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Valentine’s Day and all Hulaboo

A lot of Valentine’s Day is above love, chocolates, expensive dinner and gifts. There is nothing wrong with that, different people experience/give love in different ways.

To me, Valentine’s Day is about remembering that you’re very blessed to find your one true love.

An occasion where you remember to appreciate your partner, for tolerating your nonsense, for loving you despite your sometimes lack of lovability.

To my honey bunny, (who has taken to calling me Funny Bunny, hence the cloying sweet new nickname bestowed upon him)

happy bunny dream

Thank you for loving your very strange FUNNY BUNNY! For accepting her silly-ness, embracing her dramatic-ness and enjoying her cute-ness.

You are my sweetie, my dear. My hugs and my kisses!

A pair of sweetie bunnies to call it a truce!

lovely bunnies

My Inspiration



Apart from being Mr Smarty Pants, I think the reason why Kris succeeds is because he is so DARN focused. He’s by far the most focused person I know in my life. When he wants something, is interested in something or is invested in something. He literally goes all out. Night and Day means nothing to him, meals are forgotten, wife (what wife?) is momentarily regarded as a meal making machine and he literally spends all his energy on that one big problem. Jokes aside, being focused and committed to your cause is a very important trait to have. The Facebook generation has an average of 7-10 tabs open simultaneously and never seems to be able to only carry 1 conversation at any given time.

I look at him and I want to be focused like that! (Well sometimes!)

Coz right now, we’re supposed to be at a Superbowl party and I have already told him 3 times, LETS GO!! and he keeps saying almost done, almost done, almost done! Its also Sunday and he has worked most of Saturday and Sunday. Luckily I’m very good at self entertaining and making friends!

Happy Ground Hog day everyone!

Hilarity ensues in the Beevers Household


Just the other day, We were walking along the streets at Times Square when a dude came up to us and said.
Him: Do you guys like to laugh?
Kris: I hate comedy.
Him: Oh where are you from New Jersey? Hoboken? Bergen?
Me: Wahahahahahahaaaa
And today!
I was giving him a big bear hug before he left the house and….
Me: Wow your stomach is so hard!
Him: * looks smug about his ‘muscles’ *
Me: Oh wait a minute, I’m not implying its harden muscles. I meant beer encrusted hard big belly!
Him: Beer encrusted??
Me: What I mean is, you drink so much beer, that your belly is big and rock hard! Muahahahahahaaa. From now on, I’m going to call it your beer encrusted belly! BEB!!!!
Him: -_-

Bonjour! Our Europe Adventure Part 1

So I’m back from Honeymoon Number 2. We went to London and Paris for about 2 weeks and had a FANTASTIC time! I told Kris we ‘needed’ to have two honeymoons because we had two weddings!  What a perfectly good excuse for more honeymoons! 😀

London was like the Singapore of Asia and Paris: the New York of North America. It was wonderful experiencing the metric system and understanding perfectly what everyone said at all times. The English, articulate in a fashion that makes them more comprehensible than Americans, or perhaps I just grew up learning the (ahem) ‘Queen’s’ English. I loved London  because it was clean, transportation was fast, clean and efficient and everyone spoke perfect English. The British Museum, V&A Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Tate Modern and Tower of London was also housed some of the world’s best artifacts. It was a pity that the Imperial War Museum was going through a refurbishment, and most of ze exhibits were closed.

But Paris, oh glorious Paris. I adored certain parts of it more (architecture, quaintness, food, fashion) but certain aspects (snottiness, slight language barrier, smokers everywhere) annoyed me a little. The parts I loved clearly out shadowed the annoyances by miles though, wandering along the complex streets and seeing absolutely breath taking architecture, while holding hands with my BOT was priceless. I know the Tour de Effiel is somewhat over rated, but I loved it to bits. It was really cold and windy up there, but the view was worth it. The rest of Paris mostly consists of really low buildings and as such you feel like you could look on forever, from the top of the Effiel Tower.

IMG_8608 IMG_8612 IMG_8620


I’m only using a crappy handphone camera so the pictures are not that awesome, but it will suffice for now. (Till I get a job, save up and buy myself a semi pro DSLR!) Or perhaps phone cameras will improve by leaps and bounds by the time I save 1500usd!!!!!!

I love taking photos but am reluctant to drag around large clunky and expensive gadgets. So we shall see.  On a side note, I finally got down to starting my resume Draft 1 today. I’m getting somewhere, to be fair I couldn’t work before. So no rush in getting a resume done!!!! I also received my temporary driver’s permit and will attempt to drive (part of the way) to Kris’s parents place in 2 weeks for, Thanksgiving! Unless it rains or snows, in which case I will just nap. I’ve recently developed this terrible motion sickness and being in moving vehicles makes me nauseous to no end. :/

Back to Pareeeee.




