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Real Men Do Housework

kris doing dishes

I love this photo of Kris helping me doing the dinner dishes. He looks happy, content and frankly so adorable. I think his expression encapsulates very accurately how happy we are, even when we’re doing mundane things like dishes. According to him, he doesn’t like it because its kinda ‘cutesy’. I think its VERY¬†CUTE. I don’t care that American Culture patronizes the concept of cute, I run half of an ASIAN household and that’s that! I’ve already given up my ‘s-es’ for ‘z-es’, and I refuse to give up anymore. ūüėõ

He’s also sick today, I mandated that he rest at home instead of spreading the virus around in the office but turns out there are quite a few sick puppies in the office already. Its my belief that if you’re sick, work from home, because why get everyone else (and their families) sick too? But, I’m not the boss so I have very little clout in that. Instead of resting, like he should, he has still been working, checking emails and going on long conference¬†calls.

When he succeeds/achieves his goals from this business, I will punch anybody who says ‘He’s lucky/He was at the right place at the right time’. The only reason for his success, is because he lives and breathes NSONE. Frankly,¬†I cannot think of anybody I know who works as hard as he does. Get well soon Hubbabot! #FIGHTING!!! (Which is Korean for: GOOD GOING/GOOD JOB/CONTINUE TO PERSERVER)

Learning Korean is hard, but I WILL NOT GIVE UP either! #FIGHTING!

America and the Death of Cuteness

When I first arrived in America, it dawned on me that there wasn’t anything cute here!

Cupcakes are pretty

Flowers are beautiful

Babies are adorable and sometimes, only sometimes cute.

But in general, nothing is cutesy here!

Kris explained to me that cute in American culture means childish and most adults chose to avoid that label like plague. I mean in American most people leave their homes at like 17 to go to college and hence you have a culture of fiercely independent adults.

Asians by contrast stay with their parents till they can afford their own homes and in Singapore there is no way you can afford any home on a single income, unless you spend every single cent of your¬†pay check¬†on housing and live on fresh air and love! I mean the median income of a Singaporean now is $3070. And the average rental costs of a common room ¬†in Singapore is $800¬†(HDB), a master bed room (HDB) costs 1000 and a condo common room costs $1500 for a decent place. Do the math and you’ll quickly realise that it is because of practical reasons that most young adults choose/have to stay with their parents if they intend to have savings of any sort.

I digress, my post was about the death of cuteness and I have spent too much time on finances!

Anyhow as I was saying with this¬†fiercely¬†American and adult culture they have here, Kris has disallowed me to make this apartment cutesy in any shape or form. He has dictated that this is a ‘adult apartment’ and hence nothing cutesy can ‘survive’ in here. This goes against the very essence of my soul. I love cute things! I disagree that having cute things make you childish! I think having cute things makes you an appreciator of child-like things and therefore ¬†makes you youthful and happier!

Hence I rebelled and went all ‘Occupy 20 exchange’ with my

1) Hello kitty bed sheets (courtesy of mummy)

2) Scott Cars Bathroom tissues (apparently they don’t call them toilet paper, too crude!)

3) Wise Owl bathroom mat!

**If Kris disapproves of these things, he can 1) Sleep on the adult couch, 2) Not wipe his adult butt and 3) have an adult shower in the sink** (I think I am so funny!)

However Kris is a wonderful man and besides, since 90% of the house is adult! 10% of cutesy things in the house should be A-OKAY! I argue vehemently that eradicating all cute things in my home is a lost of my rights as a human person! Hee hee *inserts melodramatic face*