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I came home late last night from class and Kris had made his own dinner of hotdogs and chips. *frown at unhealthiness* *beam at self reliance*

This morning, he brewed his own coffee (+mine), made his own oatmeal and even packed his own turkey sandwich.


*insert evil cackle*

I kid. It was very sweet of him, I told him once that once I start school I will have less time to do everything at home and apparently he HEARD me! Despite his head being buried deep into his computer screen, but then again his head is always buried into some technological device so that’s a moot point.

I even had flowers to ‘congratulate’ me on completion of my first statistic class. Which by the way wasn’t all that bad, I think I’m going to enjoy it.


Speaking off being all grown up, I fired my old dentist and switched to a new provider. Partly because the older one did not have an ounce of compassion in his bone, I also blame him for my current tooth issues. I walked in last year with no pain what so ever and happy like a lark. After he was done with me, which took 2 excruciating months, a root canal and 9 tooth invasions, I have been living with a pain I never felt prior to that 2 months. SERIOUSLY!!!!!! #@%*&$%@(^$(*@^$

I’m mortified of dentists, because I’m highly insensitive to the novocaine injection and he just was very dismissive towards me because I was so scared. I’m scared for a reason!!!

In any case, I hope this dentist is better and less of an ASS. I need to man up when it comes to dentists. It won’t be all bad, I will just explain my novocaine concerns and if she’s dismissive in any way, I’m not going to sit about submissively and let her ‘tooth rape’ me. I’m just going to find a dentist that I’m more comfortable with. Her reviews on ZocDoc are excellent though, so hopefully like my GP, she’s going to be kind and sympathetic to my *ahem* irrational as well as logical fears.

I mean if you always feel pain even after the injection, its a logical fear right? (PROOF) But then again pain is 70% psychological, so it could be that I’m imagining the pain? BUT BUT, when I let the medicine sit in long enough, usually I don’t feel the pain. But my stupid old dentist used to overbook his appointments so tightly that he just went straight into the procedure despite my protests. AHHHHHHHH all this thinking is rehashing my nightmare from last year.

I am not afraid.

I am not afraid

I am not afraid.

I’m all grown up now!!!!!

*proceeds to beg Kris to come to the dentist with me*

Tee hee hee.

It is all going to be alright. It is only PAIN! The sharp shooting, brain numbing, soul piercing pain will only last for a while!!!!!

Project Grateful 365 (164): Grateful for decent health care

I’m done fretting about the darn dentist. It scares me for to no end, so instead I shall find a way to be grateful about this whole darn procedure!

So I’m grateful that

1) I’ve partial dental coverage.

2) I can afford the root canal and assorted procedures. (If you cant, I reckon you just gotta extract and leave a gapping hole!)

3) I’m in the US, so while health care is exorbitant, its also relatively advanced compared to the rest of the world.

4) The invention of pain meds (Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) or IV meds) will help me not feel the actual pain.

5)  I wont have to go alone.


HUP HUP HUP! Dentophobia GO AWAY!



The dreaded day of visting the dentist has arrived.

I have one potential root canal and 7 cavities. I brush and floss, but apparently I don’t have the same superior genes as Kris. My parents teeth are terrible too, so I guess I’m just one of those unlucky ones.

I swear to God, I do take care of my teeth, mouth wash(2x), floss (1x) and brush(2x) daily. Kris doesn’t even do that, he just brushes twice a day. And not even as thoroughly as I do!

I’m down in the dumps, this has got to be one of the worse days of my life.

I’m not even being melodramatic  I hate the dentists. I hate the drill and all assorted equipment in there. I think this fear developed from my crazy wisdom tooth extraction from 2 sides of my lower jaw a few years back.

I wish they can just give me a GA and just knock me out.

But with like everything else sucky in life, I just gotta suck it up and it’ll be over.

There are much worse medical conditions in the world to be diagnosed with.

On the bright side, the root canal will probably solve all the composite problems in my left molar.

In Singapore they don’t usually do an X-ray and as such, the problems are much worse at the end. Right now apparently I just have tiny cavities between my teeth in a couple of tooth and that should be relatively painless.

The problem is in the US, they schedule another visit for cavities and what nots, so then you got time to raise money to pay for the dentist and if all else fails, you can sell your first born to pay for dental treatment.

Even with my existing dental insurance, I’m still looking at a cool 1000-2000 US dollars.

23rd May 2013 is the day they will drill into my molar and determine if its really a root canal, but from the X-ray its not cool at all. NOT COOL.

But I will be brave *thumps chest*

Mr Robot was also very nice, he gave me lots of hugs and told me, “Don’t worry I will accompany you on all your dental trips.”


3 more dentist visits, OH JOY!




I am morbidly afraid of dentists. I panic every time I have to see one and for the duration of time that I call to make an appointment to the day of seeing the dentist. I usually have nightmares.YUP! That’s me Courageous Charlene. I am seeing one tomorrow at 1.30pm EST. YAY ME

I need to repeat this 200 times.


I have been to countless dental visits. Each and every time I come out alive!


Even if I have a cavity, I can take a LA to prevent any pain.


Maybe I won’t even need any drilling.  


Stop imagining the worse, maybe it’s just a routine teeth cleaning. (YAY!)


Even if you panic now, if its there its there. If it needs to be done, it needs to be done. So why worry?


Its going be okay, it always is okay!

My dentist tomorrow is going to be kind and nice and will understand my irrational fear of him/her. Its going to be alright CHARBOT! YOU’RE A GROWN WOMAN! I WILL CONQUER MY IRRATIONAL FEAR AND FROM NOW ON I WILL NO LONGER BE AFRAID OF SILLY THINGS!!!!!! *THUMPS CHEST*