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Learning and relearning







I’ve recently taken a keener interest in practicing my Mandarin. I think verbally wise, I am pretty alright; however, my reading and writing skills have taken such a dip that I barely can recognize the 10,000/50000 Chinese characters in the Chinese script. Hence I have decided to join a Chinese group to practice my Mandarin and attempt to read and write occasionally. Wish me luck.


Useful websites for me to relearn Chinese




I find learning extremely fun. Right now I am still involved in my Grammar course from the New School because my lecturer has kindly offered to give us extra classes even though the Spring semester has long gone.

I need to start reading up on statistics for the behavioral sciences, which scares me a little because I hate stats and have always found a  away to escape them. But, I think its about time to meet the challenge head on. Honestly, what better way than to take a graduate course on stats!!  :/