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Your Typical Friday Morning

Conversation this morning with the hubby

“Him: Argh! Client cancelled the call in the last minute, rushed to work early in the morning for nothing.

Me: Well that’s good right, start work early on a friday. You do know the penthouse isn’t going to buy itself right?”

Him: -__-

Me: *chuckles*



I feel that people these days have a severe lack of respect for another person’s time. I hate it when people show up more than 20 minutes late and don’t apologize for being late. Its not the apology so much as the, oh 20 minutes is no big deal. Frankly speaking, I think it just shows that A) You don’t respect my time, B) You’re very badly brought up. Badly brought up because you don’t see a need to spare a thought for others and think that the world revolves around you so much that, ‘oh that person waiting probably has nothing much to do with his/her life and therefore can spend 20 minutes waiting at the street corner/restaurant doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!”

Not showing up at all is infinitely worse. Unless your dog dies, you made an appointment with me, honor it. Or tell me at least a couple of hours in advance that you can’t make it, or apologize sincerely when you can’t make it at the last minute.

There you have it.  My rant for a Friday Morning.

No time to rattle on. I have a date with the library! 🙂