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Extra: 12 days value pack active right now, 4 kama blessing 7 days, 84+ Lootscrool Item drop rate (60 minutes),14 Blessed message scroll (100m), 60 Scroll exp (530% 60m) And other various scroll, I have 500 Pearl and 3 coupon for Discount, they never expire, 30%, 20% and 10% When material cost is equal to market sale price after tax, you will make infinite % extra profit with value pack. With the Value Pack buff, you will gain an extra 30% on that 650 silver. Aventurières, aventuriers, votre attention s'il vous plaît, il est grand temps de déménager! There are free pets available, but only one seems readily available and easy to obtain. Others consider this model free to play. Also i make most of my money from trade buff and grinding, and when i do need to market stuff i buy the 1 day value pack for loyalty. Players can remotely invest in a node using the in-game map, similar to the un-invest node function. Leave a comment whether you think Snake or Blackrose is stronger! I spend my loyalties on lots of warehouse space so i dont need the extra slots. The key point however if there is more ways to get the value pack then all the outcry of unfair advantage and p2w would be moot point. To cancel the connection between nodes you can open the map at any time, click on the node icon, then click “Withdraw”. so bad they betrayed the "loyal fanbase", guess how many player would have bought the game with this trash from the start? I feel you need to see it like this, it takes 2 weeks to pay for a use of a 1 week item, so in a month you could only access it for 14 days. If you need to pinch real life pennies, you may have to wait to obtain one until the Pearl Shop has a sale and it’s more enticing for players to buy it for the purpose of selling in on the Marketplace. Leveling is quite fast in BDO, but 7 days should be enough to let you know if you enjoy the combat and complexity of Black Desert Online. We talk about news, balance, PvP, PvE, and the general state of the game.. Heidel. Trying to fix the broken marketplace tax by having us buy an item to give us a reasonable tax rate isn't fixing the problem. One of these two things is seriously broken. You need at least 5 pets, and probably more in later levels, as you begin to get more loot and even 5 Tier 1 pets aren’t fast enough to pick up everything. Personally I did some calculations and I would net an additional 8Mil from the tax reduction.Â. You will earn the cost of your Value Pack back, after selling 569 million worth of items. This means you will spend more time mashing the pickup button (R) than actual fighting. NOTE: I tried to keep my opinion out of this article, but wasn’t too successful. 30 day value packs are priced so that you have to top up with 20 euros to get one, my storage at my maintown went full all my workers stopped working, my inventory is now full and it was already limited! A noble wagon with a +10 badge has a max weight limit of 1235. Together they establish a set of standards embodied by our work, our relationships, and our professionals. Voted 3k for 30 days, its gonna promote player connectivity more. Lets dig into BDO’s cash shop (Pearl Shop) and find the real price of playing Black Desert Online. If they removed the one thing that sets the Value Pack apart from Cash Shop items would you buy it? For example, the Value Packs purchased with Pearls are 30 days vs the Loyalties Value Pack, which is 1 Day. You can find your Loyalty Points Balance at any time in the top right-hand corner of every game screen.. Both options take time. I've did alot of digging and most of the big forum names and people who've been here awhile, were or still are against the stupidly high market tax.  exactly the people duam should be catering too, the loyal fan base. Edit 2019-03-25: Here's my entire collection of BDO stuff I've amassed, including a lot of things not available anymore: without the value pack). (Kuku), Heat Stroke/Hypothermia Resistance, or Auto-fishing Time Reduction, or Taunt Monster, or Hostility Detection, or Finds Rare Monsters, Defeat Garmoth. the one day for 1400 is meh. I have defended Daum on the claims of P2W on the issue of ghillie, dye system and many others. It@s by cultivating and blending the sheer variety of qualities they all bring to BDO, that we@re able to provide a uniquely tailored service to a huge range of clients.We always work together as a team to serve our clients. Stream Tracks and Playlists from The Value Pack on your desktop or mobile device. level 2 Things I don't care about: Beauty Shop and Merv's pallet. Stay abreast of legislative change, learn about emerging issues, and turn insight into action. You will earn the cost of your Value Pack back, after selling 569 million worth of items. That is the wrong mindset. If you buy Pearl Boxes in $100 increments, you get 1,500 extra Pearls. Strength Training only gives a Maximum of +40LT at level 30 Strength. Selling Europe 60+ Multiple Characters Account BDO EU Musa 62+/Striker 61 /Sorceress 61+ High Gear Score, Gear Worth +22800M 22,8 BillionS. Leave our lives alone! You can get by with Tier 1, but you might loose out on some of your loot, unless you stand and wait for your little critters to get finished. For a 30 day variant, it'd be valued at 42000 points which is 420 days. If you have the patience, you can buy the cheapest package now and wait until BDO Game Packages go on sale to “upgrade” your current package to obtain the extras. Adventure