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Project Grateful 365: Day 84

Grateful that we BOTH managed to use our miles to get upgraded for the DBX to JFK flight!

Initially I was a bit bumped because the miles I had been collecting for 2/3 years were expiring and the next stage of my visa process disallows me to leave the US for the most part of 2013. (I know right, first they don’t allow me to enter, then don’t allow me to leave!!!!!!)

There were some delays from the consulate in processing my passport so I had to change my flight back to the US. When I called them (emirates) I casually asked if I could use my miles to do an upgrade (I wasn’t that hopefully because it was less than a week to the day of the flight.)

LO AND BEHOLD! I managed to get us BOTH upgraded tickets with our miles, which was 90,000 miles in total. It wiped out our accounts, but totally worth it IMHO, coz we can’t use it for any flights anyways. The flights from NYC are only to DUBAI and hence require quite a bit more miles a bit to redeem an economy class ticket.

I was beside myself in happiness. What a way to travel to NYC to sign papers at city hall. I’m so excited to formally start my life in NYC, IN STYLE!!!!!!!!

Going to collect my passport with my K1 visa in a few hours. MEGAAAAAAAA YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Project Grateful 365: Day 52

Grateful for 2012


I am grateful for a list of things:

1) I was an Aunty for the first time. A PANK! Professional Auntie No Kids, you’ll get it if you read the Straits Times. 🙂 I spent 3 months with my precious micro sweetheart and enjoyed every single minute of being with him. He’s all cute and cuddly, with his wide eyed innocence, awfully adorable deadpan and ‘blur’ looking expressions. I love him so very much!

2) I moved to another country for the first time. The only other time I lived overseas for an extended period of time was in 2005 where I moved to Vancouver for a student exchange program, such good memories 🙂

3) I quit my first ever permanent job. Bittersweet I would say. I learnt a lot but was glad to leave and enjoy life for a while as a housewife/nanny/tai-tai!

4) I finally sorted and deleted photos my mountainous pile of photos. I went from 25,000  to 15,000.  I had procrastinated for a loooooong time. The photos dated from 2005 to 2012. I feel very accomplished. Now, it took 7 years to delete unwanted photos, so it might take 14 years for me to label each and every one of them. I still can’t decide if I want to put that in my 2013 to do list.

5) I jolted myself out of my own independent comfort zone and decided to build my life with Kristopher. We moved in together and basically were married in all senses of the word as we waited for the US government to process the VISA papers so we can finally sign those papers in New York! (Fingers crossed, it will probably be in Feb 2013!!!!!!) It has been a long time coming, but we’re at the tail end of the first part and I’m positive that things will run smoothly from then on!

On the 23rd of Jan 2013, I will have completed the interview. Chances are high I will pass that because there is ABSOLUTELY no rational reason they would deny the VISA, given the overwhelming evidence we have of our loving relationship with one another. (I knew there were benefits to dating someone who records EVERYTHING in his life, yes EVERYTHING! Every single cent he spends and every thing he eats every single day is RECORDED!!!!)

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 9.57.40 AM

Anyways, so here we are: once I get the approval after I pass the K1 visa interview (somewhere) around Late Jan 2013 or Early Feb 2013, I can fly to the US (With the K1 visa), get married in city hall and with the marriage certificate, start applying for the I-485 (Adjustment of Status to get a Green Card), I-765 (Employment Pass), and I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative (As his wife) to remain in the US. I will get my conditional green card (it lasts 2 years) somewhere in October 2013. It will have taken us 17 months to get a green card that lasts 24 months.

I know it all sounds very unromantic and all, getting paper work and marching to city hall. Thankfully I’m not one of those girls who are caught up over what they call the ‘dream wedding’. To me the marriage is more important than the wedding. Honestly I’m unwilling to share that moment with another 100-500 people because to me, the marriage is about just the both of us. I much prefer events with close family and friends because these people mean the most to me.

That being said, I’m confident that getting married legally will still be an important milestone in our relationship: to pledge our eternal love for one another and to set it in stone with a legal binding document. 😛

We did a cosy informal wedding/farewell party back in Singapore for my side of the family and I guess we’re going to do another cosy party for Kris’s relatives sometime in 2013/2014. (Who knows what other delays the Visa is going to bring really.) Food and alcohol are always good ways to bring people together. I think both of us dislike being the center of attention at parties, so we’re trying to make it as casual as possible. We want it to be a time for close family and friends to come, stuff their faces, and have fun. Then again, Kris’s parents have no demands on us to do anything, so we might just have a 4 person thing at city hall, just us both and his parents. We’ll see I guess!

6) I made a few friends both in the US and Singapore. Making friends is hard for me, I have plenty of acquaintances but very few people I consider friends. Facebook is not an indicator of friendship! 😛 I’m actually hard to really know, behind my ‘deceptive’ bubbly persona. I have a strong guttural instinct when it comes to people and usually within the first 30 seconds, I know if that person is one that I would want to hang out with a second time. I’m fiercely loyal to the current friends/family I have and would always rather hang out with them or alone. I find it tiring to make new friends, especially people I need to socialise with but don’t really want too. So I’m rather happy to meet some people these year that I feel I can hang out with for many years to come!

