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Staycation in Maryland

We’re currently at Maryland where Kris is attending and speaking at a conference. I remember him telling me that, he doesn’t really like travelling for work. I now see why. He attends the conference from morning (9am) till around 7pm or 10pm , then continues to come back to work till 2am. He’s a work a bot. I’m sure it helps that he loves his job but he is really one of the most focused and hardworking person I know. Thanks for working so hard to support us BOTMAN!

(related) *ahem ahem* Just Sayin!

Meanwhile, I’m having a ‘staycation’ or perhaps ‘studycation’.


Our lovely Room.


Grandiose Hotel Lobby


Maryland crabcakes. So GOOD!


I brought school work!


 Swim Swam Swum

Oh! I coerced him for dinner last night too. Wham! Bam! 40minutes and we were done.  Then he went back to the room to work on his slides, for his presentation at 11am, this morning. Business is really kicking in for him, so he has 194034432 gazillion things to do at any given time. We were sick last 1.5 weeks too, hence a backlog in his TO-DO list, so I think he was a little stressed trying to finish this presentation last night. At 2am, there was a resigned, “okay this will do look”.  But as his mummy says, ‘he will be fine, he always finds a way to pull through and make it work well’. MY MIL is really awesome in being his Number 1 cheer leader for him! I know they said the wife is supposed to assume that role, but hello! She has a 31 year head-start in witnessing his achievements all these years. Plus she doesn’t live with him anymore and I’m the one that has to put up with stress related side effects!

Muahahaha. I digress, she’s really a good mother. Always positive, encouraging and willing to listen to him at all hours of the day, even when she has had a long hard day at work and hasn’t eaten dinner. Whenever he calls back, she will rather talk to him than eat her dinner.

I digress again!

Here’s a picture of HAPPY US post dinner!

National Wheel

(Crappy Iphone pic, bad lightning and random unskilled but very kind photographer!)



It has been a lovely visit back home for the last couple of days. I have spent quality time with family, friends and basked in the oppressive heat with fortitude; or as Kris says it – “like a trooper.” Singapore is for the most part, what I remembered it to be: awesome local food, (even) crazier crowds, columns and columns of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. The familiarity of Singlish, the endless stream of conversations that flow as if I never left, and the recollection of shared memories of the yesteryears.


I feel very blessed to be pampered head to toe by my family and friends alike. From taking leave from work to spend time with me, to accommodating my food requests, treating me to meals, giving me a ride home, to making time for me and being genuinely happy to share a meal/conversation/cuppa coffee with me!


I cannot express how happy that makes me feel.


So excuse me while I take a hiatus from this space and enjoy some good old lovin’.

Bonjour! Our Europe Adventure Part 1

So I’m back from Honeymoon Number 2. We went to London and Paris for about 2 weeks and had a FANTASTIC time! I told Kris we ‘needed’ to have two honeymoons because we had two weddings!  What a perfectly good excuse for more honeymoons! 😀

London was like the Singapore of Asia and Paris: the New York of North America. It was wonderful experiencing the metric system and understanding perfectly what everyone said at all times. The English, articulate in a fashion that makes them more comprehensible than Americans, or perhaps I just grew up learning the (ahem) ‘Queen’s’ English. I loved London  because it was clean, transportation was fast, clean and efficient and everyone spoke perfect English. The British Museum, V&A Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Tate Modern and Tower of London was also housed some of the world’s best artifacts. It was a pity that the Imperial War Museum was going through a refurbishment, and most of ze exhibits were closed.

But Paris, oh glorious Paris. I adored certain parts of it more (architecture, quaintness, food, fashion) but certain aspects (snottiness, slight language barrier, smokers everywhere) annoyed me a little. The parts I loved clearly out shadowed the annoyances by miles though, wandering along the complex streets and seeing absolutely breath taking architecture, while holding hands with my BOT was priceless. I know the Tour de Effiel is somewhat over rated, but I loved it to bits. It was really cold and windy up there, but the view was worth it. The rest of Paris mostly consists of really low buildings and as such you feel like you could look on forever, from the top of the Effiel Tower.

