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Project Grateful 365 (Day 184, 185, 186) – Beluga Love

(Day 184) I HEART BELUGAS!!!!

I love love BELUGAS! They are like underwater teddy bears. All cute and soft and squishy!!!!!!! I was really chuffed to be able to go to the Georgia Aquarium to see my favourite whale! Belugas are usually cottony white and super friendly! They are commonly found in the arctic and sometimes subarctic regions. They also have 50% body fat, so they are quite the little chubbers!

beluga 2 beluga1


(Day 186) Grateful for being a ‘follow-bot’

I got to follow Kris to his business trip and I remember thinking before (way backkkkkkkk when I was younger, how good housewives/tai-tai’s get it!) I got to wallow in the nice comfy hotel bed, not have to clean/dust/cook or do any form of housework, besides packing for the trip and unpacking for the trip, watch some TV as a special treat and explore a new city. Its like a trip on my own but with company in the evenings and hugs to sleep. How awesome is that??


(Day 187) Grateful for being happy with simple things! 

Today I cleaned everything! I even washed the floor rugs and all!, went for a nice walk, played with little Charlie bear, made dinner, bought some groceries, signed up to be a team leader for New York Cares and even managed a combo blog entry! I feel accomplished! Best part? Its only 7pm! The night is still young!!!!

I like busy/relaxed days. Meaning I did a lot but didn’t feel rushed! Everything was done at my leisure and I have a nice time doing everything! So today I’m grateful for being happy when doing chores and living a simple life! Somedays I get annoyed being a housewife but today I treasure being one! So I must remember to be grateful for that!




Project Grateful 365 (Day 173): Grateful for a life with no deadlines!

No matter how much one loves their job, there are some days (especially mornings) where you go, ‘Meh Meh, I don’t want to go to work.’ It was one of those days where the hubby-bot felt like that. Poor lil botty-man, but he’s resilient so he’ll forget that ‘meh-meh’ feelings once he reaches the office and is bombarded by all the work!

Suddenly I remembered what a friend said, ‘Being a housewife is a privilege.’ I have no deadlines to meet, no stress, no targets to hit. All My husband is so easy going and has such a high tolerance for dirt that even if I dont clean for a month, he’ll probably not notice! HAH! Too bad I don’t have the same threshold!

I can wear the most comfy clothes (holes and all) to do my job and nobody is to judge me! I can sleep in and do my chores whenever I feel like it and there’s nobody to say, ‘Come in at 9am!’

Errands, tasks and a mish-mash of appointments are best done in the day because there are less people on the streets. I’m going to do laundry later at a semi empty laundry room, I’ve tried doing it at weekends and its MASS CHAOS! Its nice to have a stress free life, with no deadlines.

Cooking/Baking is my favourite part of being a housewife! I don’t think I cook all that well, but I think my repertoire of skills have being ‘upgraded’ in the span of a few months! I love putting a nice warm meal for the both of us and watch him stuff his hungry face!


Cod fish marinated with herbs on a bed of pilaf rice, yellow peppers and beans

For the first time in years and years, I noticed the other day that I have NO eye bags! Nothing at all. 😀

So today I must be grateful and happy of my stress free life and be thankful to my wonderful husband!

Project Grateful 365 (Day 163) OH HAPPY DAYS!

Today I woke up at 1030am, I didn’t make my husband any breakfast. Instead I got a kiss before he left for work and happily napped till I was fully satisfied! OH HAPPY DAYS! (On a side note, I need to stop my addiction of ‘The Good Wife’, I always watch it till like 2am. While the hubby types away furiously on his laptop doing geeky things. I looked over last night and as usual it was a black screen with funny blue and green words/symbols. I think he’s a hacker. Oh at least that’s what the movies make it look like! 😛

After which I vacuumed the entire house, did three loads of laundry, brought my winter coats to the laundromat, made a yummy lunch for myself, wrote yesterday (and today’s) blog entry and is sitting here by the window mighty pleased with myself because its only 1.45pm!


My favourite spot by the window


Vegetarian dumplings and Pork Dumplings



2 wool coats dry cleaned for 39 bucks. Not sure if its expensive for NYC standards. I think its pretty decent.

Project Grateful 365 Day 142: Today I’m grateful for a non turbulent life

My life is very peaceful right now. No drama of any sort, no unhappiness, no worries.

So today I’m grateful for that, for being able to do the things that I want to everyday. Fulfill my own needs and ‘take care’ of my husband. Kris doesn’t require much, feed him, wash his clothes, tidy the house and listen to his rambling. He likes peace and quiet so he requires a few hours each day, be by himself and do his own thing.

Project Grateful 365: Grateful for an accomplished Friday!

I had a nice walk with E and Charlie Bear today, and oh boy that little bear has grown so big and cute. All that  waving excitedly, (sometimes with both hands too), lovely adorable cackling smiles and happy little-baby-trying-to-talk noises. He’s such a delicious little muffin!

He loves to wave, smiled (almost) non stop at me for 4 miles and kept making all these cute lil noises. There is something about him that makes me feel so happy every time I spend time with him. He’s just so happy, peaceful and calm. He’s no longer a baby but a (really adorable) bubbling little toddler.

I think he’s so happy all the time because his parents are so much in love with each other and lovely him so dearly. They have such a happy and loving little family, that I think Charlie GLOWS with that love.  He’s so trusting with his huge baby eyes and so happy to be bouncing and dishing out smiles to everyone! E is the kind of mother (very hands on, protective but not overly) I want to be, when I have a child myself. She’s so chill and relaxed with him, adores him completely but yet doesn’t stifle him by being too afraid to let him just be a kid.

Oh I’m also happy today for my successful bread making.


My little bread rolls


Spinach and ricotta cheese rolls that BURST!


My version of a calzone (With Pepperoni and Mozzarella inside!)

IMG_3041Alsoooooo my tulips bloomed today too.


Project Grateful 365: Grateful for Affirmations

March 28th

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the 5 languages of love by Gary Chapman.

Words of Affirmation

Acts of Service

Receiving gifts

Quality time

Physical touch

I’m high on words of affirmation, so today I’m grateful that Kris tells me everyday that he loves me. Most days he also tells me how grateful he is: that I’m staying home, taking care of the house, cooking meals and doing whatever I do so (mostly fun things really, hee) that he can focus solely on work. I’m very lucky that he’s always very appreciative and doesn’t take me for granted. I think its very important in any relationship to affirm one another and not just assume that that person knows you’re grateful. I mean everybody likes to be praised and told thank you for their efforts! So remember to affirm your family members today!

Although one must note that, when a yummy breakfast of his choosing has been cooked there is a heightened excitement in his, ‘OH WOW, I LOVE MY WIFE, THAT LOOKS SO YUMMY.’


(FYI, looks so yummy refers to pancakes/omelettes, not the wife :P)