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Real Men Do Housework

kris doing dishes

I love this photo of Kris helping me doing the dinner dishes. He looks happy, content and frankly so adorable. I think his expression encapsulates very accurately how happy we are, even when we’re doing mundane things like dishes. According to him, he doesn’t like it because its kinda ‘cutesy’. I think its VERY¬†CUTE. I don’t care that American Culture patronizes the concept of cute, I run half of an ASIAN household and that’s that! I’ve already given up my ‘s-es’ for ‘z-es’, and I refuse to give up anymore. ūüėõ

He’s also sick today, I mandated that he rest at home instead of spreading the virus around in the office but turns out there are quite a few sick puppies in the office already. Its my belief that if you’re sick, work from home, because why get everyone else (and their families) sick too? But, I’m not the boss so I have very little clout in that. Instead of resting, like he should, he has still been working, checking emails and going on long conference¬†calls.

When he succeeds/achieves his goals from this business, I will punch anybody who says ‘He’s lucky/He was at the right place at the right time’. The only reason for his success, is because he lives and breathes NSONE. Frankly,¬†I cannot think of anybody I know who works as hard as he does. Get well soon Hubbabot! #FIGHTING!!! (Which is Korean for: GOOD GOING/GOOD JOB/CONTINUE TO PERSERVER)

Learning Korean is hard, but I WILL NOT GIVE UP either! #FIGHTING!


The hubby quit his job in July 2013 and started his own thing. After months of sheer hard work, it resulted in this.

I am extremely proud of him. I’ve seen how he has grown in his role from the Director of Engineering (his previous job) to CEO in a company he built up from scratch and I feel very happy that all his hard work has been validated. I’ve seen all the things he had given up, like sleep for example, in relentless pursuit of his goals and it makes me very very happy that he’s slowly seeing some fruits of his labor.

Its not easy to start something new, I’ve seen the challenges that he had to overcome and his tenacious nature really shines through. His mental strength in dealing with stress and new challenges is quite aspiring to watch. No matter how many things he has on his plate, he always manages to pull through. Sometimes, I look at his ToDo list and I think to myself, OMG! he needs to clone himself in order to make that happen! Somehow or rather, he always gets the job done. He’s very busy all the time and sometimes he has very little time for me but I know that I’m always in his mind and that he looks forward to coming home at the end of the long work day, for food, cuddles and a listening ear. It makes me happy that I can do that for him.

I’m elated for him that things are going so well and I hope that for the rest of his life, he can continue to do the things that makes his heart sing even if it is sometimes at odds with the things I want.

Hup Hup my dear husband! I will¬†always try my best to be as supportive as possible. You ROCK! Its 2am now and his plane has just landed, can’t wait for him to be home! Wheeeeee!