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Hello 2017

Dear 2016,

Thank you and good bye! You have been fabulous for Kris and myself!

I have loved a lot, worked hard, played hard and enjoyed the last 365 days tremendously. I cannot be more grateful for everything that has happened this year.

As with every year, I hope that the upcoming 2017 will be one filled with good health, joyful laughter and even more successes in NS1.

I also hope that the upcoming president elect doesn’t accidentally start a war. No, not a twitter war! A real war – by accident, because I wouldn’t put it pass him! Oh America, what have you done!

Happy 2nd Anniversary my Love

Dearest Kris

It has been 730 days since we said, I do.

I have loved you more and more every day for the past 2 years and I expect that I will continue to do so exponentially as we share the rest of our lives together.

You have been the rock in our relationship, steady, dependable, unconditionally loving and cherishing me every single day. Thank you! For loving me at my best and loving me more at my worse. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. Going to bed with you beside me and waking up every morning beside you completes my day.

You have accomplished so much this year and I want to let you know that I am extremely proud of you. I will continue to support you as best as I can, in your quest to awesomeness!

Happy Anniversary my love!



It has been a while, Singapore

Yesterday, I presented my first presentation of graduate school and it was quite a blast. Both for me and my classmates. I had a lot of fun presenting and my classmates had a good laugh.

The project was a contemporary applications presentation, where I was supposed to find a contemporary application topic in my everyday life and relate it to the learning theories that I’ve learnt in class. I decided to do something close to my heart and presented on “Re-learning to live in NYC”, in which I talked about all the things I’ve learnt since moving here. I related learning theories to: why I made those  mistakes in the first place and had the class in stitches. I used social cultural theories, behaviorism and social cognitive theories.

After the class, I got “fist bumps” from my classmate and remarks of “You killed it.”  Which was very interesting because my peers’ reaction would be very different had I presented a similar topic in Singapore. A visiting lecturer, who was sitting in class to observe my professor, told me that I should consider writing a memoir or join UCB (Upright Citizen’s Brigade), which is some comedy training centre. I was thinking to myself, really? Was it that hilarious? I’m only reciting stories/misconceptions I had when I first moved here!

Nonetheless, I really enjoyed what I did. Now I’m thinking, I really need to find a thesis topic that’s closely related to what I did today! Because, one must try to do things, that makes the heart smile!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you had as good of a start to the week as I did!

Oh why the title? I realized that I left Singapore officially in 2013, which wasn’t all that long really, but somehow my current life now seems to overshadow all that I left behind. In essence, it isn’t such a bad thing because it means I am making the most out of my time here and embracing THE NOW.

Going back to school was one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming here! I’m learning a lot not only in terms of content material but also learning a lot through observing the people around me. I am not just making friends with tech people (thru Kris)  or migrant housewives or sojourned Singaporeans. I feel like I’m finally getting to know real Americans in my own domains!

Just for good measure

*fist bumps* from my left hand to my right hand!

On a side note, we called Kris’s gramma the other day and she told me, “Oh, why do you want to go back to school?, what about making babies?, I would like to see my great grandkids, I’m not getting younger you know!.”

She’s adorable! Once you’re 90+ you can pretty much get away with saying anything!

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 1.51.43 PM

Project Grateful 365: Grateful for getting a marriage license in a pretty short time!

So in NYC before you can get officially married, you would need to apply for a marriage license, wait 24hours before you can go into city hall and get someone to officiate the marriage.

Then, BAM! You’re married! So roughly takes 2 days for a legal union to happen in this city.

Well I think in total today we waited for about 1.1.5 hours and we were out of there, license to get married document in hand. 🙂

The big day is 22/2/2013. 

We’re both very eggcited! Actually it really is NOT just me being eggcited!, because just as we were coming out of the NYC City clerk office at 141 Worth street, Kris whispered into my ear, ‘I’m very excited.’ I looked at him surprised and he said, ‘Its a very very important day of my life.’

🙂 That made me smile.

