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Little Isaiah teaches his mommy a lesson

My little nephew has a similar trait to me, he loves organizing and its something that you can see early in his life. For example, he would put all his Mr Men books according to color in his box and he would keep his match box cars in a designated plastic box which I specifically gave him together with the cars.

So last night my sister related this story to me. When she came home, my sister’s helper told Isaiah, look at all those books on the ground. Are you Mr Messy? Isaiah IMMEDIATELY stood up clear up his mess. (Which is a miracle, because which 2 year old eagerly picks up after himself?) He left one on the floor and when my sister saw it, out of jest, told him “You’re Mr Messy!”. Isaiah then proceeded to burst out in distressed tears and was visibly very upset!

My sister was shocked that his reaction was so extreme and hugged and kissed him to calm him down. She told him he was Mr Neat  (haha!) and he calmed down after a while.

Later on that night, my sister had a talk with him and asked him why he was so upset, he told my sister, “Don’t say Isaiah is messy, say the floor is messy.”

WOAHHHHH!!!! Did that really come out from a 28 month old kid? He’s not even 2 and a half.

Its very interesting because in educational theories class, we are taught that one should not assign the child the negative trait but differentiate between the negative action and the child’s personality. It is just mind-blowing that a child, that young can tell you. HEY DONT SAY I”M MESSY, SAY THAT THE FLOOR IS MESSY.

Adorable little munchkin. Parenting is not easy, every child is different and this little boy is clearly very intuitive and sensitive to emotions. When you tell him you’re sad, he immediately comes to hug and kiss you and that trait was shown very early on in his life.

I miss that little bulb!


This made me laugh today :)

“When I didn’t give some of my food to him, he threw his head backwards like a drama queen and refused to eat”

My sister, describing to me what my nephew did when he didn’t get a piece of food from the adults table.

Oh our little snugglebuns is getting so naughty! But also getting cuter and cuter every day! How is this possible! #Whatsorceryisthis!!!

IMG_7178 IMG_7238 IMG_7333 IMG_7335 IMG_7348

Little Ice and his MI MI MI phrase.

While my darling nephew was here, he was in this ‘I only want mummy phrase’. Especially when he was tired or cranky HE ONLY WANTS MUMMY! Which I’m sure is very flattering and oh so very very tiring for his mummy.

Its also cute to watch that when his mummy engages in a conversation with you, he’ll start to go “errr errrr, ahhh ahhh” to indicate that, “HEY MUMMY! YOUR ATTENTION NEEDS TO BE REFOCUSED BACK TO ME!”

I noticed that when his daddy comes over to pat his mummy’s head or share an intimate moment, he’ll try and weasel his way between them and announce his existence without much inhabitation. More like a full fledged shriiiiiiieeeeek actually.

So today I was only slightly amused when his mum sent me a text saying that she kissed and hugged his bear bear and it prompted him to snatch the bear away and throw it on the floor.


Said Bedtime bear


Oh my little darling you have so much to learn about curbing jealousy and sharing.


Other times though, he has no problems giving away affectionate kisses, ‘sharing’ his pacifier, sharing his food. He’s like little Mr Sharity elephant.

You know that little Mascot we were introduced to in primary school?,  to teach us how to share.

Sharity elephant

Project Grateful 157: Exploring the Lower East Side (LES) in Manhattan

April 28th 2013

A fun day trotting around LES

One of our favorite things to do in the city is to walk around the city and explore new ethnic  neighborhoods/places. My friend Erin who has been around the city for some time often has good things to say about the LES area so today I decided that I’m taking Kris for an excursion to that part of town.



The sign that says it all!

My favorite streets are Essex, Rivington, Broome, Ludow.


Random wall Graffiti that had a baby with a pacifier that reminded me of my little cute one in Singapore.


Pretty blooms!

We also walked pass Economy Candy which is by the way a legendary candy store! It was opened since 1937 thats a heck of a long time. Anyways the candy store is filled to the brim and I’m proud to announce that we both walked out WITHOUT buying a single thing!

On the way back I was in a slightly silly mood and did this.


Then my husband said, ‘I have the world’s craziest wife.’

*stabs chest repeatedly*

*makes poor me face*

Project Grateful 365: Day 151, 152, 153


April 22 (Day 152)

We’re married for 2 whole months, surely something to be grateful about really! 😛 We also did a trip up north and here are some  beautiful country side views!

IMG_3547 IMG_3567 IMG_3569


April 23 (Day 153)

Today I’m very glad for the 4 day 3 night ‘staycation’ at my mother in law’s. She’s a great pamperer and so whenever we visit we get fussed and pampered. Coupled with the relaxing surroundings, it was quite a vacation. She’s also quite healthy conscious so we get healthy food! However, she also gets chocolate and potato chips and bagels cause she knows we like it! We also had apple sauce cake from scratch, pizzas and baked fish with gourmet fingerling potatoes. YUM YUM YUM!



My fish, beans and gourmet fingerling potatoes!



Home made pizza




Just to be clear. This is NOT my mother in law’s birthday cake.  (Inside joke)

April 24 (Day 154)

When Kris walked out of the door today, he said, ‘Goodbye, I’m going to enslave myself to corporate America.’ From time to time, he says funny things like this and makes me laugh. He’s actually quite funny in his own silly way. When he left he also said, have a nice relaxing day! What a sweet hubby! 🙂

On a side note, it has been 80 days since I’ve officially migrated here. Time flies! From time to time my heart aches a little from missing my super adorable nephew, family and friends but most of the time, I’m happy and content. 80 days seems so short and yet so long.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.29.30 PM


The other day I caught myself referring to New York as home, I guess that means I have settled in pretty well.

Project Grateful 365: Grateful for being loved by my nephew!

 Day 137

1st April 2013

I know that it is mean to build your happiness upon someone’s sadness  but it is a minor little thing and made me very happy.

Isaiah’s mummy was trying to skype me today.

She told Isaiah: “Isaiah, lets Skype Yiyi okay?”.

Apparently he was so excited and he kept jumping and trying to grab the Ipad.

However he was unable to get to me, because (DOH!) my phone was on silent.

So my eldest sister decided to call Isaiah on Skype with her cell. When he saw that it wasn’t me on Skype, he started to make his trademark ‘neow neow’ noises and wasn’t impressed by what he saw.

He didn’t smile when he realized that it wasn’t me and turned away from the iPad!

So henceforth I am now known as the IPAD YIYI!

Its very interesting to note that little babies understand the whole meaning to technology and anticipates a certain person to appear in the screen. I suspect that they are a lot smarter than they look, they just need a audible mechanism by which they can communicate their needs and wants. Wouldn’t it be awesome if one day, we could invent a device to tap into the brains of those little tots and determine for sure what they are thinking?

Here’s a picture of his royal cutie pie!


Partying inside his sarong


I love to eat my pacifier the wrong way!


My yummy thumb!


He recently discovered he can do many cute expression with his lips so he has been modeling his poses.