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Hilarity ensues in the Beevers Household


Just the other day, We were walking along the streets at Times Square when a dude came up to us and said.
Him: Do you guys like to laugh?
Kris: I hate comedy.
Him: Oh where are you from New Jersey? Hoboken? Bergen?
Me: Wahahahahahahaaaa
And today!
I was giving him a big bear hug before he left the house and….
Me: Wow your stomach is so hard!
Him: * looks smug about his ‘muscles’ *
Me: Oh wait a minute, I’m not implying its harden muscles. I meant beer encrusted hard big belly!
Him: Beer encrusted??
Me: What I mean is, you drink so much beer, that your belly is big and rock hard! Muahahahahahaaa. From now on, I’m going to call it your beer encrusted belly! BEB!!!!
Him: -_-