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Project Grateful 365: Grateful for being a housewife

Day 107: Grateful for being a housewife

When I first got this role and introduced myself as one, you could practically see the thought bubble of people going, ‘Oh, that’s all’, ‘Oh, she must be dumb then’, ‘Oh, what a useless waste of life’, ‘Oh, she must be one of those who marry rich men.’

Right now, I just don’t give a s**t. People are entitled to think whatever they want, judge me however I want. But hey, sticks and stones can break my bones, but words (and maybe thought bubbles) can never harm me. Unless I let them.

 I wondered, if it was more me than them at first tho. I personally didn’t want to assume that role, I had lots of resistance and deep anger towards the VISA process for subjected me to “FORCED HOUSEWIFE SHIP’. HAHA

But you know what? NOW I’m JUST LOVING it.

(Hear Hear Kris Beevers!)

There is great joy in having a nice warm loving and CLEAN house.

I like giving Kris and myself a welcoming home to return too, when he has had a tiring day and relaxing in our own space.

He comes back whiny and tired and there’s always someone willing to listen to him (nag sometimes, but mostly listen) and prepare a hot and yummy meal.

I’m refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of the day, and so can be a cheery (MOST days) person for him to return home too. As opposed to having two stressed out and tired people having take out together. So I say we both have it good. 🙂

At the corner of my room, lies a cute lil boi and a cute lil doggie! (Digital photo frame, super cute)


Project Grateful 365: Day 34

Grateful for Eventful Days

Was trooping around 3/4 miles from home yesterday my boots broke. I guess that’s why you shouldn’t buy 20 US dollar boots. Boo hoo hoo. But the design was nice and boot base was comfy. OH WELL!

RIP my Pre-Loved Boots

Anyhow, I looked around for a boot shop and an ALDO was having a 30% sale! WOOT WOOT! I managed to get a brand new pair of shiny leather boots and Kris very generously said it was my Christmas present! Its gorgeous, I was looking high and low for some perfect looking boots and I think I found it.


I’ve been walking and socializing quite a bit these days. I’m actually kind of tired. BUT HELLO! Being a house wife is work too!

Like yesterday! I did….

1) 4 huge loads of laundry (the one below me was spoilt so I had to make a few trips down to the one in the next block)

2) vacuumed and mopped the house,

3) made macaroons **failed but still 4 -5hours washing, prepping, waiting, hoping 🙁

My not baked long enough Macaroons that still stuck to the silicon mat 🙁

Went to shower and didn’t give proper instructions to Kris to watch the oven and BOO HOO HOO they all BURNT!

#failcaroons *stupidroons

4) Made whole wheat pancakes breakfast and pork rib curry dinner

5) went out walking for ~3 miles, ate pho for lunch

6) broke boots and bought PERFECT boots all in ONE DAY

Impressive MUCH?

No need to CLAP tho !!!!*hee hee*

Anyhowz! It was a great day, yummy food and lots of trooping. And finally found my perfect leather boots! And they are pretty affordable too! WHHHHHHEEEEEEE OH HAPPY DAYS!

Red and Yellow tulips from my LOVE to brighten up the dining table

And oh a wonderful blog post is not complete without a picture of my little sweetheart! #outcold