If you know Kris, he has 3 range of emotions and that was a pretty strong one. He never gets excited, well very very rarely.

A good thing I suppose 🙂

Website for the NYC city clerk’s office for marriage can be found HERE

Good luck to all you love birds, hopefully you didn’t have to wait since Feb 2012 to get married like me!

Project Grateful 365: Day 92: Grateful for Emirates A380 Business class!

Jan 05, 2013

Westwards and Onwards


11 months later from our intended date of moving to NYC, I’ve finally obtained my K1 visa and am typing this on the 24hour plane ride to JFK. A long time coming but it just makes the fruit of our ‘labour’ so much sweeter.


We’re on the A380, Emirates J class from Dubai to New York CIty (JFK). Its an amazing plane! I love the business class seats on this plane much better than the SQ A380 business class seats. (I know I am so lucky/blessed/fortunate to be able to fly across the world in style!!!!!!!) 


I arranged for a mini surprise for Kristopher on our way here! I think I surprised him all right, till maybe 10 minutes before the surprise came when I was all chatty/eggcited like a 1 year old and he smelt something fishy. 


I told the guys that I was on a marriage-moon (gg to get married in the courthouse of NYC) and they arranged for a cake/flowers/champagne thingy! It was brought to our seats too! Its kinda blurry because its a polaroid so if you’re friends or family, its good excuse to come visit me in NYC because the picture is going to be on our fridge! (:P can’t fault me for trying)


IMG_1473 IMG_1474

IMG_1482 IMG_1484 IMG_1485 


How’s that for our little marriage-moon on the plane? hee

Back to the A380. Its an awesome plane and here’s why!



The lounge was spanking new and clean. Its the new A terminal in Dubai I believe and the business class lounge was fantastically equipped. Initially we thought we would give it a miss due to our short layover time (1.5hours) therefore we were going straight to the gate. However the flight was delayed and therefore we spent a nice 45 minutes wait at the lounge. Best thing about the lounge? We could check right into the plane from that level. Awesome or what?


Nice comfy seats. Nice touch on the blood red rose

Warm mood lighting


I scream for Ice cream and Ice Ice Baby too


Assorted Breads


Happy me and ice cream. Didn’t have time to try the salmon or tart coz they started boarding. Bad move to go on time because they had problems with their system and a 20 odd angry business class passengers were standing there waiting 40mins.




The seats were super new and excellent


Pre Take Off toiletries from Bvlgari. The female version even came with a nice clutch!

IMG_1450 IMG_1449

Roomy extension that folds into a bed. Even Kris could lie flat comfortably


There was privacy/no privacy settings. (The rounded board beside me could be stowed away with a touch of the button, depending if the person beside you was cute or not, you could chose to put it up or down!)


Massage functions (not fantastic tho)


My favourite was the lil cupboard beside me, for drinks/laptops and whatnots.

IMG_1448The lounge on board the plane was spanking new for people to stretch their legs, get loaded on alcohol/snacks.



  1. We shared our cake with the other passengers/crew on board too. Spread the love we say.


  1. Food was good, menu was extensive. Alcohol selection was awesome. The champagne that came with the cake was good, I stole a teeny sip because I’m allergic and don’t even like alcohol. So for me to say its good, it must be really good. I read the label later and realized the wines were vintages and pretty aged. My limited knowledge of spirits/wines/alcohol tells me that its a good thing. I think.




IMG_1451 IMG_1490 IMG_1487 IMG_1486






Anyways in its totality, Emirates A380 business class has blown me away. Compared to SQ which had older seats, less sensitive touch screen and slighty rickety furnishings on board their J class.