We had bread every single day. The bakeries called Boulangeries, were too awesome. The French do not kid around with their food I’m telling you. Every single day we had fresh croissants/baguettes before starting the day. It made Kris really happy because he’s a carbs addict.


The best way to experience and understand a culture is via food, so while I was there, I throughly enjoyed trying some of the French staples.

First up, expresso. The price of Espresso ranges from 1euro to about 2.80Euros. But the price of cafe creme (coffee with milk) was often double that of an espresso. Given my thrifty nature, I decided to develop a taste for Espressos instead. I loved them after the 2nd-3rd cup! It was very strong, but after a while your taste buds start appreciating the strong flavour and jolt of energy like no other beverage can. Kris still indulged in his coffee with cremes and crazily expensive Coke! (tsk tsk)

This is a picture of him with his 3.90 Euro bottle of toxicity!



The tiny potent cup of Espresso.



Cold Foie Gras, not my thing honestly.


Escargots. Yummy, but the mental barrier of eating slugs was kind of off-putting. The garlic and butter made it all well in the end.



That’s all for our Euro Adventures Part 1, there is no chronology and no order in my posts. I’m not sure how many Parts I’m going to compile so enjoy the first entry and perhaps there might be more.

Au Revoir!



The problem with fairy tales

I think the problem with fairly tales is that they portray marriage as an end and not the beginning. Think of Snow white, Cinderella and Rapunzel, there’s always a built up of a conflict that invariably is resolved in a marriage.

” ……and they thereby lived happily ever after ……..”

In short we’re telling all the little girls that hey, ‘Marriage solves ALL your problems.’ Not to mention that the ladies in this stories are always the victim and will eventually be ‘SAVED’ by the gallant and heroic male counter parts?

In short, I think fairy tales idealize marriage and attach a very gender-ized role to women in fairy tales. I mean there is a whole lot more implications given to this label and subjugates women as docile ,submissive, weak and in need of rescuing. I’m not the world’s greatest feminist but to teach a child at the age of 5 that marriage SOLVES ALL your problems and that a man is going to come valiantly rescue you at 25 is just going to give her a BLOODY RUDE SHOCK when she gets married.

Marriage will solve NONE of your problems, YOU have to solve your own problems.

I know I’m beginning to sound like  cupid’s evil twin but the reality of the situation is such! We really need to re-teach our stories to little girls! Let them watch Pocahontas and Mulan instead of just Cinderella and Snow White!

I mean marriage can have a happily ever after of course, but like any thing worth doing in life, it requires a SHIT load of work. It requires  unconditional love, forgiveness, compromise, compassion etc etc. I mean adapting to another person in your life almost 24 hours a day is no walk in the park!

Loving a person requires a lot of work.

I don’t mean love in the sense of chocolate and flowers, brilliant sunset cruises and romantic getaways.

I mean the REAL sort of love,

the type of love that continues to love despite being hurt,

the type of love that continues unconditionally despite being greatly disappointed,

the type of love that lets you compromise conflicting needs to accommodate another person in your life,

the type of love that trusts and continues to believe in the goodness of your being,

(which is not that easy because lets face it, nobody is lovable all the time!)

the type of love that tolerates and cleans up the mess you left behind.

(RAWRRRRR, this one is for you Kris :P)

In short I guess that:

I believe in love and I believe in happily ever after.

But I no longer believe in fairy tales.  😀


The grass is always more turquoise over at the other bank.

When I first got here, I was home alone a lot and didn’t have much friends so I looked forward to Kris coming home every night for dinner. I would make us a nice dinner, have everything at the correct temperature and just be waiting for that door knob to turn.

Now he’s working at home and when I come back from an excursion with my friends. He’s always around! So today after a nice long 2 hour walk with some pals along the Hudson, I arrived home to an empty house! I was so delighted! I pottered around made some lunch and saw down by the window writing this blog entry.

Sometimes just sometimes, its nice to be alone for a while. (Don’t worry Kris, when u’re home I’ll still give you a nice big hug and kiss!)

On the bright side, at least I’m cognizant that I ALWAYS want what’s on the other side, because I can now remember to appreciate what I have at the current moment!!

Right here and now, I must remember to enjoy the time alone! Clicking and clacking on this beautiful keyboard of mine! drinking from my nice fat glass cup! and chowing down on my day old salad and pepperoni pie!

Ahhhh the joys of being home alone!

This will be Day 191’s PROJECT GRATEFUL ENTRY! – Enjoying time at home alone!