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Project Grateful 365: Grateful for walkity-walk-walk Saturdays with THE BOT

Day 130 – March 23rd!

Yesterday was our 1 month-versary of getting married. I saw the date at 11+pm and told Kris, oh we’re married for 1 month. That was it, very anti climatic I know. We’re not the celebratory sort I guess. I’m very bad at remembering dates and names and Kris is well HAPPY that I never remember dates. Tho he gets slightly annoyed when I forget his birthday. Not that I ever really did. I always spoil him on his birthday! He’s not a spoiler during special occasions tho, but he gives me everything I need and more all the time, so that’s fine.

Anyways! We went for Himalayan Food today and it was TERRIBLE. I mean I was so hungry and the best thing on the plate, was the rice. The rest of the food was way too exotic for me, there was something about the spices that didn’t quite do it for me. Nonetheless I’m glad we went out all the way to Jackson Heights in Queens because we got to see Little South America and Little China.

It was very interesting because it was, as if, we were transported to a Spanish neighborhood in Queens! At least 3 guys came beside/up to me and asked if I needed a social. Which means essentially, do you want to buy an illegal social security card (for those non American readers). It was quite a dodgy place I guess, not somewhere I would be wondering around alone. Then again, it was very busy and bustling, so not that unsafe since I got a big burly man beside me! There were many South American bakeries and little shops littered all the way down Roosevelt avenue. Authentic looking south american grocery shops and quirky little pushcarts.

We walked for about 4 miles and reached Chinatown in flushing. It was very interesting, because it was more Chinese than the Chinatown in Canal Street, Manhattan. There was more people speaking chinese dialects and most people had a very distinct mainland China accent, comparatively the chinatown in Manhattan had more Americanized Chinese.