, made. Hospitality team out after starting to make many Mexican and South American specialties like corn.... Over the years corn tortillas!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Cohen ( verified owner ) – October 11, 2020 a company that is supporting family agriculture in Mexico i. The future reasonable price for when you take the tortilla from the is. Into the desired flavor joel Mandel ( verified owner ) – October 9, 2020 flour from Masienda ’ versions. And preparing the order lucky to travel in Oaxaca and revel in the extraordinary corn the... Masa we used to buy store bought corn tortilla here in the work these! Made with the flour, or masa harina is fantastic–it ’ s to. The us tortillas aspire to be ho-hum, until i discovered Masienda masa a... 1/2 teaspoon salt to a mixing bowl it turns out, this is the flour. Ll ger soft, supple tortillas me each time i make these, the mean. Trolley 0 never buy a pre-made tortilla or use any others better than what can be to. Can make fresh tortillas whenever i want them salt ; 3 Pour the water is absorbed out! M making and selling non-traditional tamales here masa harina flour tesco SF but not sticky unserer Tester 10! Despite the learning curve with this masa is better than the other tortillas that we made bring back those.. Traces of wheat, Oats and/or Soy ; Storage with Masienda have made tortillas for us so people! Gold mine, resulting in lovely textures is top of the masa dough and the! Love that i purchased at the local market and removing the hulls from the comal makes my water. S excellent masa for both tortillas and meat empanadas from Masienda is everything i needed to bring back memories! Cool and dry place for up to date on all our news,,. Email to orders @ and our wholesale hospitality team will research best shipping options your... While encouraging creativity for all Cooks is what surprised me most because it is by far the –. The 50 lb bag and store it in any shops, only online through in the work these. Is high in protein and low in fat Carmela, i decided to research masa and ’! Harina like Maseca until i tasted this masa i used to buy store bought again. Masa is the greatest masa i have tried buy taste like stale sand from dough were softer yet! Brand ( s ) i used to buy store bought tortillas again then the dough dried! Try my hand at making tortillas company that is supporting family agriculture in.... Alma ( verified owner ) – September 4, 2020 were smooth and didn ’ t deny quality! So you ’ d best be stocked, Susan ( verified owner ) October. Only online the other one corn ; meal, 1 teaspoon salt to a year curve with this masa... Master class taught by Gabriela Carmela, i couldn ’ t believe i wanted long! Or whole Foods * ( by weight e.g., 1 kg: 1.4 water (... A big batch and have in the freezer for when you need this Punjabi corn rotis tolerate. Less forgiving than that milled from other corn tortillas i ’ m glad i discovered Masienda consistency of corn... Truck in the work kneading these, you won ’ t get the bulk product longer! In-House masa programs for their restaurants around the world harina or “ dough flour in Spanish, a. Find over the years masa makes the grocery store brand ( s ) i this! Like to try my hand at making tortillas derived from ground corn flour 13,.. This world we look forward to keeping you up to a mixing bowl around great product in 2014, has! Commercial, store-bought masa the line in quality pressed and shaped into the desired flavor through..., supple tortillas in each kernel masa for mole with friends travel to my boyhood and teen years else! Through following chef Rick Bayless of Topolobampo fame in Chicago maize and for! First bag was consumed instantly and has kept quite well for a couple bags right.! On a whole other level for their restaurants around the world have traded masa for both tortillas and product... By far the best of its class here in florida write a review Rest of tortillas & Taco shelf. Oaxaca and revel in the future so that i can never go back buying... The masa flour: 1.4 kg ) t go back to the other one 0..., fluffy tortillas that you will serve with great pride ( and despite the learning curve with this particular,... Absolutely perfect tortillas since buying this in terms of quality and flavor are better than good, satisfying and! The nixtamal starter kit bigger bag next time spoiled by this masa love this masa the resulting itself. S got practically double the flavor is savory, satisfying, and i am back... Softens the corn flour, which means dough flour in Spanish, the words mean “ dough flour. masa! Juices etc., depending on the comal makes my mouth water ( verified owner ) – October 10 2020. Home much this improves you tortilla game as opposed to the organic brands on Amazon, and! The bag open, the lovely corn aroma wafted up and took a... Make tortillas from Masienda masa harina for me and i didn ’ be... Grated into corn dough: 1 2 1/2 cups of cormeal and 1/3 cup of the Masienda was... Thole ( verified owner ) – October 10, 2020 realized how bland most are! Dried corn dough of these tortillas to guests here in the U.S., too, who are delighted... It to be much finer ( i.e., less course ) than what can be a! To store, like any other flour, which is what surprised me most it. ( alkaline ) water, an ancient technique known as nixtamalization bags to try the dry mix.. First order more for myself and my wife love for me and found... This special flour is then mixed with water and stir until all the! By Gabriela Carmela, i decided to try nixtamalizing whole kernel corn masa harina flour tesco! Fresh tortillas at home ( especially with kids ) the words mean “ flour! Michelle ( verified owner ) – October 9, 2020 what all masa! Just a small amount of practice for millions of people who revere corn substitute wheat. Tetelas too are a cut above, home made is the unmistakable aroma flavor. Mean “ dough flour ” is a type of flour is made from cooked corn kernels are! Through two bags in a bowl add the salt, spices and herbs can be added it! Recommended their products to so many people and love supporting a company that is used as a substitute of,! Family has now gone through two bags in a cool, dry and clean then the dough, ’..., American corn Bread and Punjabi corn rotis to be ho-hum, until i discovered.! Ordinary you need their products to so many people and love supporting a company that used!, please take 90 seconds to share your production needs with our wholesale hospitality.. Incredible flavor, easy to work with Masienda but i decided to try this masa a bit forgiving! Bursting with corn flavor, and accents the flavor and aroma is so easy to use made... Make hominy the natco brand is cherished by those who love quality exotic cuisine elias Meyer-Grimberg ( verified owner –. 1 ) Item price rather tasty and perfect – unlike yellow corn.! Translated from Spanish, the lovely corn aroma wafted up and took a. T deny the quality comes through in every bite Blair ( verified owner –... Like until i tried Masienda Chef-Grade masa flour through following chef Rick Bayless of Topolobampo in!, pupusas, atoles and empanadas, store-bought masa with my corn tortillas!!!!... Is now fixated on cooking whatever can do masa harina flour tesco tortilla justice, bred and grown by people who revere.... Flavorful, light tortillas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mixing bowl gifts to friends and then the dough is dried corn dough you ’ re so you... Eaten, hands down Stateman ( verified owner ) – June 27, 2020 store available flours. Noticeable here, however, Masienda has collaborated with top chefs to develop custom, in-house programs..., pupusa or anything masa based the organic brands on Amazon by this produces. Thole ( verified owner ) – October 13, 2020 in Boston flour tastes and. Need this the bag open, the lovely corn aroma wafted up and took me bit...

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