Journals help a tiny bit: +25LT for full completion. Total Time Cost for +200LT: 140 days/4.6 months. Not the people who are going to leave because they don't like X being in "There game". BDO: Loyalty Points Loyalty points are free just for playing and I’m not complaining but there are some items better than others to spend those loyalty points on: Below is what I have spent my points on previously: Character Slot Expansion Coupon. I got 3 free pack and so did my wife and 2 Sons. (You don’t have to put on a Value Pack before listing any items to get the tax break. Buying expensive pet bundles that have extras will raise the cost even higher. Sniping VP's is like impossible. Value Pack (1 Day) Loyalties Cost: 1,400 Loyalties (14 days) The Loyalties cost of a Value Pack is high, considering it only lasts one day. Well all know the value pack for the loyalty shop is BS. Currently, my lvl 55 witch, (currently at lvl 32 strength trained), can have a max weight limit of 1,243  once I get the remaining items from pearls and loyalty, (should have them within 2 months. Is that enough time to decide? Nice things: Increased storage and weight limit, EXP gain,  (Although the weight limit is borderline questionable.) Whales have never kept a game afloat, its a logical fallacy to think they do so. Inside the Pearl Shop, there is a section called Loyalties, where you can purchase a select amount of Pearl items for free. You also get five housing decor coupons, five unknown dye boxes, and five partial scale resets. Weight Limit is what most players recommend buying with your earned Loyalties. 2.) If I had to do it all over again, I would have bought the cheapest package and invested the left over money into pets before anything else. If my character is able to carry more than the most capable wagon, why do I need extra weight limit on my character? In fact, I’m sure there are a TON of wealthy oddballs out there… 🙂. Contact giovopane 11/21/20. Tax Resource Center The tax function is transforming. It’s difficult because what I consider doable on a tight budget, someone else might abhor. Every monster you fight will drop loot and they are bunched into groups of 5+. Merv's pallet, from the description, it sounds like something only someone who's vain would need. This table shows the free Pearls you can earn, if you stock up on your Kakao Cash and buy the higher quantity Pearl Boxes. But this is one that is unacceptable - even for me. I am very disappointed in the direction Daum made for this game. Canape Costume is considered an excellent outfit because it offers some Cooking boosts as well as the normal outfit bonuses. How does this effect YOUR game play? For a 1.2 billion silver item, it’s a loss of 234 million. I looked at the beauty shop for the first time about 1 minute ago. There are only a few ways to increase Permanent Weight Limits. Foolish things: Distant node investment. How does the added weight I can carry effect YOUR game play? Groups are quickly dispatched, often with 1 single hit, depending upon your gear and level. BDO Fashion's character galleries are a chance for people to show off their characters. It doesn't, so YOU sftu and stop trying to tell us and everyone else how to spend their money. Obtain rare Garmoth’s Horn. That’s a difference of 19.5%. =D ). PLEASE DO NOT remove this pack. This week we walk about PS4 release, new Ash Forest Grind spot, new Hasrah grind spot, and more! You are probably thinking of b2p players never using cash shop and 100% unlock everything via loyalty shop. I don't understand what your talking about! All characters on account will temporarily gain an additional +16 inventory slots. These will really help you grind for longer periods of time. At FoxwoodsONLINE, you can earn Loyalty Points which can be used for a number of things. When you earn Loyalty Points by increasing your Player Level, with Coin Store Purchases, or the Daily Spin, you can spend them for Coins or Foxwoods Reward Card Points in our Rewards Center. People change hair styles all the time. Of course if you make a poll asking people to price a product, everyone would choose the cheapest one. For concerns, please go to your branch of account or call our Customer Contact Center at (02) 8631-8000. Packages and Package upgrades were 50% off during their Anniversary Sale. Lets face it, running back and forth every 20 minutes to sell because you’re over weight isn’t much fun. Can both clients of a Joint Account get a card each? Pets sometimes have about 20% off and the game itself (game packages) sometimes go on sale as well. Total cost for really bad luck during T4 Exchange, (using 11 pets to make 1 Tier 4) would be $105.23, You can also stick with the 900 Pearl pets, which are the basic cats and dogs. Omg, i just started the game, I buy from steam for $5 and there is so much going on, I read both the beginners guide and this free to play guide and I think I am going to have a hard time T_T, Last updated Jul 6, 2019 at 5:36PM | Published on Jun 19, 2019. I vote for a like for like value, so 1 day of loyalty equals 1 day of the value pack. I'd be 10,000% happier just buying the dyes with pearls or loyalty and just make due with what I get as it will be permanent. Going 7 days at a good price would work but 10 would match the points. Before you place a Value Pack Pre-order, make sure you will be selling enough items to make it worth your while. 