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Project Grateful (Day 196): DAT KISS!!!!!!

Today I went upstairs and hung out with my favorite Charlie bear and his sweetie pie mama.

He was in SUCH a JOLLY MOOD! Cackling all over the place, walking/running around and laughing like we were the most entertaining people in the universe. He’s too too too CUTE! Kids have such an infectious laughter!

Best part of the night was when  gave me a kiss on the lips, a huge Charlie bear hug and patted my back. That little heartbreaker I’m tellin’ ya!!!

Proves my point that the best things in life cannot be captured by a photo or a status update.

Thank you little one, you made Auntie Charlene very very happy and extremely delighted today!



(Not taken today, but wanted to remind you of how cute he is!!)


Project Grateful: Grateful as IS (Day 195)

A lot of people, at any given time, are always wondering ‘Could I be doing more, Should I be doing more?’

Questions like:

1) I’m not satisfied with my career, I need a better paying job.

2) My BA is not enough I need a MA

3) My MA is not good enough I need a PHD

4) My career is not going as well as I think it should be, I need a  promotion.

5) I’m not satisfied being a housewife/tai-tai, I need something more…..

 I sometimes feel that humans in general are never satisfied.

That in itself is not really a bad thing, because sometimes ‘wanting to upgrade’ oneself helps you maximize your potential to be the best that we can be.

But the downside of the above mentality is that;  we become so conditioned to always wanting more and more, that it becomes part of our psyche. Wanting more, becomes always a habit, like a way of life.

The evolution of modern society, which constantly seeks greater levels of productivity and  efficiency, pushes humans to always want more and more and more and more and more and moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

But the bigger question lies therein, when do we stop wanting more?

There is no end really.

While I think its very important to always challenge yourself to be the best that you can be;  it is also equally important to take a step back and enjoy your successes, enjoy the HERE and NOW and learn to also celebrate your life as is.

So today I’m just going to be grateful for my life as it is. I’m grateful for the place that I am in, the wonderful husband that I have, the new friends I’ve made in NYC, my new extended American family, my family in Singapore and my old friends in Singapore. I’m grateful for a roof over my head and never having to worry about my next meal.

Gratitude, just plain old simple gratitude is perhaps the fundamental cure to all problems and the root of all happiness!

So remember to express gratitude today!

April 25th – Project Grateful 365: Day 155 Harnessing positive energy

The weather was beautiful today, I walked 6 miles in total. I had taken 2 days of break from walking due to personal reasons and I was back in full force today. *pumps fist*

I walked a part of the high line park in glorious weather and attended a body language detection course for 3 hours at night. Interesting and informative but didn’t WOW me that much. A lot of it, is basically simple human psychology.

I was doing a little bit of thinking today. Every human being, rich or poor, tall or short, unfortunate or fortunate has both good and evil in his/her life. In the grand scheme of things everybody has their own struggles to deal with, u win some here and you lose some there. What’s important is to remember that everybody has their little struggles and not let it overwhelm you. Don’t look at the person beside you and think about how that person has it good, most of us never reveal our inner struggles. Instead look at your own struggle, toss it aside and focus on the good in your life instead.

Hardness positive thoughts, heighten your level of positive feelings and translate that to positive behavior!

Change your thoughts and you’ll be shocked at how much better you can feel about yourself and your life!

Project 365 Day 147: Grateful for Cherry Blossoms

We finally made our way to Roosevelt Island, we had been talking about it for ages! However, it was nothing to shout about really. There was a tiny Japanese fair there and some cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are probably the best part of the island.

IMG_3408Said cherry blossoms and me being a silly dork as usual!


Ze bridge that connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan


Kris walked into the Island and made all the trees weep. Hur hur!


Me posing in the oddest way really


Little sculpture around the island


Lonely boat down the east river. Spot the duck that was ‘fishing’ for food!

We did finances and I was told to SAVE SAVE SAVE. We spend an awful lot on dining out and entertainment. So today we decided that we’re going to eat IN for all meals!

So went kris was busy with his robot-ish duties, I went grocery shopping!

I merely reheated pizza and made broccoli for brunch!


We went out to Roosevelt Island and then I came home to make dinner!


Korean beef ribs, rice and stir fried veggies.

As I type away furiously, the robot is doing his taxes. Its the absolute last minute because payment is due on Monday. Taxes in the US are like super complicated, so many forms and then  you have to pay so much money to the government. Its like doing work and still having to pay for it. In any case, thats the price of living in this fabulous city.

I have come to love New York City, so all is well.

I’ve come to realize that I’ve learnt to be so much more independent here. When I first came, I didn’t know anyone, missed my family and friends a lot. Over time, I’ve made quite a few friends  that I like and also learnt how to do things by myself. I actually like the solitude at times.

When robot is really busy, it can get a bit meh sometimes but nothing that makes me ultra sad. I’ve learnt how to self entertain, how to make good use of my ample time as a housewife, done a lot of wandering, made a lot of friends, cook a lot of meals, find entertainment for the both of us in the weekends and I never ever feel bored.

I’ve very proud of myself. I have overcame the initial emotional/transitional difficulty that every new immigrant has to face, forced myself out of my comfort zone to make new friends and learnt to enjoy my sometimes solitary independence and am very happy with my current life. I’ve learnt to be very grateful in all circumstances and found fun and meaningful things to do. I think this grateful blog has been really helpful to me!

Project Grateful 365: Grateful for being loved by my nephew!

 Day 137

1st April 2013

I know that it is mean to build your happiness upon someone’s sadness  but it is a minor little thing and made me very happy.

Isaiah’s mummy was trying to skype me today.

She told Isaiah: “Isaiah, lets Skype Yiyi okay?”.

Apparently he was so excited and he kept jumping and trying to grab the Ipad.

However he was unable to get to me, because (DOH!) my phone was on silent.

So my eldest sister decided to call Isaiah on Skype with her cell. When he saw that it wasn’t me on Skype, he started to make his trademark ‘neow neow’ noises and wasn’t impressed by what he saw.

He didn’t smile when he realized that it wasn’t me and turned away from the iPad!

So henceforth I am now known as the IPAD YIYI!

Its very interesting to note that little babies understand the whole meaning to technology and anticipates a certain person to appear in the screen. I suspect that they are a lot smarter than they look, they just need a audible mechanism by which they can communicate their needs and wants. Wouldn’t it be awesome if one day, we could invent a device to tap into the brains of those little tots and determine for sure what they are thinking?

Here’s a picture of his royal cutie pie!


Partying inside his sarong


I love to eat my pacifier the wrong way!


My yummy thumb!


He recently discovered he can do many cute expression with his lips so he has been modeling his poses.