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Project Grateful 365: Day 88

Grateful that I made it to the Doctor in the nick of time!

After the feasting in the last couple of weeks, I thought I should exercise and attempted to go swimming. Well I did, but along with it came with a painful ear infection because quite a bit of water got into my ear when I was trying to execute a world record in freestyle! stay afloat in the water. heh.

Anyhow it started to hurt last night and I was trying to pretend it didn’t exist. (Law of attraction should apply to bad things to, no?) But by mid afternoon, it hurt till my head hurt and my throat was hurting, so I made the call to go to the GP. I made it there in the nick of time, 10 minutes to closing actually the shutters were down and I had to enter via the back door.

She gave me some antibiotics because I was flying on Sunday and some ear drops that has worked a little miracle. The sharp piercing pain is no longer there! PHEWWWWW. It still aches, but no longer I-want-to-chop-off-my-ears-kinda-pain. 3 meds and consultation for 50 bucks [without insurance],  Singapore healthcare rocks compared to NYC. In bangkok it will probably cost me 20 bucks even with imported meds. (My GP gave me stronger imported meds, hence the higher price). Usually an average Doctor’s visit for me in Singapore is around 35 bucks. (w/o antibiotics usually).

[all in SGD]

My sister took half day off to bring boi boi out with me, but I had to be a party pooper and left straight after lunch. But not before taking these cute shots.


Me and Mr-why-so-hot in front of Universal Studio Singapore


Post Milk Coma


Straining his neck to watch Kakak Wati make his milk. Obviously very hungry, but a big boi now so he doesn’t have has less temper tantrums.



Project Grateful 365: Day 78 and 79

24th and 25th January 2013

On the 24th, I’m glad I got time to spend with my closest gfs from NUS! I didn’t take any pictures because we meet up at a house (incomplete group) before we went to one of their grandma’s wake where it was full attendance. (Its highly inappropriate to take photos at a wake in Singapore)

Except of the loss, everyone was in a good place, happy and healthy and so, I am grateful that all the people I love are happy. Wakes remind me of the temporal nature of life and how one must remember to treasure the days you’re alive to be happy and also to be to be a source of joy to others when you’re alive.


Kris and myself also cheered up someone special with some flowers, so it was a happy day! I now know why its better to give than receive! Spreading JOY is FUN!

On the 25th, I met with my bestest friends from secondary school. It was a play date for two babies, iceicebaby and Jojo’s little nat nat!


Guilty indulgence


“caught in the act”


Little female angelic face


Us three!


“Caught in the act II”

And then, in the afternoon it was Ice Ice Baby’s Day out. Did I tell you that I feel super grateful because I have very little time in Singapore and two people on Friday took leave to spend time with me? (And Ice, I alone might not have commanded that authority, but that ball of cuteness surely can)

I love him so much, he’s like a ball of cuteness!


Call Seat


Stop the music please, nap time for me! (I love his cool pose) Hands on the hips YO!


5 months 3 weeks and SOOOOO ready to eat


Yiyi are you camwhoring again? STOP time to go out!


I’m such a big boy now




Oh Hiiiiiiii


My little acrobat touching his toes


Happy to see his YIYI


Happy to see his YIYI 2


Oh Hiiiii (II)


Poor me face




How cute! He’s kiss me back. More like trying to lick me!


My precious precious nephew

I am a PANK!

Professional Aunty No Kids.

As for those who have been asking me when is my turn continuously. COPULATION is a private affair. Please have some sense of space thank you very much. I think in this sense, Americans have way more tact compared to Singaporeans and virtually nobody in America has asked, “when’s your turn?’

Possibly because 

A) They are intelligent enough to know that if I wanted kids NOW, I would be making babies at home instead of wasting my time having a conversation with you. I say waste because you’re asking me a very private question, which you shouldn’t be asking.

B) It really is a private affair! Americans are less nosey, actually more like less obviously nosey. 😛 Asians are really IN YOUR FACE. I’m guilty of that too, need to slowly change! I have asked people people about kids, but I have since stopped because with my new status, I have developed empathy for them. Apologies to the rest I asked before I reached this stage of realization!

C) I mean what happens IF (and I STRESS IF) we had been trying and just cannot have one. I mean how painful will it be for a couple to be reminded CONSTANTLY that they unable to have a kid?

D) Stop being Singaporean and constantly having to chase for a certificate! University certificate, Marriage Certificate, Certificate of Entitlement (Cars), Certificate of Home(title deed for property) and Birth Certificate… blah blah. I mean enjoy your LIFE NOW, stop chasing for stuff constantly!

Sorry to end off with a rant, but its important to me


Going to play with little bub now! Wheeeeeee

Project Grateful 365: Day 58, 59, 60

Day 58: I am grateful for the best meal I had on the plane.

This isn’t the first business class flight I took, but this is hands down the best meal I had on the plane. Dinner from New York (JFK) to Frankfurt. The rest of the meals were kinda meh, but the first meal was AWESOME.


IMG_1350 IMG_1353


Day 59: I’m thankful for the wide seats in business class.

I’m quite the squirmy worm. 24 hours in a cramped environment is bloody murder to me. So this time, I got to stretch, squirm/move around and was quite the happy tropper on the plane!


Day 60: I’m thankful for the fact that Baby Ice recognizes me!

