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Project Grateful 365 (Day 190): My first foray into independence!

So I’ve been given my temporary EAD and AP, which means I can officially leave the country, get a job and apply for my learner’s permit!!!! YAY

I opted to do

1) Learners permit

2) Visit home + claim my birthday treat to Japan

3) Find a job

in ascending order!!!!

So today I’m going to go to the DMV! 

I’m so happy that I’m able to take baby steps towards achieving some sort of independence as an actual human being and not just being known as ‘wife’ of Kris Beevers!

Eventually I be able to get my lease on an apartment, apply for a mortgage have a credit score, apply for a  credit card all on my own, and regain independence as A HUMAN BEING!!! Woo Hoo.


In the meantime, I’ve found a link in the NYPL website that lets me learn conversational/basic languages for free. I should go practice Japanese for my impending trip and learn Spanish so that I can eavesdrop on the Mexicans and Latin Americans who are abundant in NYC!

My attempt at ‘Poetry’ on a gloomy Sunday afternoon

Flights of fancy, 9000 miles apart


The quest for a home led across the globe


The same sun, moon and sky, yet worlds apart


A place called home, round and round the globe



A kindred spirit when two heads meet


The heart finds solace in a new friend made


Laughter and sorrow are shared in a plate


And hence a friendship is made



Traversing the globe to find one’s soul


Banging one’s head in a city’s ghoul


The bright lights blind’s one’s soul


Resulting in an empty hole. 



The waiting game …….

At least 10 phone calls to USPS before they finally confessed they lost my documents. Not before transferring me back and forth to at least 8 representatives.

Have probably spent at least 30-50hours on hold with USCIS, again transferring me back and forth, telling me to call back in 7 days, call back in 14 days, call back in 30 days and still nothing at the end.

USCIS and USPS are my two favorite government agencies in the world.

Oh wait, I’ll soon have to deal with the DMV too.

I love AMERICA so so much.

If this was back home, I would have found a way to get my documentation in less than 1.5 years.

This is plain ridiculous.

What frustrates me the most is everybody just wants to transfer you somewhere else, or make you put down the phone and call back again. I think its because their efficiency rating is measured on how many calls they ‘solve’ per hour. Nobody is willing to listen patiently to whats going on, the moment they get a sign they can transfer you away, they do it.

They need an overhaul of they way they solve problems of their customers in these government agencies. I mean losing such important paperwork of mine is such a big deal that they seem to treat it so lightly. Those documents that have been lost in the mail, it could land in bad hands and my entire identity could be stolen. I mean, the lack of empathy and apologetics is forgivable but come on at least just do your bloody job and fix the problem!!!!!!

I’m beginning to think that, it is way easier for Kris to get a PR in Singapore, than for me to get my paperwork settled and maybe find a job here. Maybe its a sign that we should move back home. America frustrates me.

We called USCIS back again (the 2nd time that afternoon) and the ‘supervisor’ told us that the previous agent had told us a mis truth and that they WILL NOT resend the pass to us just made us fly off the handle. We requested to speak to the manager and we were told that they might get back to us in maybe 24 hours. Apparently, we need to refile the entire process, which means go back 4 months before. I think Kris also about had it and that is the last straw for him to say, ‘Okay, my country has screwed around with you enough, lets pack our packs and go back to Singapore.’

So depending on what the ‘manager’ says tomorrow and depending on what his congressman can do for us. We might just decide to move back home. Honestly though, I do not have enough energy to continue this process any longer. Its such a battle to get simple things done. I’m exhausted in dealing with them, I cannot imagine myself continuing this process for the next 12 years or more if I want to get naturalized. I don’t think it seems worth it.

Project Grateful 365 (Day 178) Walking tours!

June 10th, 2013

On weekends that we’re not doing a road trip, not gawking at protests or not travelling somewhere or eating at some yummy establishments. The husband and I will choose a random area to go on a ‘walking tour!’



(Fuel before our 8.36mile walk!)


Along with my cooking and cleaning duties, I’m also the chief fun officer. I plan recreational activities and things to do during weekends and weeknights. So today  I randomly planned a walk around the residential neighborhood of Astoria. The prices in Manhattan and Brooklyn are rising so quickly that many people find themselves moving towards Astoria for cheaper rents. There are mostly low rise buildings and residential homes, and some nice restaurants littered along broadway and 30th ave. Either than a good, long healthy walk there was nothing really at Astoria so we’ll probably not go back ever.

We walked quite a bit before taking the train back to Union Square and witnessed chants of ‘Hey Hey Ho Ho, Erdogan has gotta go!’ I sometimes wonder tho, beyond just an ability to voice your opinions how will protests like this, affect anything that is going on in Turkey? Nonetheless, a voice in better than no voice.



