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Weekend Fun

Over the weekend, the Beevers hopped to the Queen’s Zoo hoping to see their animal friends. Sadly there were no Beavers in the Queen’s Zoo. We did however spot a very curious goat.



After a while, he realized we had no food and he rudely trotted away. TSK.

Speaking of ‘Whaddup’, this morning over Skype. I taught Isaiah to say, ‘What’s Up’ as a replacement for ‘Hello’. We practiced on Uncle Kris Kris. My nephew is mighty adorable! He’s at this chatty age where he rattles non stop, asking ‘What is dis?’ all the time! Much to the chagrin of his parents. Cuteness MAX! I miss him.

Little Ice and his MI MI MI phrase.

While my darling nephew was here, he was in this ‘I only want mummy phrase’. Especially when he was tired or cranky HE ONLY WANTS MUMMY! Which I’m sure is very flattering and oh so very very tiring for his mummy.

Its also cute to watch that when his mummy engages in a conversation with you, he’ll start to go “errr errrr, ahhh ahhh” to indicate that, “HEY MUMMY! YOUR ATTENTION NEEDS TO BE REFOCUSED BACK TO ME!”

I noticed that when his daddy comes over to pat his mummy’s head or share an intimate moment, he’ll try and weasel his way between them and announce his existence without much inhabitation. More like a full fledged shriiiiiiieeeeek actually.

So today I was only slightly amused when his mum sent me a text saying that she kissed and hugged his bear bear and it prompted him to snatch the bear away and throw it on the floor.


Said Bedtime bear


Oh my little darling you have so much to learn about curbing jealousy and sharing.


Other times though, he has no problems giving away affectionate kisses, ‘sharing’ his pacifier, sharing his food. He’s like little Mr Sharity elephant.

You know that little Mascot we were introduced to in primary school?,  to teach us how to share.

Sharity elephant