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Project Grateful 365: Day 95

Grateful that I saw Charlie Bear today!

He’s my neighbor and he’s 9 months old. He’s cute and cuddly like a teddy bear. After a few months, he still remembers me. No crying when I carried him! YAY!

He gave me a nice kiss/lick on the cheek and was happy to cuddle and snuggle on my lap. *melts*

He’s TOO cute. Made me very happy. Helps that I get along well with his mummy who’s a very sweet lady. We usually go for walks together with the-royal-cutepie. She’s married to an Asian man. A reverse of me and Kris. 🙂 We’re also similar in many ways, most importantly we’re regular happy people and love our families very much.

I got lots of cute smiles/giggles and bear like laughs from the little one, so I’m grateful for that today!

IMG_1663Bought him a little CNY suit from Singapore.

Same one as the one I bought for baby Ice, doesn’t Charlie Bear look like a little charmer here? He’s a very happy kid.

He crawls backwards too, so cute to watch!!!

Project Grateful 365: Happy 6 months little one!



Hello sweetie pie. You’re officially 6 months old today. Yiyi Char Char wants you to know that loves you very very much. No matter how far she might be away from you! I cannot explain fully in words how very much I love you and what a cute bundle of joy you are to me. Ever since you were born, the entire family loves you to bits, more every single day. Yiyi never thought that she could love a baby as much as she loves you. You’re quite a charmer, with your huge innocent eyes, small button nose, tiny delicate mouth and ‘kiu kiu’ cheeks, every single person that looks at you can’t help but coo how absolutely adorable you are. What Yiyi loves most about you, is your infectious and innocent smile that exludes simple joy and exuberant love. Whenever you smile, you light up the entire room.


Photo on 1-11-13 at 10.36 AM #2 IMG_0071 IMG_0134

(Smiling inside widely because normally Mummy doesn’t allow you to eat your hands! I can see the sheer glee in your cheeky eyes!)


It was so hard leaving you a few days ago, at the airport. You were sleeping like an angel in my arms just before I left. And when I got into the gate there  was so much commotion that you woke up, all blurry eyed and confused as to why everyone was waving madly!

Every time I close my eyes, I have the mental image of you, perched cutely on Mummy’s forearms and sucking your lil pacificer, with this oh-so-cute in and out movement. You looked and looked at me through the gate, with this innocent and puzzled expression. I’m not sure if you know what it means that Yiyi is migrating, or if you’re just wonderring why all the adults around you are saying ‘bye bye’ a few hundred times and waving furiously across those glass doors. Usually when Mummy and Daddy go to work, they say bye a maximum of 5 times. You’re such a ball of cuteness. Apparently we have the same face shape! Too cute!



At 6 months, you already display so much character. You’re still the fiesty lil one who doesn’t like him milk too hot or too cold. You’re drinking a lot less now though and every feed is like a wrestling match. We try to clam you between our arm and chest, locking your head so you don’t look all over the place and can’t finish your milk but you’re too smart for us. That method worked for about a week, before you learnt that if you cant move left and right, you can KICK us and launch your cute lil head upwards to avoid the milk bottle! (So cute, but so so cheeky). You also learn how to use your tongue so forcefully and will push the milk bottle teat with so much force outwards when you’re done with drinking. If that doesn’t work, you’ll just let the milk flow outwards from the side of your mouth into the bib/your shirt/our shirt. You’re very very determined that way. We worry about you not getting enough nutrition because you’re at the bottom 25% if your age/height/group. However, there is no cause of worry because you’re still cheerful, playful and active.


(This is your famous ‘ke lian lian’ which you would freely display when your servants do not do your bidding! Namely gramma and yiyis!

At around 5.5 months, you’ve started to be this really chatty dude! You yak yak yak and I swear, me and uncle kris heard you say ‘Hello’ back when Yiyi greeted you very enthusiastically one day. Although, Yiyi read that if you don’t repeat it at least 2 times more, its not classified as your ‘first word.’ I don’t care what the books say, but in my heart, I believe your uttered ‘Hello’ back, its so magical! In this month I’ve been with you, you’ve also learnt how to love bathing time. With your new found leg muscles, you know refuse to sit down in the tub. When I tried sitting you down the other day, you clenched your legs and butt muscles so tightly so that I cannot bend your knees. Too cute. You will also cling on to the sides of your lil bathing tub and will sit down head titlited backwards, #likeaboss. You’re not wrong, you’re the boss of everybody in the house. A slight cry or whimper and at least 1 person runs to you.