We wanted to go buy some fresh produce at the green market but unfortunately they were closing up before we had a chance. They are usually also pretty expensive I think, Wholefood prices. (Speaking of whole foods, I bought a peach for 1.80usd the other day #whysoexpensive????)

There was also a street market near University place but those ‘Pasar Malams’ usually just sell overpriced food and I don’t think they are all that fantastic. I’ve been to quite a few now and haven’t found myself being vowed by anything. They always smell fantabulous tho!


From Union Square we walked home, not before stopping for dinner and some scented candles. For some reason yankee candles are 12.99 per bottle now, why are they so expensive????? Bed Bath and Beyond is even worse, 20 bucks for a bottle of candle. You gotta be kidding me! Which is sad because I really love their Mahogany Teak! I’ll buy them when they are on sale 2 bottles for 22.50 before tax, which is still pretty expensive if you think about it. Non brand name candles can sometimes go for 4bucks on sale, so there’s your comparison!

The husband was craving Indian so we had Indian for dinner! Malai Marke at the east village. Very yums, 4.5 stars outta 5!

IMG_4368Lamb curry, Vegetable Curry, Naan and some complimentary papadum! Artery clogging but oh so good! 


Project Grateful 365: Day 151, 152, 153


April 22 (Day 152)

We’re married for 2 whole months, surely something to be grateful about really! 😛 We also did a trip up north and here are some  beautiful country side views!

IMG_3547 IMG_3567 IMG_3569


April 23 (Day 153)

Today I’m very glad for the 4 day 3 night ‘staycation’ at my mother in law’s. She’s a great pamperer and so whenever we visit we get fussed and pampered. Coupled with the relaxing surroundings, it was quite a vacation. She’s also quite healthy conscious so we get healthy food! However, she also gets chocolate and potato chips and bagels cause she knows we like it! We also had apple sauce cake from scratch, pizzas and baked fish with gourmet fingerling potatoes. YUM YUM YUM!



My fish, beans and gourmet fingerling potatoes!



Home made pizza




Just to be clear. This is NOT my mother in law’s birthday cake.  (Inside joke)

April 24 (Day 154)

When Kris walked out of the door today, he said, ‘Goodbye, I’m going to enslave myself to corporate America.’ From time to time, he says funny things like this and makes me laugh. He’s actually quite funny in his own silly way. When he left he also said, have a nice relaxing day! What a sweet hubby! 🙂

On a side note, it has been 80 days since I’ve officially migrated here. Time flies! From time to time my heart aches a little from missing my super adorable nephew, family and friends but most of the time, I’m happy and content. 80 days seems so short and yet so long.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.29.30 PM


The other day I caught myself referring to New York as home, I guess that means I have settled in pretty well.

Project 365 Day 147: Grateful for Cherry Blossoms

We finally made our way to Roosevelt Island, we had been talking about it for ages! However, it was nothing to shout about really. There was a tiny Japanese fair there and some cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are probably the best part of the island.

IMG_3408Said cherry blossoms and me being a silly dork as usual!


Ze bridge that connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan


Kris walked into the Island and made all the trees weep. Hur hur!


Me posing in the oddest way really


Little sculpture around the island


Lonely boat down the east river. Spot the duck that was ‘fishing’ for food!

We did finances and I was told to SAVE SAVE SAVE. We spend an awful lot on dining out and entertainment. So today we decided that we’re going to eat IN for all meals!

So went kris was busy with his robot-ish duties, I went grocery shopping!

I merely reheated pizza and made broccoli for brunch!


We went out to Roosevelt Island and then I came home to make dinner!


Korean beef ribs, rice and stir fried veggies.

As I type away furiously, the robot is doing his taxes. Its the absolute last minute because payment is due on Monday. Taxes in the US are like super complicated, so many forms and then  you have to pay so much money to the government. Its like doing work and still having to pay for it. In any case, thats the price of living in this fabulous city.

I have come to love New York City, so all is well.

I’ve come to realize that I’ve learnt to be so much more independent here. When I first came, I didn’t know anyone, missed my family and friends a lot. Over time, I’ve made quite a few friends  that I like and also learnt how to do things by myself. I actually like the solitude at times.

When robot is really busy, it can get a bit meh sometimes but nothing that makes me ultra sad. I’ve learnt how to self entertain, how to make good use of my ample time as a housewife, done a lot of wandering, made a lot of friends, cook a lot of meals, find entertainment for the both of us in the weekends and I never ever feel bored.

I’ve very proud of myself. I have overcame the initial emotional/transitional difficulty that every new immigrant has to face, forced myself out of my comfort zone to make new friends and learnt to enjoy my sometimes solitary independence and am very happy with my current life. I’ve learnt to be very grateful in all circumstances and found fun and meaningful things to do. I think this grateful blog has been really helpful to me!