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The Human Things

Sometimes, I look back to a couple of years ago and marvel at how far NS1 has grown. Even before Kris had co-founders, he told me he had a project he was working on. A project that started out with his fine tip pilot pen and his black moleskin notebook. Without lines, because apparently he cannot use notebooks with lines.

A couple of months and many hours of tinkering later, 2 co-founders were found and they all began working on my couch, alternating between each others couches really.

2 years and a little more, they now have XX employees and are growing really rapidly.

I admire the tenacity and intelligence of my husband. It is not easy to start and grow a business. 

However, I am also exasperated sometimes. Like now, I’m trying to study for my midterm tomorrow and he’s asking me 100000000 questions. Where is the brush, where did you keep the humidifier, are you sure the fan can be dismantled, can I take out the scones now? Where is the butter. Oh. My. God. 

Sometimes, I feel that he needs me — just to do the human things. 

Love is giving up the last cookie!

This morning, I had a slightly deep conversation with my sister Iris, who by the way is the best sister one could ever have!

We were talking about relationships and I described my relationship with Kris, in a way that I felt worthy to pen down and remember when the need calls for it.

Here it goes….

“His love for me is empowering instead of suffocating. Instead of overpowering me with love and protection, his love gives me courage to be better and braver. I feel that in a way, he inspires me to be a better version of myself.”

Never underestimate the power of love, no really. Friends from back home have been remarking about how much happier and at peace with myself I seem after moving here. I don’t think its just NYC per se, though I think for all the faults that it has, its a pretty dope place to be in. An American once told me, “Being in NYC gives you street creed with the rest of America.” Interestingly enough, just two hours ago, another American told me the same thing. Not in the same words, but same  exact sentiments. I never understood what it meant before, but now I do. I digress.

My formula for being happy is simple, I re-evaluate my life from time to time. If I feel like I’m happy, I maintain status quo. If I’m not, then I make a change. Its really as simple as that. Do the things you love! Also, find someone you who loves  and respect you for who you are**, then attempt to love him back twice as much.

**Someone who loves you for who you are and not for the digits in your bank account, not for how you look/dress, not for what title you have have in your career, but truly love you for YOU. Someone who loves you for your bad jokes, who loves you without the makeup and fancy clothes, someone who loves you even when you feel completely unlovable!

My Funny Bunny Husband

Was lying in bed looking at on my Iphone and the husband peers into my screen and remarks.

Him: Why do all the models look so angry and sullen?

Me: Huh?

Him: Oh, I think its because they really want to eat a hamburger but cannot.

Me: Hahahahahahaaa

In the stillness of the night

Its 11.11pm on a Monday night as I begun typing this post.

The house is awfully quiet. Kris is not talking on the phone, pounding on the computer or watching mindless TV. He’s a sick puppy, recovering from a cold. I think it’s from too much working. Between meds and food, I literally forced him to sleep, sleep and sleep. While I appreciate how hard he’s working for the family, its a personal belief that there needs to be balance in life. You need to rest well, eat well and exercise regularly to perform at your personal best. So the silver lining to his cold, is that he is FORCED to rest.

I like taking care of him. When he’s sick,  he’s no longer the booming deep voiced CEO with a zillion tasks,  he’s my adorable little patient that I fuss/potter with great love!

Get well soon hubbabot! I love you.

I do like the silence tho, I dislike the sound of TV. Its so much easier to read and think when there is silence. That’s why I like late nights and early mornings the most, I feel like my mind is cleansed and refreshed from the silence.

Maybe its time to move to Alaska, or maybe not. I don’t think I can go any more North of NYC, too cold during winters.

Spring, please come with a vengeance already!

School has been fun. Life has been good.

I foresee more activities in the coming months!

Happy 2nd Anniversary my Love

Dearest Kris

It has been 730 days since we said, I do.

I have loved you more and more every day for the past 2 years and I expect that I will continue to do so exponentially as we share the rest of our lives together.

You have been the rock in our relationship, steady, dependable, unconditionally loving and cherishing me every single day. Thank you! For loving me at my best and loving me more at my worse. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. Going to bed with you beside me and waking up every morning beside you completes my day.

You have accomplished so much this year and I want to let you know that I am extremely proud of you. I will continue to support you as best as I can, in your quest to awesomeness!

Happy Anniversary my love!




A recent spate of events reminded me of how sometimes, I become my very own worse critic.

I treat people with respect, patience and kindness but sometimes I forget that it is equally, if not more important to treat myself with patience and kindness.

So today, I will dust off the wounds and accept that it is okay to fail from time to time.

The more important lesson is, how can I learn from this mistake and be a better Charlene tomorrow.

On a side note, the hubby is making huge inroads in his (new) business. I put new in parentheses because I’m not sure if 1.5 years is still classified as new. Intelligence, persistence, diligence and courage are some of the values that he has exemplified over the last 2 years and I couldn’t be more proud of him! I seldom use the word deserved, because I find it somewhat entitled but I’m going to make the exception and say that he deserves all the success he’s going to get from this business, because of the crazy ass amount of work that he has put into it!

My smart little puppy! *pats pats*