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Back from wallowing in my mud pool

I took a short break from blogging, especially from Project Grateful because frankly I wasn’t all that happy. I was angry with a lot of things and I didn’t want to lie about being grateful while wallowing in my mud pool.

Anyhow, the storm has cleared and I am back! I must remember that nothing goes smoothly all the time and not let setbacks get me down. I always tell myself that, but sometimes its harder in practice!

So what cheered me up?????

I had a wonderful visit from my baby nephew Ice and his parents, together with a ‘surprise’ visit from Teresa a couple of days ago. That cheered me up tremendously! I guess I was a little homesick! Little Ice is so cute and had a good time bonding with Uncle kris. He really just gets cuter and cuter. He’s more interactive now and more his own person, no longer this doe eyed curious boy who’s content to look at the world from your arms. He reaches and grabs things, eats everything in sight! and just wouldn’t stop squirming around! Little moving ball of cuteness! Teresa was here because she was stranded in NYC for a while due to delayed and cancelled flights, poor her but I’m glad we got a couple of hours to talk and chill!


Getting lots of kisses!IMG_5067

How can you NOT love this boy?


Teresa and Me at the Brooklyn Bridge


Martinus and Ice on the plane


Ice perched on Yiyi’s shoulders, attempting to pull out all her hair!


Martinus and Ice at the Staten Ferry


Ice excited and happy at the Cuban restaurant


Happy Uncle and Ice


Normal Pic


Bullying Pic


Ice giving a ‘what are these adults doing’ look


Macho father and nonchalant son



The Kosasih’s arriving at JFK

Project Grateful 365: Day 62 + 63

Day 62: Today I am grateful that I got to spend time with my lil bub

This morning, we spent some glorious time together walking by the pool, eating and waltzing. Well more like us trying/pretending to Waltz. He was such a good sport tho, bestowing me with super cute smiles. He was such a little Cutie Pie!


Little Curious Ice, looking all around at the pool, plants and lush greenery.

IMG_9837Looking pensive and a little tired because it’s his morning nap time.

**Updates: Lil Ice is feeling better these days, less pooping all day long! He’s no longer a little pooplet!

Day 63: Today I am grateful for my ex colleagues.

Made a date with two of my best buddies from my ex work place to go for lunch. Since I was early, decided to trot into Cedar Avenue to say hi to everyone. Twas hot hot hot on the way in, but I’m glad I did. Was nice to see everyone and spend some time catching up, so it was good!

Forgot to take photos of the people, but I got some photos of the yummy food we shared!


French chicky


Koi fresh milk tea

IMG_9853MOF Nabeyaki udon with tempura

Twas a good day, good friends/good company and a decadent afternoon.

Project Grateful 365: Day 58, 59, 60

Day 58: I am grateful for the best meal I had on the plane.

This isn’t the first business class flight I took, but this is hands down the best meal I had on the plane. Dinner from New York (JFK) to Frankfurt. The rest of the meals were kinda meh, but the first meal was AWESOME.


IMG_1350 IMG_1353


Day 59: I’m thankful for the wide seats in business class.

I’m quite the squirmy worm. 24 hours in a cramped environment is bloody murder to me. So this time, I got to stretch, squirm/move around and was quite the happy tropper on the plane!


Day 60: I’m thankful for the fact that Baby Ice recognizes me!

I was a little skeptical because its been almost 3 months and babies have very short term memory. However, when I saw him for the first time today he was awake and squirming in his play pen! I think he must be wondering, ‘oh this person who I see on Skype is no longer in the computer.’

He flashed me his cutest baby grin and happily allowed me to carry him around the house. When another member of my family was carrying him and I left the room, his eyes followed me all the way and started ‘niao-ing’ for them to follow me. He stopped when he finally saw me. OH MY GOODNESS. HOW CUTE CAN HE GET? Seriously a heart melter.

We read played, cuddled and slept a lot together today. It was fun! He was still pooping quite a bit tho, so we took ‘many showers’ with me holding his butt over the toilet bowl and washing his lil butt with warm water. Poor lil Ice, hope he gets well soon! His butt was all reddish and had skin peeled off, but according to the help, it was already much better than a few days ago. Oh my poor lil baby Ice, it must have been awful for you. 🙁

He’s still quite the feisty little thing, stayed up till 845pm tonight (Way pass his usually 730pm-8pm bed time) and so he was one cranky lil thing before bed! Now he’s passed out like a little angel tho, such a bundle of cuteness with his lil pacifier in his mouth and his hands all curled up like a little ball.