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Facts about Mizoram – Mizoram is one of the seven sisters of Northeast India, bordered by Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) to its east and south, Bangladesh to its west, and the states of Manipur, Assam, and Tripura to its north. Cheraw Dance is the most colourful and distinctive dance of Mizoram.The origin of Cheraw is not known. The historical origin of the people of Mizoram are said to have come from the Mongolian race and distributed in the north eastern part of the country centuries ago. It will be a proud moment for the entire Northeast when for the very first time, Garo dance of Meghalaya and Cheraw dance of Mizoram will be performed at the International Dance Day celebrations in London on April 27. Well, am expecting average performance in comparison to our Goliaths. Mizoram means ‘Land of the Highlanders’. It is the traditional dance of Mizoram and is known locally as "Cheraw" What is mizoram famous for? Khuallam dance is usually performed during the ceremony of 'Khuangchawi'. This is one of the oldest dances of the Mizos. The traditional repertoire of festival and folk and community dances offer visitors a delightful insight into the tribal heritage of Mizo culture in all its richness and variety. Traditional Cheraw dance of Mizoram in which dancers dance intricate steps between beating bamboos, a clip (full video in comments) Art / Culture / History. Most of these dances are performed during the festivals and are group dances. Exactly a year ago, I went through several answers to this question before moving to Aizawl.Its been more than 2 years of stay here at Aizawl, I feel qualified enough to answer this. Bamboo Dance, Mizoram This Dance is known as "Bamboo Dance", because bamboos are used in this dance. Tag Archives: Mizoram. Undoubtedly, Cheraw is one of the oldest folk dances of Mizoram and also an … The music and dance forms of Mizoram are usually performed in groups. They dance to celebrate everything, from holy occasions and festivals to special days of the years and weddings among other important times. Chapchar Kut: This is considerably the oldest festival in mizoram. What should we expect with respect to the story of Davids. The Mizoram Ancient Monuments and Archaeological sites and Remains act, 2001. 15 of 2011) Mizoram Public Records Act, 2011 (Act No. The use of instruments during their dances is mainly the gong or the drum. MIZORAM. The feat of the dance is that the men sit on the ground face to face, tap long bamboo staves and they open and close it up in rhythmic beats. In the Par lam dance, the girls dressed in colourful dresses, with flowers tucked in their hair, dance to the tune of songs sung by themselves. Cheraw is the major dance form of this northeast Indian state. Dance and Music Meghalaya . Traditional dance here is known for being unique, colorful, vibrant and a very common occurrence. Mizoram is a tourist-friendly state in the Purvanchal. Also referred to as bamboo dance, Cheraw is … It is one of the most famous dances in Mizoram, and a center of attraction during festive occasions. Most of the dances of Mizoram are performed during the time of festival. The Par lam is a new dance and has become a part of the Mizo culture. For anyone looking for a quiet holiday or outdoor activities in pristine and peaceful setting, this is a destination worth your while. Watch this amazing Cheraw Dance (also known as Bamboo Dance) of Mizoram captured wonderfully by photographer Chow Sureng Rajkonwar. Cheraw dance is a ritual dance performed in Mizoram, India, consisting of four people holding two crossed pairs of bamboo staves. Generally, these folk dances are group dances. It was one of the districts of Assam till 1972 when it became Union Territory. The principal movement in the dance involves the waving of hands. Khuallam dance is a folk dance practiced in the Mizoram state of India.This dance can be termed as a community dance. The Mizoram Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Rules 2003 The Mizoram Publication Board Act, 1993 The Mizoram Publication Board rules, 1999. It is the most notable dance of Mizoram and a center for attraction during festive season in Mizoram. Most of the dances of Mizoram are performed during the time of festival. Posted by 8 hours ago. April 11, 2014 danceofdemocracyindia 2 Comments. Traditional Cheraw dance of Mizoram in which dancers dance intricate steps between beating bamboos, a clip (full video in comments) #History & Culture Posted by 7 hours ago The Mizos dance in groups on festivals, weddings and during recreation. The male performers then clap the bamboos rhythmically while groups of female dancers dance in intricate steps between the beating bamboos . This is the land of the Highlanders, or the Mizos. Cheraw Dance, Mizoram It is one of the most popular folk dances of the tribal community in the country and one of the oldest traditional dance of the people of Mizoram. Music and dance play a huge part in Naga culture and any event won't conclude without a folk dance. The origin of music of Mizoram is a mystery story. Close. The dancer moves by stepping alternatively in and out from between and acroos a pair of horizontal bamboos, held against the ground by people sitting face to face at either sides. Bamboos are used in the performance of the dance, from which the dance is named so. This is the season where the farmers wait for the bamboo heaps to dry or get burnt. Known as the 'Songbird of India', the northeastern state of Mizoram is one of the smallest states in India. Folk dance of Mizo 'Cheraw dance' also known as 'bamboo dance' being performed by Mizo youths at NE Tamchon Football tournament in Delhi. 