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Bye Bye Stats!

Today’s stats test was a KILLER! Ordinarily I would have cried/moped/been really upset at such an end to the semester. I think at least 2 classmates left the exams teary eyed. Yes it was that hard.

But the fact that everyone left green faced, lets me safely assume that she would most definitely have to moderate the exam somehow. 3 hours 40 minutes and some people just couldn’t finish the 70 questions.

I feel a little bummed but thats life. Bottom line, I tried my very very best and its all that I have to give. So despite the really shitty finals. I feel good to have made a good run on this course. I came in with zero background and left with a good deal of knowledge. I did well for most of the other segments, so it ain’t all that bad. As with all things, I don’t have complete understanding of everything but its alright. The only I can do is to try my personal best. Doesn’t matter if other people get everything right or everything wrong, what matters is I do my personal best!

For 80% of the module, I did manage to make it a 90% overall, so lets just hope the 20% from the finals don’t bring me down too much.

Now to keep all my stats notes and prepare for Learning theories next Monday!