I worry about spoiling you too much sometimes, but I have so little time with you, I’m going to leave the discipling to your parents. There was once I told you harshly to be good and finish your milk, for about 2-3 hours you refused to look at me, but was alright after you took your nap. You seemed to forgot that I was stern with you and dished me a cute lil smile when I carried you out of your sarong. For that 2 hours, I was so sad! Apparently you did the same thing to Gramma, when she scolded you for being naughty, you refused to look at her. When mummy was stern with you for playing and not drinking your mlik, you ‘complained’ to your gramma with a huge distressed look.


(Pictures of you complaining!!!)

 It was too cute, you were annoyed with mummy and when gramma called to talk to you, you had this very distressed look on your face going ‘niao niao niao’, ‘yeow yeow.’, ‘eh eh eh’, it totally caught mummy and yiyi off guard. It was such a cute moment, too precious. However when you were done ‘complaning’, and gramma was smothering u with lots of affection over the phone, you started smiling cutely again. Possibly because she repeated gramma loves you 20 times and you recognised her voice.

Speaking of recognising voices. You have an amazing memory for a 6 month old baby. I was with your everyday from 0 day to 2.8 months, I left for 3 months and when I came home from the airport. You immediately recognised me. You were on your playpen when I entered your room and you looked me up and down for a while, before giving me bright smile and acknowledging my presence. I know you’re a tiny baby then at 5 months, but I know with my gut that with that smile, you had recognised me. I WAS SO SO SO ELATED! My gut was further concretized when you allowed me into your life (carrying/feeding/going down for walks) almost seamlessly. I know it because you’re at the stage when you cry when someone unfamiliar carries you.

A day after Uncle kris came, I put you on his lap, everyone left the room. 10 minutes later we heard this piercing cry and when we looked at you, you were looking at Uncle Kris with this LOOK OF TERROR, with your eyes radiating fear and your mouth wide opened with this ‘SAVE ME FROM THIS MONSTER’ look. So cute but so heartbreaking to see you in fear. I’m sorry for leaving you alone with Uncle Monster! Hahaha, but within a week, you warmed up to him and charmed him plently with your shy glances of him and cute smiles towards the end. It breaks my heart to be so far away from you and not to be around when you’re growing up. And MY MY you’re growing up so quickly. I miss your intoxicating baby scent and I want you to know that no matter where Yiyi is, you’re always in my mind and in my heart. However, Yiyi has a lil old boy she needs to take care of in NYC, so as much as she loves to be with you and watch your crawl/walk/talk/giggle/smile and a million other milestones, she cannot. BUT!!!!! With modern technology and air travel, she will try her very best to visit you as much as she can. Gramma and Mummy will hopefully try to let you Skype with me. I look forward to you taking your first long haul flight to visit me. Maybe you can be my page boy when I have my wedding reception in 1-1.5 years! You’ll be tumbling/walking down the aisle oh-so-cutely.


In the meantime, be healthy and happy my darling lil Ice. Yiyi loves you SO SO very much. You’re the sweetest baby boy in the world to me! PS: Let me tell you something embarrassing lil Ice. Somewhere along the 5000mile mark, after finishing this tear jerker of a movie called ‘Living with Timothy Green’, Yiyi started crying in Uncle Kris Kris’s arms. I guess after all these months of flying back and forth,I realized that this was it. I was going to migrate to the US, most probably for the rest of my life. After having lived in Singapore for almost 30 years, I’m going to leave all my family/friends and go to a new place to ‘start over.’ Its all very exciting but so scary at the same time. I’ve never lived elsewhere for more than a year and I guess I’m a little fearful.


However, Yiyi wants you to know that sometimes in life, we have to make hard choices to reap more benefits in the long run. Then I thought of you, what a little trooper you are, despite being sick for almost a month, having diarrhoea till your cute lil butt was bleeding, you smiled! You smiled through your sickness and still brought joy to everyone despite your pain! So yiyi wants to be like you! , smile when life gets tough and always looking for things to cheer yourself up! (like mulk mulk!). Yiyi is going to live life with a cup half full, just like you! Poop and Poop non stop, but still smile happily when milk comes to you!


I guess what I’m trying to say is Baby Ice, never lose your sense of innocence, child like wonder and the ability to smile and laugh. Its essential in life, to smile despite the difficulty and to smile/be grateful/thankful when positive things happen or simply to look for the silver lining when bad things happen.



Armed with this lesson you taught me, I’m going to take life by its horns! I’m going to smile when its difficult and tear a little when things get tough (just like you) but bounce bounce bounce up and down! (just like you) when good things happen!

You’re my cutie lil trooper and best nephew in the world!*

4-up on 2-3-13 at 9.35 AM #5 (compiled)


*till the next one comes along because I cannot play favourites!!, but rest assured that you’ll always have that special place in my heart*

Here’s a special treat. 6 months of pure JOY this lil one brings! A video of him smiling like a cutie!