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Learning to appreciate what you have right now

I was reading a blog entry of someone who has (IMHO) a pretty kick ass job, wonderful husband, 2 adorable kids, tons of luxury items, full time help (a big deal in this part of the world) and a shiny brand new home. At 31, I thought that was pretty awesome achievement. But yet she wasn’t happy. I could come up with a few reasons why, but I that is not the point of this post.

The point of this post, is to remind myself of the importance of appreciating what you have right now. There is never enough wants in life. There is always a better job, a better house, better kids, more CRAP to buy, more luxurious items than what you currently have, but to what end?

Instead look at the things you didn’t have a year before and start appreciating what is currently on your plate!

To that note, it seems like we cannot move within the building so my husband has dictated that we stay put. To that, I’m grateful for the awesome view. Its so easy to take for granted what a nice place one currently lives in and moan about other things like the crazy ass price tag. But hey, I shall focus on the good instead. I shall be glad we saved up very hard to be able to continue staying here without much income and that the stock market has been awesome in the last 12 months. It will *ahem* continue to be awesome!!!!!!

I’m happy that I’m going to college, have a kick-ass/sweetie-pie/hulk-like/ hubby and also I’m going to visit Singapore¬†soon! YAYYYYYYY!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!

I’m so excited about school and so grateful I got in. I met a classmate of mine who applied to Fordham, Columbia and Hunter. She got in to all except Hunter, she was bemoaning the huge price tag and how she might not have enough financial aid to get by. While I’m thankful that I don’t have that problem, I hope she is able to solve her problem by finding financial aid somewhere (luckily she’s American, so she has quite a few options)!! Which brings me to the next issue, I need to think of a research question for my thesis and think the steps¬†I should take to land me a satisfying job upon completion of my Masters Program!

Onward soldiers!!! TROT TROT TROT!!!!