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Inundation of Information

The learning curve of entering a new educational institution is difficult. Not so much about the content of new information per se but mostly navigating the learning management platforms, library placement of E-reserve books, E journals and the 10000 different user ID and passwords for various school related websites. Of course given User Ids/Passwords will not work, or some would have funny presets that nobody knows about, you encounter trouble connecting to the school wifi and the list goes on. That part is annoying but part and parcel of acclimatizing to a new program. The good news is: It will pass in a few weeks!

Honestly the avalanche of mini projects, mid-terms, exams, weekly submissions of various assignments, pre assessment tests for lectures attended, individual presentations, group presentations and mountain of readings handed out each week is kinda overwhelming. After attending all 3 classes, I’m officially canceling all of my social engagements till December 22th, 2014.

However as part of my positivity drive of 2014. I am going to focus on the good!So here’s the list I’m going to focus on:

1) At least I’m not working part time/full time and/or have a kid like some of my classmates.

2) I know I’m attending a rigorous program that will benefit me, according of the old adage, “nothing worth doing in life is easy”.

3) I have to get a new root canal crown (because my old dentist is an IDIOT and left a gap between the crown and the tooth), which makes me very very scared and nervous not to mention the time factor! BUT it will be INFINITELY WORSE  if my tooth rots and then I will be in a LOT MORE PAIN. Plus, I’m glad I like my new dentist a WHOLE lot more. From the dental hygienist to the receptionist, everyone is pleasant and friendly. Kris likes them very much too and they did good work on his teeth. That lucky man has zero cavities in his entire life, I hope our future kids inherit his good genes (for teeth), his intelligence and tenacity + inherit my cuteness, introspectiveness and knack for not taking crap from anyone.

4) I have restarted my intensive exercising regime. For the last 5 days, I have exercised for at least 30 minutes each day instead of 1-2 times a week.

** I got something hilarious to share tho, I had a conversation with my MIL the other day and she mentioned that she has passed on the baton (of caring for Kris’s health) to me. So for the past week, I had been bugging Kris to exercise with no luck. Finally, last night I got exasperated and told him, “Remember what your mum said about passing the baton of care to me after marrying you? Well, I’m going to call her now and ask her for A REFUND.” I thought I was hilarious. 😛 He didn’t. 😛


I got my first textbook for Fall 2014.

Textbooks in America are expensive. I had tried looking for the International Edition to no avail.

In any case, here it is!


I will conquer you Math! Hopefully living with a math genius will inspire me to be great at it.

Actually you know what, I’m just going to work hard and get an A.

I know you must be thinking that he can ‘tutor’ me, but the fact is: I think the Math I’m taking, is too easy for him. I once asked him about imaginary numbers and had to endure an hour’s long lecture on said topic. Coming from a guy who loves calculus, loves complicated equations and spent years writing a thesis that 80% of normal human beings will not comprehend. I look at his interests and I look at mine; and sometimes I wonder how we even started dating!!!

The sad part about the imaginary numbers? It went into one ear and went out of the other.


 If you want to learn more about imaginary numbers. Here’s the Link.  Enjoy. 🙂