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Project Grateful 365: Day 47

Today I am grateful that I got to be part of Kris’s family and celebrating Christmas with them.

*Kris tells me I’m extra special because I’m the ONLY person in the world besides their Grandparents who celebrated Christmas with them. YEAH!!!! *pumps fist*


Christmas in America is done on an UNBELIEVABLE SCALE.

Here’s some pictorial evidence, I would like to respect their privacy so no photos of Kris’s family!

This is me! Super eggcited about the Christmas Stocking, because Santa filled it up. It was also hand sewn with lots of love from Anne. *wipes tear*



Happy me, posing with my loot. Notice the other side of my stocking says Grampa! It used to belong to Kris’s grandpa, whom I’ve heard so much about but never got the chance to meet. So I’m happy that I’m sharing a stocking he once used!







Kris being a clown. (as usual :P)


The Bots! Looking super happy and ultra BLISS-ED OUT!


Close up of my wonderful stocking.


AND! Of course half way across the world my family has also celebrated Christmas! Boi Boi’s first christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY LOVES BACK HOME!!!!!

IMG_1056 IMG_1063

Project Grateful 365: Day 45 + 46

Today I am grateful for having company during my grocery shopping endeavors!

I usually go shopping alone so yesterday it was nice to be at the grocery stall with company. Kris claims that the trio of us = Queen, Princess and Servant Boy! Hahaha



And for Day 46 

I am grateful for a white Christmas!

Its Christmas Eve but the snow ain’t going to melt at sub zero temperatures so YIPEEEEEEEEE DOOODLES!!!!!