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The first semblance of Fall


It’s been a while since I could open my windows and take in the cool breeze from the Hudson River. This summer in New York City has been so oppressive, and I’m just so thankful for the nice cool breeze today. Its around 24c now, which in american terms is around 75f. There is something so immeasurably simple, yet gratifying about the cool weather.




I woke up at 7am this morning and finished doing laundry, cleaned the house, made traditional Chinese ginseng chicken soup (for my salaryman), made healthy smoothie shakes for the both of us and its not even 11am. YAY! I love feeling like I have accomplished a lot before 12. Oh the possibilities for the rest of the day!




(Ginseng chicken soup + my organized pantry and ‘heart shaped mittens’ from a dear friend)


(This morning’s window situation)


So here I am, with my Singapore mug filled with aromatic coffee and a magazine, taking in the sunshine, glorious cool weather, with a heart filled with gratitude for my life. Its the little things, its always the little things.


Project Grateful 365 (Day 94): Grateful for a beautiful Sunrise + Moonlit Sky







IMG_1591 IMG_1594


Jan 7th, 2013

This was what greeted me at 5am this morning. Yes I am still jet lagged, but its quite alright because I don’t have a fixed schedule for anything. Being a housewife rocks. 🙂

I’m back to my old routine of cooking and cleaning and *sniffles* being alone. 🙁

I must remember its always hard in the first 2 weeks, whenever I go to Singapore or NYC for 3 months at a time. Its like you get into this routine and suddenly its gone. I’m a stickler for routines. Like a baby, babies love routine. Did you know that?

Although, I’ve stop whining and decided to just GET on with life, and basically SUCK it up!

I have thus :

1) unpacked my luggage

2) rearranged decorations in the house – Chinese-fy it more

3) cleaned the house

4) Made 2 trips to stock up the kitcken

5) Blogged 2 epic enteries

( http://charbotandwanderlust.com/2013/02/05/project-grateful-365-happy-6-months-little-one-grateful-for-the-obvious/ ) and ( http://charbotandwanderlust.com/2013/02/05/project-grateful-365-grateful-for-emirates-a380-business-class/ )

6) Gone for a meetup group which involves Mediative Yoga. I loved it, I mean I feel the stretch and ache this morning, but it was the kind that involved u stretching your muscles and not over straining, so I’m a happy camper!

7) Signed up for this 30 day trial member ship for New York Sports Club. They have many outlets around NYC, but I wanted to try the indoor heated pool lessons (Aqua Aerobics and Heated Pool Therapy) ** I’m going to try exercise every single day, even short walks of 30mins are better than nothing on lazy days**

8) Signed up for a single clay painting class.

9) Signed up for a single class about Body Langage Detection

10) Booked 2 tickets to ‘Luck of the Irish’, a play about racism and social issues

11) Made 2 dinner dates with friends and ‘play date’ with Charlie Bear, (My lil neighbour who’s so so cute, takes after his pretty mom!)

12) Made dinner reservations for Restaurant week (Capital Grille) with my MSH (Macro Sweet Heart)

13) Signed up for Mardi Gras party (But mostly probably might not go, because Kris said, and I quote, ‘You’re going to Mardi Gras without me???? Its an excuse where girls get beads for flashing their boobs!!!!’.)


I’m sure its not that kind of party!

I’m not the partying sort, but I wanted to check out the nice swanky place with a cool rooftop bar. Well, we will see.

***Do take note that this is the same fiancee who thinks that Halloween in the city is for girls to dress slutty. (oh please forgive my lil country pumpkin :PPPP )

14. Finished 1 finance course, in coursera. I need to be more disciplined about it!

Anyways, so there is goes, my schedule for the next 1.5 weeks or so. After I finished typing this entry, the sun is almost out!

IMG_1595 IMG_1596

Ahhhhh. 🙂

Have a wonderful day my dear friends and readers!