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The mass exodus out of Manhattan

So, besides 3 friends leaving the city this month. Even my neighbor left this today. Out of the 7 units in this floor, every single one has left except us. They were very good neighbors, quiet and respectful. They have been living in JC for 2 weeks and apparently love it there, quiet, huge, brand new space and much cheaper than what they would have gotten in Manhattan.

Kris loves his 4 minute commute on foot tho, and I love in the city too, to be honest. My yoga studio, never ending list of restaurants, museums, walks along the hudson. We shall see, going to NJ and having a car and stuff seems fun too, we could explore the outdoors in the weekends and such. But walking and exploring the city is one of my fave pastimes and I hate to have to leave that behind. I don’t think NJ is quite as pedestrian friendly, driving everywhere seems a huge hassle. Anyhow, we have 12 more months (again!) before we have to decide.

Ahhhh. Life. So many dreams, so little cash.



Why would anyone want to leave this? Silly goats!


Mindful Living.

I’ve tried to change my life a little recently, a little bit of yoga, meditation, making little switches over to environmental household products, bath products and organic skin products. The use of essential oils and yoga has made me so much more at peace.

At the risk of sounding like a whack job, I think the latter has  CHANGED my life!

I now take time to love my body a little everyday. A stretch or two, a whiff here and here, slowing down more often and being more aware of my breathing. It’s amazing how little changes can make my life so much happier. Today after yoga and during the shower, I suddenly feel this burst of gratitude for all the good in my life. (I know it sounds silly) But I was just happy and at peace with myself, perhaps it was the warm water, perhaps it was the exercise, perhaps it was the lavender oils or just the combination of everything! Life has been really good to me and I’m immensely grateful for everything. Moving here was hard before, but Kris has been the most amazing husband you can wish for, my new extended family has showered me with so much love and I’ve also met some really nice people here in NYC.

So with this new invigorated energy, I’m ready to end the year with lots of festivities and start the new year with renewed hope and positivity!


My yoga studio uses this bamboo chairs that are not only eco friendly but so pretty and surprisingly comfortable. I took this photo this morning before yoga class. Aren’t they cute?



Remember the good

Ever so often, I get stuck in the little mundanities of life, go on auto pilot mode and forget to savor my life one little bit at a time. It’s also times like this that I get a little angsty and wish things will just hurry up to the good part.

This morning tho, as I took my time to lie in bed a little longer and look out of the window. I realized that I am exactly where I want to be, 10 years ago. In fact, I am where I had wanted to be and then some.

The most important of them all, is that I am loved unconditionally, in all the little gestures, that I’ve come to forget existed because they have become so routine. I guess its important to take a step back from time to time and count those little blessings, abundantly scattered in our ‘mundanities’ of life.

In the stillness of the night

Its 11.11pm on a Monday night as I begun typing this post.

The house is awfully quiet. Kris is not talking on the phone, pounding on the computer or watching mindless TV. He’s a sick puppy, recovering from a cold. I think it’s from too much working. Between meds and food, I literally forced him to sleep, sleep and sleep. While I appreciate how hard he’s working for the family, its a personal belief that there needs to be balance in life. You need to rest well, eat well and exercise regularly to perform at your personal best. So the silver lining to his cold, is that he is FORCED to rest.

I like taking care of him. When he’s sick,  he’s no longer the booming deep voiced CEO with a zillion tasks,  he’s my adorable little patient that I fuss/potter with great love!

Get well soon hubbabot! I love you.

I do like the silence tho, I dislike the sound of TV. Its so much easier to read and think when there is silence. That’s why I like late nights and early mornings the most, I feel like my mind is cleansed and refreshed from the silence.

Maybe its time to move to Alaska, or maybe not. I don’t think I can go any more North of NYC, too cold during winters.

Spring, please come with a vengeance already!

School has been fun. Life has been good.

I foresee more activities in the coming months!


T texted me the other day to arrange for a SKYPE date. She’s a big sweetie pie, I meet her in NIE 7+ years ago when we were both teacher trainees. We had the same crazy humor, laughed about silly things and became firm friends even after we left to teach in opposite ends of Singapore.

I moved to NYC a while back but she never fails to remember to arrange for a SKYPE date when the school holiday rolls around, much like when in Singapore when we would arrange for tea/lunch during holidays. She’s crazy busy with school, various family commitments and her german classes but I know I still hold a special place in her heart, which I am immensely grateful for. She went to Germany and even bought me a souvenir and air mailed it all the way to NYC, I suspect that it was due to all those long conversations about visiting Germany together some 7+ years ago. Good memories. I miss her.

I appreciate people like that, people who actually mean something to you in your life, no matter how far you’re physically apart. I must remember to take more time to treasure this connection.

Life has indeed changed to much. I wish for happiness and contentment for my friends.



Following the herd

Was having a semi serious conversation with the husband that went along these lines.

Him: Care less about what others think. You don’t have to justify your actions to anyone, the most important thing is to be happy doing what you want in life.

Me: *ponders* That’s true, does that mean I need to care less about what you want?

Him: Nope! Except me, you should definitely care about what I think.

That’s my new random goal of 2015. I need to care a little less about what others think and do the things that I find pleasurable with my life. I refuse to be apologetic for being lucky/privileged!

I’m sitting beside the window of my apartment watching the sunset and attempting to write a research proposal and the hubby is at the sofa working. Life has been really good to us. I wouldn’t wish for it to be another way.

Happy Saturday everyone! I need to go bang out some lines before meeting some friends for dinner!

Make everyday count! Before you know it, you’ll be old and wishing you followed your heart instead of letting familial/societal norms dictate what you should do with your life!