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Project Grateful 365: Grateful for Generous friends

Day 81

2 friends came to visit my ball of cuteness and bought him the cutest bedding set for Chinese New Year! (*pics tomorrow!)

That adorable bub is one lucky kid, not for being showered with gifts, but for being showered with love.

Everyone that sees him, seems to love him because he’s so cute.

Twas slightly cranky at the end of the day, but was still cute in YIYI’s eyes!

Project Grateful 365: Day 78 and 79

24th and 25th January 2013

On the 24th, I’m glad I got time to spend with my closest gfs from NUS! I didn’t take any pictures because we meet up at a house (incomplete group) before we went to one of their grandma’s wake where it was full attendance. (Its highly inappropriate to take photos at a wake in Singapore)

Except of the loss, everyone was in a good place, happy and healthy and so, I am grateful that all the people I love are happy. Wakes remind me of the temporal nature of life and how one must remember to treasure the days you’re alive to be happy and also to be to be a source of joy to others when you’re alive.


Kris and myself also cheered up someone special with some flowers, so it was a happy day! I now know why its better to give than receive! Spreading JOY is FUN!

On the 25th, I met with my bestest friends from secondary school. It was a play date for two babies, iceicebaby and Jojo’s little nat nat!


Guilty indulgence


“caught in the act”


Little female angelic face


Us three!


“Caught in the act II”

And then, in the afternoon it was Ice Ice Baby’s Day out. Did I tell you that I feel super grateful because I have very little time in Singapore and two people on Friday took leave to spend time with me? (And Ice, I alone might not have commanded that authority, but that ball of cuteness surely can)

I love him so much, he’s like a ball of cuteness!


Call Seat


Stop the music please, nap time for me! (I love his cool pose) Hands on the hips YO!


5 months 3 weeks and SOOOOO ready to eat


Yiyi are you camwhoring again? STOP time to go out!


I’m such a big boy now




Oh Hiiiiiiii


My little acrobat touching his toes


Happy to see his YIYI


Happy to see his YIYI 2


Oh Hiiiii (II)


Poor me face




How cute! He’s kiss me back. More like trying to lick me!


My precious precious nephew

I am a PANK!

Professional Aunty No Kids.

As for those who have been asking me when is my turn continuously. COPULATION is a private affair. Please have some sense of space thank you very much. I think in this sense, Americans have way more tact compared to Singaporeans and virtually nobody in America has asked, “when’s your turn?’

Possibly because 

A) They are intelligent enough to know that if I wanted kids NOW, I would be making babies at home instead of wasting my time having a conversation with you. I say waste because you’re asking me a very private question, which you shouldn’t be asking.

B) It really is a private affair! Americans are less nosey, actually more like less obviously nosey. 😛 Asians are really IN YOUR FACE. I’m guilty of that too, need to slowly change! I have asked people people about kids, but I have since stopped because with my new status, I have developed empathy for them. Apologies to the rest I asked before I reached this stage of realization!

C) I mean what happens IF (and I STRESS IF) we had been trying and just cannot have one. I mean how painful will it be for a couple to be reminded CONSTANTLY that they unable to have a kid?

D) Stop being Singaporean and constantly having to chase for a certificate! University certificate, Marriage Certificate, Certificate of Entitlement (Cars), Certificate of Home(title deed for property) and Birth Certificate… blah blah. I mean enjoy your LIFE NOW, stop chasing for stuff constantly!

Sorry to end off with a rant, but its important to me


Going to play with little bub now! Wheeeeeee

Welcome to the world Isaiah boy!


This little darling was born into the world on 6th August 2012!

Little baby Isaiah. I feel like a super proud Aunty showing him off to the world.

He’s a little wee thing, weighing at 2.38kg. However he packs a punch when he wails for you to cuddle him or change his poop. He’s quite feisty that way 😛

There’s something about cuddling a newborn/baby that feels so surreal. Its like one minute he’s in this huge tummy, and the other minute he’s this tiny little cutie waiting to be cuddled and kissed. He really likes to be cuddled! I put him down into his cot and he decided to whine and cry very cutely because he preferred to be nestled against my chest and cuddled by me. I know all parenting books tell you about not picking up a baby the moment he cries, but  I couldn’t resist! Besides, I’m playing the aunty card here!

Little Isaiah! Aunty Char Char loves you very much already! I cannot wait to bring you to America to visit me and show you all the cool things there! (Not that I am in America now :/ but eventually I will! 🙂

PS: One of the first few things kris said about the baby today was, “I’m going to teach him how to SAIL!”. Hmmmmm, I’m not sure his mummy and daddy would really feel comfortable with that Kris!