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The Human Things

Sometimes, I look back to a couple of years ago and marvel at how far NS1 has grown. Even before Kris had co-founders, he told me he had a project he was working on. A project that started out with his fine tip pilot pen and his black moleskin notebook. Without lines, because apparently he cannot use notebooks with lines.

A couple of months and many hours of tinkering later, 2 co-founders were found and they all began working on my couch, alternating between each others couches really.

2 years and a little more, they now have XX employees and are growing really rapidly.

I admire the tenacity and intelligence of my husband. It is not easy to start and grow a business. 

However, I am also exasperated sometimes. Like now, I’m trying to study for my midterm tomorrow and he’s asking me 100000000 questions. Where is the brush, where did you keep the humidifier, are you sure the fan can be dismantled, can I take out the scones now? Where is the butter. Oh. My. God. 

Sometimes, I feel that he needs me — just to do the human things. 

Life’s Lessons

The past week was of great challenge. Hands down one of the top 5 hardest things I had to do in my life.

As with a lot of things in life, I have no control over how things pan out. But I do have control over how I can move on henceforth. I’m going to write it off as one of life’s hard lessons and try to remember the silver lining in every storm cloud. The harder the lesson, the more you learn from it.

I’m grateful for all the tremendous love shown around me and my husband, the kind, loving and gentle rock I have in my life.

Upward and Onwards!

Love is giving up the last cookie!

This morning, I had a slightly deep conversation with my sister Iris, who by the way is the best sister one could ever have!

We were talking about relationships and I described my relationship with Kris, in a way that I felt worthy to pen down and remember when the need calls for it.

Here it goes….

“His love for me is empowering instead of suffocating. Instead of overpowering me with love and protection, his love gives me courage to be better and braver. I feel that in a way, he inspires me to be a better version of myself.”

Never underestimate the power of love, no really. Friends from back home have been remarking about how much happier and at peace with myself I seem after moving here. I don’t think its just NYC per se, though I think for all the faults that it has, its a pretty dope place to be in. An American once told me, “Being in NYC gives you street creed with the rest of America.” Interestingly enough, just two hours ago, another American told me the same thing. Not in the same words, but same  exact sentiments. I never understood what it meant before, but now I do. I digress.

My formula for being happy is simple, I re-evaluate my life from time to time. If I feel like I’m happy, I maintain status quo. If I’m not, then I make a change. Its really as simple as that. Do the things you love! Also, find someone you who loves  and respect you for who you are**, then attempt to love him back twice as much.

**Someone who loves you for who you are and not for the digits in your bank account, not for how you look/dress, not for what title you have have in your career, but truly love you for YOU. Someone who loves you for your bad jokes, who loves you without the makeup and fancy clothes, someone who loves you even when you feel completely unlovable!

Happy 2nd Anniversary my Love

Dearest Kris

It has been 730 days since we said, I do.

I have loved you more and more every day for the past 2 years and I expect that I will continue to do so exponentially as we share the rest of our lives together.

You have been the rock in our relationship, steady, dependable, unconditionally loving and cherishing me every single day. Thank you! For loving me at my best and loving me more at my worse. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. Going to bed with you beside me and waking up every morning beside you completes my day.

You have accomplished so much this year and I want to let you know that I am extremely proud of you. I will continue to support you as best as I can, in your quest to awesomeness!

Happy Anniversary my love!



Staycation in Maryland

We’re currently at Maryland where Kris is attending and speaking at a conference. I remember him telling me that, he doesn’t really like travelling for work. I now see why. He attends the conference from morning (9am) till around 7pm or 10pm , then continues to come back to work till 2am. He’s a work a bot. I’m sure it helps that he loves his job but he is really one of the most focused and hardworking person I know. Thanks for working so hard to support us BOTMAN!

(related) *ahem ahem* Just Sayin!

Meanwhile, I’m having a ‘staycation’ or perhaps ‘studycation’.


Our lovely Room.


Grandiose Hotel Lobby


Maryland crabcakes. So GOOD!


I brought school work!


 Swim Swam Swum

Oh! I coerced him for dinner last night too. Wham! Bam! 40minutes and we were done.  Then he went back to the room to work on his slides, for his presentation at 11am, this morning. Business is really kicking in for him, so he has 194034432 gazillion things to do at any given time. We were sick last 1.5 weeks too, hence a backlog in his TO-DO list, so I think he was a little stressed trying to finish this presentation last night. At 2am, there was a resigned, “okay this will do look”.  But as his mummy says, ‘he will be fine, he always finds a way to pull through and make it work well’. MY MIL is really awesome in being his Number 1 cheer leader for him! I know they said the wife is supposed to assume that role, but hello! She has a 31 year head-start in witnessing his achievements all these years. Plus she doesn’t live with him anymore and I’m the one that has to put up with stress related side effects!

Muahahaha. I digress, she’s really a good mother. Always positive, encouraging and willing to listen to him at all hours of the day, even when she has had a long hard day at work and hasn’t eaten dinner. Whenever he calls back, she will rather talk to him than eat her dinner.

I digress again!

Here’s a picture of HAPPY US post dinner!

National Wheel

(Crappy Iphone pic, bad lightning and random unskilled but very kind photographer!)

Appreciating the little things!



As with any married couple, Kris and I have disagreements. It ranges from minor squabbles to full blown “I’m going to box your ears right now” disagreements. Marriage is no piece of cake, the coming together of two (sometimes) completely different and ‘oh-so-stubborn’ individuals is challenging at best. BUT!!! There are days when you cozy into each others arms after a long day, receive kisses on your forehead after a bad day and bask in the quiet comfort of knowing that is always someone to go home to. There are days where joy is doubled and sorrow is halved.


Today I was feeling particularly irritable (and I must admit for no good reason), possibly due to the 4 massive load of laundry I had left sitting in the baskets. I blame summer for the compelling need to change clothes every couple of hours! Coupled with our my new exercise regime, I seem to be doing laundry ALL THE TIME! The sweetie pie hubby, knew that I was feeling grumpy, (quite obvious given the grey clouds storming above my head), decided to come with me to the laundry room to help me load the clothes before proceeding to work.


It might be a tiny gesture of love to most, but it reminded me again of why I married this lovely man! He’s not good with grand gestures, but in his quiet demeanor he notices little things similar to the above, doesn’t judge me, never ever tells me, “OH STOP WHINNING”, but instead goes out of his way to love me, showers me with unconditional hugs and mostly loves me exactly the way I need to be loved.