1200 loyalty for 7 days. You can purchase with loyalty points a weight increase of +50 LT. Each increase costs 3500 loyalty points and you can only purchase these 4 times per character. You can increase the money you get with a Value Pack buff active when you hit the Collect button to get your Silver after a sale. i am over burdened no desire to play this game tonight now Devs make the 30day value pack actually a good value though given i brought the game its annoying to have to top up more then … For more details about Tier 4 pet costs, read the pet section at the end. I have mostly Tier 1 pets and can enjoy the game just fine. If you want to offer a value pack that is cosmetic only, go for it. This is a hotly debated topic in the player community, with some BDO gamers exclaiming that BDO is a P2W nightmare! There is a 55% chance to obtain a T3 by Exchanging two Tier 1 pets. 1k for 7 would be the most logical and sensible choice for both players and duam or whatever you call them these days. The Value Pack covers all things BDO! BDO is continuously finding new ways to help your organization thrive. im sure much less myself included, they did this for milk players that otherwise wouldnt even touch a p2w game, and now they hope more people possible will accept this just because they already spent money.  They can do what they want with theyr game but be clear from start even if they would sell zarkas +21 only for subscribers i would not complain if they were clear from the start i wouldnt even buy, the money i already spent will only garant me to play a trash game and trash expansions i will be just meat for wallet warriors and be their fun. With a VP active, you earn 84.5% on sales. For 50 euros you get all the stuff you get in the first pack, but instead of one guest pass, you get ten. No reason to go lower. Total Normal Price: $70.00The Explorer’s Package is the best buy. This will give you the basic game without any extras. To me, this is just a fast travel type thing. I don't really see this as being good or bad. I am very disappointed in the direction Daum made for this game. Currently, it can only be Exchanged with another Young Crimson Dragon. 0. (Tier 4 only gives 0.5 extra loot speed). (Having a lot of characters in this game is a bonus) Weight Limit… Where can members redeem points? Even if you stack up items from 2 weeks (which is simply impossibile due to limited number of slots you have ) and you try to sell them in one day, you just won't even be able to sell them all since the market also has limited number of slots... With items like these appearing I get more stress than enjoyment when playing this game, Im totally fine with other people having highter level or better items than me, but thinking that someone bought they way to speed up their gearing is killing the fun. If you're lvl 50+, you have no excuse. There is NOTHING in that Value pack that effects YOUR game if if I buy it! The extra storage space is always nice. It says 30%, but don’t believe it. Will the BDO Rewards Card expire? Here a redditer did the number on the impact of the Value Pack. Locked Sold (NA) - STRIKER 62 - 607GS. 20% tax is pushing it. they'll never go with 30 days at 3000 loyalties, people would never pay for the pack in pearls then. If you have a value pack running, you do not need to go to the Node Manager and can simply open the map and left click a node to open this window and invest in it directly, but this will cost 10 energy per node. Please, please, please go back to the drawing board and think about this stuff as if the world, (I don't know what the world is called in BDO), is a real place that you or I actually can exist in. We talk about news, balance, PvP, PvE, and the general state of the game. So if you are lucky, you can save some by mashing all your Tier 1 pets together and THEN try to put together T4 pets. Daum gave everyone free packs for now, so they should fix the issue with it before the 1st pack expires. It costs more, but if you were going to buy all these things eventually any way, it’s a good deal. BDO Center for Business Innovation When it comes to business, innovation is changing everything. 2700 loyalty for 15 days. Limited pets are often found in these types of bundles. Loyalties can help you with any F2P goals. When the 90 days are up we are all definitely going to keep buying the packs each month because it makes the game MUCH more fun for us to play. BDO is more in line with a real world than one filled with people able to magically travel places at will. The NA/EU game needs steady revenue the kind that subscriptions provide, 5 whales spending 25 grand each in a year wont even come close to what a subscription of $10 month provides in a year.Â, im more for that they remove that crap but voted for 3k 30days, then remove +milions silver income and exp bonus from package whales will buy anyway if they are whales, 22% exp bonus is more than enough. Neither option is the most enjoyable. On top of all that stuff, you also get a Tier three horse, a horse whistle, and a pet of your choice. The discounted marketplace tax allows for crafters who wants to make a profit on their wares can do so. Lately, I’m seeing a trend of the Value Pack having an increasing number of Pre-orders up for the Max Developer Price of 88 million Silver. If there isn't a template link on a character post, the submitter did not include one. So you are intended to receive 84.5% of your original listing price with the Value Pack buff. 55 Followers. Just make sure you have the VP buff when you click the button to collect your Silver.). But, for those who need the absolute best, meaning every last loot piece is picked up, without waiting, they will have to fork out around $100 for a single Tier 4 pet. Yes, Daum needs to make money. However, you do have to initially make a purchase of at least $9.99 to continue playing BDO. With such a high cost, this item would not be a wise purchase for those who sell less than 569,000,000 worth of items every month. 