I was a little skeptical because its been almost 3 months and babies have very short term memory. However, when I saw him for the first time today he was awake and squirming in his play pen! I think he must be wondering, ‘oh this person who I see on Skype is no longer in the computer.’

He flashed me his cutest baby grin and happily allowed me to carry him around the house. When another member of my family was carrying him and I left the room, his eyes followed me all the way and started ‘niao-ing’ for them to follow me. He stopped when he finally saw me. OH MY GOODNESS. HOW CUTE CAN HE GET? Seriously a heart melter.

We read played, cuddled and slept a lot together today. It was fun! He was still pooping quite a bit tho, so we took ‘many showers’ with me holding his butt over the toilet bowl and washing his lil butt with warm water. Poor lil Ice, hope he gets well soon! His butt was all reddish and had skin peeled off, but according to the help, it was already much better than a few days ago. Oh my poor lil baby Ice, it must have been awful for you. 🙁

He’s still quite the feisty little thing, stayed up till 845pm tonight (Way pass his usually 730pm-8pm bed time) and so he was one cranky lil thing before bed! Now he’s passed out like a little angel tho, such a bundle of cuteness with his lil pacifier in his mouth and his hands all curled up like a little ball.


Project Grateful 365: Day 32: The learning of new ‘languages’; teaching

So yesterday, I was englightened to the fact that:

1) do***e-bag

2) sm**k

are very very bad words, I feel very *ashamed now* because I heard people using them and I thought it meant just like – you’re an ass/idiot.

I was told in very explicit terms what they really are, and I was like YIKES!!!!! I didn’t mean it that way!

Sorry if I offended anyone. Mental note to self, not every thing you hear on the streets can be repeated. My favourite thing I learnt on the streets is: COOL BEANS! Its so cute, I love it.

We speak the same language in Singapore and the US, but somehow its so similar yet so different. I find learning social nuances and ways of describing things very interesting and almost everyday I learn something new. I am proud to announce that I can actually listen in to conversations on the streets very clearly now. When I first visited this year, I was having a bit of difficulty listening to conversations that go-back-and-forth very quickly because I was just not used to the accent, but right now I can actually get it. Wooo Hooo!

Humor though, its a whole new ball game. I think I am very funny in my own way, but americans don’t get my humor, its very sad, only Kris will laugh. (My No.1 fan. YAYYY!) Some nice people will give me a polite half smile, but some just look at me like I’m some weirdo Asian from who-knows-where in the world. Some Americans who don’t travel, have no clue where Singapore is, but they are usually too polite to indicate otherwise. So I have been educating many about my awesome country! #patriotic

So today I am grateful that I get to learn about a new culture was in-depth-ly as I am right now. The opportunity to go to a new place and experience something (almost entirely) different from what I am used too. 

It has been a great city so far, there is no lack of activities for me to do and I’ve been meeting some nice Americans as well as people who are new immigrants like me and it has been a very culturally enriching experience. 🙂

I like the feeling of being free in this country. Nobody to watch over me like a hawk, I can do pretty much whatever I want. Its a very liberating feeling, I feel like I was born to be free. People have commented that I’m a banana, Asian on the outside Westernized on the inside. I think that existed way before I met Kris though, even though I feel that it is now being concretized by him, most definitely. I’ve always been opinionated, liberal and willing to challenge authority for the things I’ve believed in. That unfortunately did not sit very well with the Confucian ethics of Singapore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of my country, but that doesn’t mean I agree or like every aspect of it. I’m sure in time to come I will be annoyed with something in the US, actually I already am, the high taxes! The rough tax increase on the amount I make in Singapore in NYC, will be like a 15% jump up and I feel that teachers in Singapore don’t make that much comparative to the other professions and we work really hard! Or so I thought, then I realized that teachers in NYC public schools actually make a lot less after taxes!. So teachers in Singapore are actually paid pretty darn well comparatively to NYC.

But its okay, if you teach because of the money, you’re probably in the wrong profession. Someday teachers will have more leverage when the world sees how important they are. I feel like I can say that now, because I’m not a teacher currently and I would not be blowing my own trumpet. I feel that teaching is a very noble profession; because a good teacher requires a lot of heart, you need to discipline and sometimes its a very thankless job, because children who need to be disciplined do not see that and you will get so much crap from them, when you try to do the right thing. But soldier on comrades *hee hee*! for a cause you believe in! The best teachers I had are those that listened, told me things I didn’t want to hear at that time and yet always encouraged me to be the best that I can be. I hope to be one of those people.

Despite the ‘relatively low pay’, I want to go back to teaching because I feel like it is something that is meaningful, regardless of the financial renumeration. I firmly believe that money cannot buy happiness. I feel that if I was in the correct organisation which allows me to be who I am, I would be an excellent educator. Maybe I should be my own boss. Have my own mission statements and my own vision!  Which would probably be idealistic to a fault, but I’m going to make it work. Some day!

I spent many months thinking about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I wanted to try other professions but I feel like this is what I am called to do. I finally have gotten rid of the nagging/buzzing feeling in my heart/head when I was considering options like going to law school, doing my MBA, doing a 2nd degree in educational psychology. So I think this is it, my final decision! Its a huge weight lifted off my chest.

*PS: M**, I know you think that being a lawyer is more prestigious, but the question is, do you want prestige? Or do you want me to be happy? At the end of the road, it doesn’t matter what society think of me, what matters is what I think of myself and whether I am proud of my own achievements.

**PPS: Although! Some people say that ……