IMG_8608 IMG_8612 IMG_8620


I’m only using a crappy handphone camera so the pictures are not that awesome, but it will suffice for now. (Till I get a job, save up and buy myself a semi pro DSLR!) Or perhaps phone cameras will improve by leaps and bounds by the time I save 1500usd!!!!!!

I love taking photos but am reluctant to drag around large clunky and expensive gadgets. So we shall see.  On a side note, I finally got down to starting my resume Draft 1 today. I’m getting somewhere, to be fair I couldn’t work before. So no rush in getting a resume done!!!! I also received my temporary driver’s permit and will attempt to drive (part of the way) to Kris’s parents place in 2 weeks for, Thanksgiving! Unless it rains or snows, in which case I will just nap. I’ve recently developed this terrible motion sickness and being in moving vehicles makes me nauseous to no end. :/

Back to Pareeeee.




We had bread every single day. The bakeries called Boulangeries, were too awesome. The French do not kid around with their food I’m telling you. Every single day we had fresh croissants/baguettes before starting the day. It made Kris really happy because he’s a carbs addict.


The best way to experience and understand a culture is via food, so while I was there, I throughly enjoyed trying some of the French staples.

First up, expresso. The price of Espresso ranges from 1euro to about 2.80Euros. But the price of cafe creme (coffee with milk) was often double that of an espresso. Given my thrifty nature, I decided to develop a taste for Espressos instead. I loved them after the 2nd-3rd cup! It was very strong, but after a while your taste buds start appreciating the strong flavour and jolt of energy like no other beverage can. Kris still indulged in his coffee with cremes and crazily expensive Coke! (tsk tsk)

This is a picture of him with his 3.90 Euro bottle of toxicity!



The tiny potent cup of Espresso.



Cold Foie Gras, not my thing honestly.


Escargots. Yummy, but the mental barrier of eating slugs was kind of off-putting. The garlic and butter made it all well in the end.



That’s all for our Euro Adventures Part 1, there is no chronology and no order in my posts. I’m not sure how many Parts I’m going to compile so enjoy the first entry and perhaps there might be more.

Au Revoir!



Project Grateful 365 (Day 184, 185, 186) – Beluga Love

(Day 184) I HEART BELUGAS!!!!

I love love BELUGAS! They are like underwater teddy bears. All cute and soft and squishy!!!!!!! I was really chuffed to be able to go to the Georgia Aquarium to see my favourite whale! Belugas are usually cottony white and super friendly! They are commonly found in the arctic and sometimes subarctic regions. They also have 50% body fat, so they are quite the little chubbers!

beluga 2 beluga1


(Day 186) Grateful for being a ‘follow-bot’

I got to follow Kris to his business trip and I remember thinking before (way backkkkkkkk when I was younger, how good housewives/tai-tai’s get it!) I got to wallow in the nice comfy hotel bed, not have to clean/dust/cook or do any form of housework, besides packing for the trip and unpacking for the trip, watch some TV as a special treat and explore a new city. Its like a trip on my own but with company in the evenings and hugs to sleep. How awesome is that??


(Day 187) Grateful for being happy with simple things! 

Today I cleaned everything! I even washed the floor rugs and all!, went for a nice walk, played with little Charlie bear, made dinner, bought some groceries, signed up to be a team leader for New York Cares and even managed a combo blog entry! I feel accomplished! Best part? Its only 7pm! The night is still young!!!!

I like busy/relaxed days. Meaning I did a lot but didn’t feel rushed! Everything was done at my leisure and I have a nice time doing everything! So today I’m grateful for being happy when doing chores and living a simple life! Somedays I get annoyed being a housewife but today I treasure being one! So I must remember to be grateful for that!




Project Grateful 365: 174, 175, 176, 177!!! Mega Combo Edition

Sorry to my loyal readers! I have neglected this blog because I went on a summer road trip with the bot. We rented a car and drove to Harrisburg Pennsylvania and stayed at a hotel for a couple of days. I loved the bed in the hotel! It was the Country Inn Hotel and Suites and the king sized bed, has this wonderful thick and fluffy mattress protector that made me feel; I was sleeping on a cloud! I think I am going to tell Kris that I want a mattress protector for my 30th birthday! I know I’m supposed to feel old but I REFUSE to feel that way. I’m only about 1/3 my way through life and it has been a crazy ride for the 30 yrs, ups and downs and have made me who I am today. I’m not sure how the rest of my life will PAN out but my goal is to be happy and content for the rest of my life!