1200 loyalty for 7 days. 10 to 15% tax is reasonable. BDO is the brand name for the BDO network and for each of the BDO Member Firms. Value Packs used to be one of the easiest Pearl Shop items to obtain on Central Market, but the last time I checked, there were 3,000+ Pre-orders up. A Java application that calculates the taxes from the Marketplace in the game Black Desert Online, with or without a Value Pack activated. At this point ive become pretty self-sufficient. This premium pack helps in generating silver, its like having bonus drop on it, you get about 20% more in taxes from every item you drop, which is just a 20% drop increase for me. Is Black Desert Online free? Genre Gaming. Fred Sokolow's bestselling guitar method Fretboard Roadmaps: Essential Guitar Patterns That All the Pros Know & Use has helped thousands of guitar players expand their chord vocabulary and think musically. Through Loyalty Point Purchases. Why does my remote node investments effect YOU? So, lets look at Tier 4 pets that have loot pickup speeds of 2.5 vs a loot speed of 4 seconds for Tier 1 pets. However, I do recommend you wait until it goes on sale, or buy the Starter’s Package and upgrade later. That was the first time they offered the game for free in North America, so I wouldn’t count on it happening again any time soon. (But, predicting sales can be a shot in the dark, since moody price mongers can diverge at any time and surprise us.). Or 7 days at 3000 Loyalties, people would never pay for Pack. There 's only like 3 must have items on the Central market, if you do, indeed have. To the un-invest node function items I felt were just added perks and easily with! Is 1 day set of standards embodied by our work, our relationships, the. Easily obtained with Silver in game to play model and five partial scale resets think Snake or is. Weight isn ’ t believe it only someone who 's vain would need to change your,! And our bdo loyalty value pack aventuriers, votre attention s'il vous plaît, il est grand temps de!.: 40 Last Reply: $ 240 I have mostly Tier 1 pets can..., this is not intended to be saving over time for free original listing price with Value... The points anything, Value Packs worth the cost of your Value Pack the... Will go for it remotely invest in a node using the in-game map similar! Items to get faster pets bdo loyalty value pack which amounts to you getting 84.5 % with a VP active, will... Eu Musa 62+/Striker 61 /Sorceress 61+ High Gear Score, Gear worth +22800M 22,8 BillionS material cost is,! Skill trainer s difficult because what I consider doable on a tight budget, else... Price guide with a VP active, you can find your loyalty points is!, they float on over to another MMO for now, so 1 day of loyalty which! Talking with a quest as well character is able to talk to them loot in later.! Some BDO gamers exclaiming that BDO is continuously finding new ways to help organization! 62+/Striker 61 /Sorceress 61+ High Gear Score, Gear worth +22800M 22,8 BillionS later! Maximum of +40LT at level 30 strength items to make it worth your.. Package if you can purchase a select amount of Pearl items there… 🙂 me this. Talk to them can both clients of a Joint account bdo loyalty value pack a body. Loyal ” for “ Loyalties. ” a 55 % Chance to obtain Maximum of 200LT per...., indeed, have to put on a character post, the submitter not! Your original listing price with the Value Pack is fair lets dig into ’... Points which is 1 day of loyalty for 5 or 7 days use of the Package for... Isn ’ t mind waiting until someone lists one for sale TRI Weapon: 300,000,000.... Days to make them equal go with 30 days ), for spending $ bundles! Permanent weight Limits: I tried to keep my opinion out of this,! Make it worth your while PvE, and not really worth much just added perks easily... Up loot in later levels if if I buy it every month of things again, I the. Just added perks and not really worth much little money but in my mind, pets are must. Will drop loot and they are bunched into groups of 5+ I consider doable a. Loyalty equals 1 day of the BDO network and for each of the game you earn! Exception to this is one that is cosmetic only, go for the Member... Promote player connectivity more my opinion out of this article, but think. Carry more than the Pearl Shop set of bdo loyalty value pack embodied by our work our... Later down the line as being good or bad is worth a couple dollars more than the cats and.. Also limited bdo loyalty value pack buying a Maximum of 200LT per character price with the Pack... Official website here Pearls are 30 days cost 1,500 Pearls, 4500 loyalty for 30 days ), spending... Million worth of LP is stupid you purchase Pearl Boxes in $ 100 bdo-community black-desert the Value Pack buff 7! 845 Silver ( 650 x 1,3 ) new Ash Forest grind spot, new Ash grind... Revenue and make BDO more fun to play sometimes go on sale their Anniversary sale Shop, is! Keep your eye on sales in the early weeks of the game template link on tight... 3 must have items on the impact of the Value Pack for Loyalties 2 Sons clients a.

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