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Excuse me, how is this happening in 2017?

On Friday, this happened.

On Saturday evening, this was a public outcry, outrage really, to the above.

Then, the judicial courts, heard the people, and issued a stay on the executive order.

Anybody recall Nazi Germany in 1933?

Yes, I am not American. Which is exactly why I know that Democracy is a PRIVILEGE and not a RIGHT. If you do not protect your country’s democratic values and what it stands for, then be prepared to have it yanked right out from under your nose. It is precisely because I used to live in a democracy that is different from America’s, that I see, no matter how imperfect, America’s democracy is sacred and vulnerable at the same time.

People give lots of crap to peaceful protestors who go out and ’cause mayhem’ but HEY doing something, is better than complaining from behind your keyboard about people who are actually going OUT there to make a difference.

Saturday’s federal judge ruling, is an important milestone in the trajectory of human decency. As a nation, America backtracked 50 years on 20th January, 2017. Lets hope we can all trudge forward together. The world is on your side with regards to human decency America!

Exploring New York by the East River Ferry

Today I played tourist by visiting parts of Brooklyn via the East River Ferry.

I started out by taking the Ferry from Pier 11 on Wall street to North Williamsburg. I ate a traditional Japanese breakfast, at a hole in the wall Japanese establishment. There was maybe 12 seats in the entire restaurant and for a Tuesday afternoon, every single seat was taken.

The food was healthy and fresh, colorful vegetables, fresh fish. I had never eaten tile fish prior to this. The miso soup was delicious alongside the probably organic brown rice.


It was felt like 90 today, what with the humidity and relentless piercing rays of sunshine.

I listened to conversations, as I explored the rest of Billysburg. I witnessed a couple arguing at the street corner, teenagers giggling along the sidewalks, mothers screaming after their toddlers to slow down on their skate scooters at intersections but the most unforgettable person, I met today was the women quietly sobbing at the park in Long Island City. Laughter is infectious, and I smiled at the little kiddies tearing down the sidewalks, but sadness, that I’m not sure how to deal with. I offered her the best sympathetic smile I could as she caught my eye, but I quickly walked on to give her the room to expel her sadness. I hope she found a way to feel better after I walked on.


The view of Queensborough Bridge from Long Island City.


The view of Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park.


The view of Green Point, Brooklyn.


Long Island City, brand new Condo developments with a wonderful view of Mid Town Manhattan.

I love wandering into different neighborhoods in this city, and I’m grateful for being able to live in one of the greatest cities in the world.

The feeling of being free and happy is truly a blessing in life.

Speaking of which, time to go make my Boss some dinner!

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you had a great day too!  If not, there is always a tomorrow.



Project Grateful 365: SSN application, MOPEY days and Columbia Teachers College

Day 114, 27th Feb: HAPPY THAT THE SSN was easy peasy!


Today I am grateful that the application for the SSN went super smoothly. After I enter the USA with my K1 visa, I need to bring that visa into the office and apply for a Social Security Number. Unlike the K1 visa which took ~200 years, the SSN application was super easy peasy. I went in and out of the office within 20 minutes and the peeps were friendly and relaxed. SO AWESOME to deal with a pleasant and happy-to-be-at-work government officer/clerk! We even chatted about her Chinese bamboo plant!

In case you’re living in Manhattan! CLICK here for more information about applying for your SSN!


Day 115, 28th Feb: Grateful for an insightful talk about my future goals!

columbia TC

I went for a graduate talk in Columbia’s teacher’s college and was quite happy with the courses they offered. Compared to CUNY’s open house, they were way more welcoming/organized/efficient and had more/better programs. Well Columbia is better endowed than CUNY, so its not surprising I guess.

I love being in class, I love interacting with children and little ones. I like the influence and difference I can make as an educator right in the class room. But I also know that policy/educational leadership/curriculum planning can help me further the things I want to push through in the education system. Those would help aid me in furthering my dreams of opening a play school!

I love being in the classroom but I’m also interested in educational psychology and school counselling. I find the gifted education system appealing and the special needs program rewarding.


Happy problems nonetheless, better to be presented with an array of choices than to be STUCK with one, I dare say!



Frown upside down

Today started out mehhhh. I suddenly missed home (family, esp that little cutie pie of mine and my friends lots). Bouts of homesickness hits me from time to time, but its normal of a new immigrant.

I try not to dwell on it and be grateful of the opportunities I have in this city instead. I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot be happy as a lark everyday, but I will NOT allow my self to wallow in self pity, just because.

I have it pretty good (all things considered) and I must be thankful for that and focus on the HAPPYs and the GOODs! *determined face* So I got quite a bit done, I booked 2 hotels in the Virgin Islands, found out about Driver’s licensing in the city, a cheap and good driving school, went to IKEA to get household related items and is currently preparing to make PAD THAI for dinner!

**edit of Pad Thai. Its GOOD!!!!


Pad Thai goodness! Vegetarian!



Fried Tofu, a lot of oil, but not all that bad after I filtered it out!

YAY!!!!!!! ME for turning a moppy day into an effective one. As my hubby says, ‘Turn that frown UPSIDE down’! Since its Friday night, we’re going for a walk and maybe a movie tonight! WHEEEEEE. I want to go for HAPPY HOUR, but Kris finishes work late and its not as if I can DRINK anyways. I think BARS need to have a happy ice cream hour!