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Recently, I have been quite interested in photography. It started out with Instagram but really kicked off when I got my first non point and shoot camera in the form of the Olympus Pen EPL5. I really like how light and fast this camera is, it makes it so much easier for me to take lovely shots.

Photography is quite suitable for the introvert in me. I like trooping around town, exploring new places with my camera in hand. It reminds me to slow down a little and pause for a moment to observe the things around me and take in the beauty of my surroundings. Beauty is not restricted to just natural landscapes, the concrete jungle that I live in, exemplifies a different form of beauty.

I think photography forces me to take a step back and admire the world around me from different angles. Its like life really, there isn’t just one way/frame of looking at things, if you bother to take the time to really look at your subject, you will realize the multi-dimensionality of the world that surrounds you, from both living and non living things alike.

My favourite shot from Central Park this weekend. White cherry blossoms. Happy Spring everyone!



Just to prove my point, I’m going to leave you with a photo of the empire state building. The first rooftop BBQ of 2015 to commemorate the arrival of Spring. I was doubly excited because it was organized by a Singaporean and Hokkien mee and chicken wings were part of the BBQ. #tummyhappiness.





Project Grateful 167: A lesson in looking at a glass half full

Today I conquered 2 parks! Central Park and Battery Park!




I went to Central Park post lunch for a walk with a friend, Starbucks in hand like a true New Yorker!

There were plenty of people in the park for some reason, its as if nobody had to work! It was sweltering tho, humid and hot! Reminded me of Singapore!

Since I had to rush out of the house in the afternoon, I left the laundry half unfolded on the bed and zoom-ed out. I meant to do it before Kris got home but got distracted by making a picnic dinner. Kris came back saw the pile of clothes and said, ‘Don’t worry I’ll fold it later. ‘While enjoying our romantic picnic at the park, he mentioned a list of things he was happy about today and one of them was, ‘I’m grateful that someone does my laundry for me.’

I think Kris is really one of those very optimistic people, because he comes home from a long day at work and instead of saying, “Aiya! Clothes all messy on the bed! He thinks, Oh so nice someone did my laundry for me!’ Its a small issue really but it shows how important it is to always look at the glass half full! Many people forget that!

I’m very grateful to be reminded of that today. You can look at your own life and find a million faults! Or you can look at your life thru happy glasses and always find something to be thankful about.

I’m very lucky to be married to a truly optimistic person! Always happy and positive! He’s a joy to be around!

So I must remember, instead of thinking, ‘OH CRAP ROOT CANAL! I must think! Oh luckily there is the invention of anesthetic!





Project Grateful COMBO EDITION!!!!

24th-26th Feb 2013

111-113TH DAY

Feb 24th: Brooklyn Nets Vs Memphis Grizzles

So Kris’s parents (I now call them Maaaaa and Pop!) are in town chilling with us after the wedding so we took them sight seeing.

So today I’m grateful for going to yet another NBA game, I’m liking those professional basketball games I’m tellin’ ya!


Hee Hee. Kris’s dad is a huge sports fan, so he was very happy. However, like Kris he’s very even keeled and you couldn’t see the enthusiasm, if you didn’t know him well. Very interesting to see how Kris is really very much like his father, but yet very similar to him Mom in other ways.  I would say that Kris is an even mix between the two.

We walked around Brooklyn/Williamsburg during the day and passed by Borough Hill where all the Hasidic Jews were celebrating Purim. It was very interesting to see such a different culture. I wasn’t so pleased when I saw a sign that said, ‘Women’s entrance’ on the backdoor and the Men’s on the Front Door. But every culture is different, who am I to judge?

I’m just glad I was born a woman in Singapore!

Feb 25th: Central Park/Ichiro Sushi/Salmon Fish Dinner

Today we relaxed a little, (Kris’s parents) They went to the Museum of Natural History in the morning  and then we had a nice walk to Central Park before going to Ichiro Sushi. I forced/coerced them into suggested Sushi because its my favourite foods. I’m happy that they liked it after all!




Then we came home at night and I made them a nice dinner. My own mother would be pleased that I’m carrying out my daughter in law duties dutifully. She has been asking me if I do take care of my in laws when they are here. I guess in the Asian culture, it reflects badly on the parents if their daughter doesn’t serve their in laws. Haha. I’m so glad I got American parents! No expectations of servitude whatsoever!!!!! Then again, that’s a very antiquated way of thinking even in Singapore, most modern parents don’t expect that anymore. Or so I think!

Feb 26th: Laundry + Chillax day


I just got back from the train station after sending my new Maaa and Pop to Penn Station. It was wonderful having them over and I’m glad we got to spent lots of time wandering along the streets of New York together. Its a lovely city, I’m falling in love with this city a little more everyday!

I’m so grateful to have such a nice home in the city!!!! You know how you sometimes get to a place and after a while take it for granted? Well every so often you have guests that come here and be so amazed at the view and the city that I’m reminded of how lucky we are to get this opportunity to live here.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I’ll get to live in an apartment so high up, in downtown Manhattan, that I get a totally unobstructed view of the Statue of Liberty.

What can I say? My husband is very capable!!!!

Feels awesome saying that I have a husband! I have came up with several names!

Hubba Hubba




Shall end of the entry with our wedding cake pictures!






Our very yummy Red Velvet Wedding Cake!


Cake cutting ‘ceremony’


Me ‘bullying’ my new husband!