Sorry for switching topics! So I’m grateful for 4 things


174: Hershey park (1)

Walt Disney was wrong, Hershey Park is the happiest place on earth. Every kid there was smiling from side to side. It was hot as hell, but chocolate cheers everyone up! There is quite a few family friendly rides, kiddy rides and crazy-ass rides for the thrill seekers. Personally we took quite a few wooden roller coasters that I liked very much. I didn’t like the vertical drop ones and the ones that went at lightening speed. Just for the heck of it, we also took a ferries wheel, Hershey’s Kissing/Revolving tower and an adult carousel. It was a very hot but fun day! Oh I also got to see sea lions. Which I love! Because they are so fat and cuddly!

I must thank my hubby for this wonderful trip because he was an excellent driver and the ONLY driver I must add from NYC to Harrisburg.

IMG_4210 IMG_4225

175: Gettysburg (2)

I learnt quite a bit about the Civil War in America – the fight between the Union and Confederate States. It was very interesting to see (mostly mock ups) of how War was fought in the 19th century, primitive as compared to today, but still devastating like all wars are.

IMG_4251 IMG_4255 IMG_4256 IMG_4267

176: Experiencing the Amish culture (3)

On the last day of our road trip, we drove to Lancaster county where they are many Amish families still in existence. Its a very interesting and closed community who reject electricity, but use solar power, batteries and propane to heat the house, have a fridge, have lights and power a singer sewing machines. Instead of cars, they use buggies and horses. Its just so fascinating to see them reject technology and ‘modern America’. They don’t like to have their photos taken and have minimal decorations within their home.

IMG_4285 IMG_4288 IMG_4289 IMG_4301

177: Long walks, new friends and a beautiful sunset (4)

Today I met a friend to walk across the brooklyn bridge, like me her husband was posted to America for work and she doesn’t have a visa to work here. She’s very cute, she’s always offering me stuff she brought extra from the market. Like garlic, sauces and what nots. It was a beautiful day to walk across the bridge too. Its nice to meet people who are stay at home wives like me cause we got afternoons to relax, explore the city, exercise and have yummy lunches! I must learn to appreciate being a housewife more and stop waiting so anxiously for my Green Card so that I can can work, because I’m sure that when it comes and I need to wake up at 7am to work, I’ll moan and groan! So here’s a gentle reminder to myself, to enjoy the idyllic days while I can, just because I deserve to be pampered and happy!

Later in the day I met E and Charlie Bear and we trotted to Chinatown for my favourite Kungfu tea. He’s such a cute lil bear and his mother is such a sweet person that being around both of them makes you smile lots.

I’m sitting here in the sunset typing away while eating leftovers, grateful for my life right now.


Sure my lost green card paperwork is a bummer, annoying root canal/multiple cavities and little annoyances here and there come up sometimes, but I must remind myself to always look at the glass half full. There are also a thousand other reasons why my life is going well! Shitty days will always come, but I’m just going to roll along the waves and let it all dissipate. Life somehow always finds a way of panning itself out. My stuff is delayed but at least not denied and a root canal is not all that bad, its annoying but not as scary as my wisdom tooth experience. I think after fixing my 7 cavities, I’ll rid my Dentophobia. I have hope! No more shaking in the dentist chair! Fearless Charbot from now on! Hup Hup Hup!

Project Grateful 365 (Day 172): Road trip to Pennsylvania

May 26th, 2013

The other day I found a car rental discount so we’re going on a road trip this weekend!Its memorial day tomorrow but Kris is going to work so that he can take Friday off! Whee Whee

We’re going to the Hershey’s amusement park, an Amish farm (its a tour of a former Amish house) that tells you more about the Amish culture, which I am deeply fascinated by. The last stop will be Gettysburg whereby Kris will tell me all about the civil war in America.