1. Traditional Cheraw dance of Mizoram in which dancers dance intricate steps between beating bamboos, a clip (full video in comments) Art / Culture / History. Similar dances are found in the Far East and in the Philippines, where it is known as Tinkling. Both men and women come together & perform the bamboo dance of Mizoram. Some of the important traditional dance forms of Mizoram are listed below : Cheraw or Bamboo Dance Cheraw is an extremely colourful dance form performed in Mizoram. On this festival, farmers cut bamboo forests to make place for seasonal farming. 1. Crowds gathered at the Assam Rifle grounds to watch local singers and artists perform during the festival.Chapchar Kut is celebrated by the local people of Mizoram in March every year. Mizos use long bamboo staves to perform this distinguished dance. Sandwiched between Myanmar in the east and and south and Bangladesh in the west, Mizoram occupies an area of great strategic importance in the north-eastern corner of India. The dance expresses the carefree spirit of the people of Mizoram. Mizo festivals are the best to visit during the season. Beautiful dance forms coupled with melodious music is … Cheraw dance is a traditional cultural dance performed in Mizoram, India, consisting of mostly six to eight people holding a pairs of bamboo staves on another horizontally placed bamboo on the ground. During the seven days of Chapchar Kut, the Mizoram people engross themselves into an infinite aura of mirth and merriment. Mizoram is a mountainous state nestling in the southern tip of the north-east region of India. The moderate climate of Mizoram, which is comfortable even in during summer makes it an attractive destination for all the tourists. The diverse Mizoram dance forms are delightful and interesting reflecting the jubilant spirit of the Mizos. 15 of 2011),.. Economics, India Democracy. As the bamboo sticks are clapped together, the main dancers in traditional attires weave patterns through them in time to the rhythm. Cheraw Dance, Mizoram. No celebration in Meghalaya is complete without the involvement of dance and music. Chapchar kut festival is celebrated in a grand way in Aizwal - Mizoram. The folk dance and music of Mizoram, just like everywhere else, is interesting, delightful, and reflects the vibrant spirit of the locales. Cheraw Dance: Cheraw dance is a combination of rhythm and skill. The […] This folk dance has religious significance and is very important for the Mizo people. Most of the dance forms here are group dances. Still today, they live traditionally. Indian Democracy: Potential of David. The Mizoram Public Records Act, 2011 (Act No. However, it is believed that the forefathers of Mizos brought it with them when they left their homes in … The dance forms in the state are dedicated to various events such as social, religious, agricultural and recreational. 94. Mizoram Culture and Tradition, The people of Mizoram are popularly known as Mizos. The traditional music of Mizoram is usually accompanied with dance and drama. Cheraw Source This is the major dance form of Mizoram which is also referred to as the bamboo dance. Mizoram Festivals and Culture with Pictures: Let we have to look at the best mizoram festivals and culture. Their cultural dance forms and music are the best to see during the festival times. Generally, these folk dances are group dances. Similar dance forms could be found in East and even in Philippines knowns as Tinikling. Mizoram (English: / m ɪ ˈ z ɔːr ə m / ()) is a state in northeastern India, with Aizawl as its capital city. Cheraw dance is most popularly known as `Bamboo dance`. Mizoram Dances The Carefree Mizos Mizoram is one of the North East Indian states on the world map. They are authentic, as they have not forgotten their routes. The people of Nagaland believe in togetherness hence you will notice all their dances are presented in groups. Speaking of which, Nagaland has multiple tribes each having their own uniqueness, dance forms, cultures, language and more. The music and dance of Mizoram differs from community to community. Their festivals are colorful and delightful. Four people hold two pairs of long bamboos across one another on the ground. The programme this year is dedicated to highlight the empowerment of … Mizoram is a mountainous region which became the 23rd State of the Union in February 1987.

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