What emirates lost out in was the super polite/amazing/excellent and sometimes over the top service rendered by the crew on SQ business class. I mean in SQ business class, you literally felt like royalty. Here it was pleasant and business like, without the extra smiles and pampering. I asked for a cup of coffee with my meal and it took 40 minutes to arrive, I had to ask twice and nobody apologized. I mean its no big deal really for economy class. At 5 times the price of an economy ticket however, most people on business class would not appreciate that. I accumulated miles for this trip so I didn’t feel much of a pinch and I understand its hard being a service crew for rich entitled people, so I always try to be polite and friendly. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay back, but I try anyways. I’m very very snappy towards rude people tho, Kris always tells me to ‘relax and breathe’ coz I get very annoyed with wait/sales/service staff who are rude to me. I mean I’m paying their salary, I don’t expect you to smile sweetly at me at all times, but a polite nod/smile would be nice, especially if I smile at you first!

That aside!!!! I’m super grateful for the opportunity to fly J class with the love of my life. I’m excited to see what 2013 and the Snake Year (according to the lunar calendar) brings for us.

I need to work harder to fly business class! Although I must say, I got lucky on the first flight that was on cattle class. 3 seats for me to lay down and sleep. WOOT WOOT. I feel so lucky! Like a LUCKY STAR!!!




Project Grateful 365: Day 78 and 79

24th and 25th January 2013

On the 24th, I’m glad I got time to spend with my closest gfs from NUS! I didn’t take any pictures because we meet up at a house (incomplete group) before we went to one of their grandma’s wake where it was full attendance. (Its highly inappropriate to take photos at a wake in Singapore)

Except of the loss, everyone was in a good place, happy and healthy and so, I am grateful that all the people I love are happy. Wakes remind me of the temporal nature of life and how one must remember to treasure the days you’re alive to be happy and also to be to be a source of joy to others when you’re alive.


Kris and myself also cheered up someone special with some flowers, so it was a happy day! I now know why its better to give than receive! Spreading JOY is FUN!

On the 25th, I met with my bestest friends from secondary school. It was a play date for two babies, iceicebaby and Jojo’s little nat nat!


Guilty indulgence


“caught in the act”


Little female angelic face


Us three!


“Caught in the act II”

And then, in the afternoon it was Ice Ice Baby’s Day out. Did I tell you that I feel super grateful because I have very little time in Singapore and two people on Friday took leave to spend time with me? (And Ice, I alone might not have commanded that authority, but that ball of cuteness surely can)

I love him so much, he’s like a ball of cuteness!


Call Seat


Stop the music please, nap time for me! (I love his cool pose) Hands on the hips YO!


5 months 3 weeks and SOOOOO ready to eat


Yiyi are you camwhoring again? STOP time to go out!


I’m such a big boy now




Oh Hiiiiiiii


My little acrobat touching his toes


Happy to see his YIYI


Happy to see his YIYI 2


Oh Hiiiii (II)


Poor me face




How cute! He’s kiss me back. More like trying to lick me!


My precious precious nephew

I am a PANK!

Professional Aunty No Kids.

As for those who have been asking me when is my turn continuously. COPULATION is a private affair. Please have some sense of space thank you very much. I think in this sense, Americans have way more tact compared to Singaporeans and virtually nobody in America has asked, “when’s your turn?’

Possibly because 

A) They are intelligent enough to know that if I wanted kids NOW, I would be making babies at home instead of wasting my time having a conversation with you. I say waste because you’re asking me a very private question, which you shouldn’t be asking.

B) It really is a private affair! Americans are less nosey, actually more like less obviously nosey. 😛 Asians are really IN YOUR FACE. I’m guilty of that too, need to slowly change! I have asked people people about kids, but I have since stopped because with my new status, I have developed empathy for them. Apologies to the rest I asked before I reached this stage of realization!

C) I mean what happens IF (and I STRESS IF) we had been trying and just cannot have one. I mean how painful will it be for a couple to be reminded CONSTANTLY that they unable to have a kid?

D) Stop being Singaporean and constantly having to chase for a certificate! University certificate, Marriage Certificate, Certificate of Entitlement (Cars), Certificate of Home(title deed for property) and Birth Certificate… blah blah. I mean enjoy your LIFE NOW, stop chasing for stuff constantly!

Sorry to end off with a rant, but its important to me


Going to play with little bub now! Wheeeeeee