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Project Grateful 365 (Day 190): My first foray into independence!

So I’ve been given my temporary EAD and AP, which means I can officially leave the country, get a job and apply for my learner’s permit!!!! YAY

I opted to do

1) Learners permit

2) Visit home + claim my birthday treat to Japan

3) Find a job

in ascending order!!!!

So today I’m going to go to the DMV!¬†

I’m so happy that I’m able to take baby steps towards achieving some sort of independence as an actual human being and not just being known as ‘wife’ of Kris Beevers!

Eventually I be able to get my lease on an apartment, apply for a mortgage have a credit score, apply for a  credit card all on my own, and regain independence as A HUMAN BEING!!! Woo Hoo.


In the meantime, I’ve found a link in the NYPL website that lets me learn conversational/basic languages for free. I should go practice Japanese for my impending trip and learn Spanish so that I can eavesdrop on the Mexicans and Latin Americans who are abundant in NYC!