All in all, it has been a good year for me lots of changes, lots of adjustments out of my comfort zone but it has taught me many little lessons. People say that the first year of marriage (or living with) your partner is the most difficult, I am proud to announce that I loved every bit of it! I look forward to building the rest of my new life with Kristopher!

I feel very blessed with everything that has happened this year and I look forward greatly to what 2013 has in store for me/us 😀

My wish for 2013 is for more peace/less violence, more financial equality and more smiles/joy/happiness around the globe!



Project Grateful 365: Day 29

Today I am grateful for life in general, for all the good and bad that has happened to me because it has moulded me to the person that I am today.

Life honestly has been pretty good to me, I have a loving hubbabot, a loving family **its far from perfect, but still perfectly imperfect :)** , understanding and open minded parents in law, wonderfully supportive friends.

In retrospect, I’m glad of the long VISA process, it used to bother me SO much a few months back but now I realized that is a great thing!

I have had so much time to think. To stop, to ponder and to really explore and discover myself. In the past it was always work study work study, work work work! I didn’t have time to sit back and enjoy life. But because of this opportunity to stop work/school I’ve learnt so much about myself.

Initially getting allowance from Kris was hard, I mean it just didn’t feel right to me. But right now, its like whatever, I moved 9000 miles for him, he can feed and clothe me! (much to Kris’s dismay I suppose!). Back then, I felt like I wasn’t doing something useful and was being held back in life! But in retrospect the 3 glorious months of watching my nephew and taking care of him was God sent. Because I love him so much and because I love babies in general, I have been reading up so much on babies that I feel very confident of taking care of my own kid! (Which says a lot because I am a perfectionist and motherhood to me is SERIOUS business! I have HUGE issues towards people who have kids just because its time to have kids! What is wrong with you!!!!)

My little heartbreaker nephew 🙂

Over past couple of months, I’ve learn to cook and clean and manage a household, planning yummy meals. Its a different skill set compared to being a teacher, but still my quest for perfection in all things has taught me to research on the most efficient ways to cook and clean. I take great pride in yummy meals and a shiny squeaky clean house!

Of course its not all work, there is a lot of play involved! I’ve done many road trips around the East coast. I’ve been to Maine, Syracuse, Vermont, Washington DC, Boston, Watertown, New Hampshire. I’ve gone to Japan, Bangkok, Malaysia all in 2012! I’m so glad I’ve always been thrifty so that me not working for 2 years has not put us in any serious financial hardship. Although sometimes I worry a little too much about financials. I need to strike a better balance I guess.

I remember while strolling along the National Mall in Washington, DC. I saw this cute little squirrel stuffing his face and I was like, Oh so cute and greedy, just like me! Always looking for food and eating!

Kris was like: Yes, just like you cute and always worrying about everything! Look at the squirrel always looking around and panicking about harmless humans and bouncing off at the slightest noise.

I rolled my eyes plenty at that annoying boy! But I smiled because I know its slightly true. I worry too much sometimes, but its better than not worrying at all and spending every cent you’ve got!

Thats how squirrels survive! They store and hoard for winter, so that during winter (hardship) they have plenty of food!

I stand by my belief that thrifty-ness is a virtue! Spending on credit has caused the US economy to crash. (I know the reasons are more complex than that, but its still part of the reason!)

So boobookid! (You know who you are!) Remember to save! College education is just going to increase! *nag nag nag*


September 21st marks the dreaded 6 months into my application for the VISA.

I thought I wouldn’t make it past 5 months and 3 weeks, guess what 🙁

Anyhow I guess I have somewhat given up hope of going back to the USA in 2012.

I am almost resigned to reaching home in Feb 2013. Winter will be almost over, and I can go and bask in rainy spring and hot summer. Its annoying as hell, because I have never experience autumn anywhere and was so looking forward to Halloween and Kris’s birthday.

Cest Le Vie! I can’t complain either since Kris came to Singapore this month! It’s extra hard for him because he works in the day, comes home for dinner and then has to make calls late into the night to talk to his team. I must remember to be grateful for that sweet little gesture!

He’s leaving on the 28th of September, and then, I will only see him when our interview date is set in the Singapore embassy.

On the bright side, I’ve spent almost 7 weeks with little Isaiah and every single day he just gets cuter and cuter.

This was taken this morning

He’s like this super adorable little doll. He’s cute when he cries. He’s cute when he fusses. He’s cute when he wails. He’s cute when he drinks milk. He’s the cutest when he’s all curious and trying to be a little explorer. He’s now starting to move his eye balls by following moving objects and will sometimes listen intently when you speak to him.



The reward sandwich

After 3 frustrating hours today trying to get/plan/strategies air tickets for the next couple of months back and forth (SIN – JFK) the sandwich tasted heavenly. 🙂




PS: Will blog more about VISA issues after I finally settle everything. It is a REAL PAIN, stressful, expensive and more difficult than it should ever have to be. However, the upsides  is that I will may finally be able to get a part time job to finance myself through graduate or law school. I haven’t had time to really choose a specific course so to speak but I’m toying with some possibilities. When I have more free time I will start applying to schools, or rather start the LSATs/GREs.

For now, we’re off to see

@ http://www.movingimage.us/exhibitions/2011/07/16/detail/jim-hensons-fantastic-world/