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Been meaning to do a resolution list of all sorts but I haven’t gotten the inspiration for it. Briefly thought about a laundry list of the things to be grateful for in 2013 but haven’t gotten around to that either.

Today marks the 1st day of the Lunar Calendar and it heralds the beginning of the Lunar New Year.

I have one goal in this Horsey Year.

I need room for more Love. More Self love, more love for my wonderful husband, my families, friends and people around me.

I want to work on ‘Self Love’, because the happier and more content I am with myself and my life, the more ‘Love’ I can give to those around me.

So this year, I will be less hard on myself, take more time to enjoy everything I’m blessed with and not feel guilty for the lack of conformity to societal’s standards. I will be lazy some days and it will be okay. I will drive myself up the wall somedays and it will be okay. I will dream up dreams and they will crash and burn, but it will be okay.

It will be okay because everything I want and have is in my heart, mind and soul. I just need to reach in (sometimes with a little more effort than the other times) and grab it!



So here’s wishing everyone I love: ‘MORE love: romantic blissful love, deliriously happy induced love and just plain good old happy love!’

恭禧發財, 马年大吉, 心想事成


DIY Project – That little brown bag

The top strap on my little shoulder bag fell off and while I could still carry it with no problems, the 4 jarring holes was eating into my soul.

A jolt of inspiration today made me cover it up with a recycled hair pin and some left over lace from a gift wrapping.

So here you go, my very own old-new handmade bag decoration!

For someone who does not regard herself as artsy, this is pretty nice I think!

I also don’t think I write very well but recently a friend has told me that she enjoys reading my blog because I’m a very engaging writer. I think I have so much room for improvement but its nice to hear nonetheless! Makes me want to write more and write better!




The grass is always more turquoise over at the other bank.

When I first got here, I was home alone a lot and didn’t have much friends so I looked forward to Kris coming home every night for dinner. I would make us a nice dinner, have everything at the correct temperature and just be waiting for that door knob to turn.

Now he’s working at home and when I come back from an excursion with my friends. He’s always around! So today after a nice long 2 hour walk with some pals along the Hudson, I arrived home to an empty house! I was so delighted! I pottered around made some lunch and saw down by the window writing this blog entry.

Sometimes just sometimes, its nice to be alone for a while. (Don’t worry Kris, when u’re home I’ll still give you a nice big hug and kiss!)

On the bright side, at least I’m cognizant that I ALWAYS want what’s on the other side, because I can now remember to appreciate what I have at the current moment!!

Right here and now, I must remember to enjoy the time alone! Clicking and clacking on this beautiful keyboard of mine! drinking from my nice fat glass cup! and chowing down on my day old salad and pepperoni pie!

Ahhhh the joys of being home alone!

This will be Day 191’s PROJECT GRATEFUL ENTRY! – Enjoying time at home alone!

Restaurant Week – Nobu New York

New York City has restaurant week twice a year, once in Summer and another in Winter. As such you get prix fixe meals for a steal at some fancy places. Lunch goes for 25++ and dinner for 38++ (9% sales tax and tip of about 20%). The wonderful part of being a housewife? You can go for nice long leisurely lunches anytime. YAYYYY!!!!!!!

Today I booked Nobu New York for lunch with a friend. I’ve heard good things about it from many food reviews.

Appetizer – Shrimp Tempura with spicy sauce


The shrimp tempura batter was so light and airy and very very lightly coated in batter. It had a tinge of spiciness and was nicely balanced with a tad of sourness from the lemon dressing. I loved it.

Entree – Assorted sushi 


(Gindara, tuna, scallop, Alaskan crab, salmon, fluke).

The sushi was really really fresh and of remarkable quality. Sushi/Sashimi is all about the freshness of fish really, so it was a big WIN for me. The scallop was of outstanding quality actually, normally they come a little fishy for me but this was perfectly sweet and fresh. Loved it the most.The sushi rice was good too. Not as good as some of the Japanese rice I had in Tokyo but still decent quality for America.

Entree – Arctic Char with Ponzu sauce


My friend had Arctic Char with Ponzu sauce, which by the way is a cold water fish very similar to salmon. She said it tasted great but was a little raw in the middle. I guess its a Japanese restaurant after all.

Dessert – Raspberry cheesecake mousse.


You can’t see it from the picture but its really tiny, perfect end to a meal. Sweet dessert but not heavy at all, very light and airy, texture was almost similar to whipped cream.

I was a very very happy housewife at the end of the meal.

Nobu New York
105 Hudson Street, New York. 

The immigrant housewife speaks

When people back home call me a tai-tai, I always scoff and say I’m a pseudo tai-tai or a glorified housewife more than anything. After all when you have half your face buried while scrubbing the toilet bowl, furiously rubbing soap scum of the bathroom tiles or mopping and sweeping my life away, thats hardly the life of a tai-tai. But then after a while, I take a stab back and realize that its just my negative thoughts speaking.

I do live in one of the most eclectic places in the world and I got a pretty shiny apartment. My apartment has a glorious view of the Hudson river and I get to stay at home while the rest of the world slaves away and I get to have ‘tai-tai’ lunches with my fellow housewives and I get to buy whatever I need without worrying about the cost too much. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I need to look and focus more on the positive aspects of my life. I may not have everything perfect all the time but I have everything (and a lot of extras) that I need to make me happy right here and now. And its the here and now that matters.

Sometimes I get a little down because I focus on my supposed career regression, my seemingly blind quest towards finding my purpose in life, difficulty of adjusting to American culture and coping with being so far away from my family and friends. All these negative emotions make me lose sight of why I’m here in the first place.

I’m here because I met a man that I’m willing to trade all the things I have in Singapore for. He treats me very well and I know that he’ll love me for all of our collective lives together but more importantly, I left Singapore with the thirst of wanting to find out whats out there and to fulfill my dream of wanting to live overseas. Except that I’ve always thought that I was going to live overseas for a few years and not leave indefinitely. But who knows what’s going to happen in future, maybe we’ll have enough to straddle two homes in opposite ends of the globe!

I left Singapore wanting to explore the rest of the world, to venture out of my comfort zone, to acquire new adventures! but yet sometimes I let homesickness and fear of change eat into my soul. But you know what, I’m not going to beat myself over that. Its normal for people to fear change and its normal for people to resist change. Instead of worrying about my imperfections of adjusting, I’m going to applaud myself for taking a bold step towards building a better life for the both of us. Its normal to feel homesick and its normal to fear change. I must remember that different is not always bad, different lends an opportunity for one to contemplate about what was and why the present is such.

Moving on….

After a few months of marriage, the exhilaration of new love and the palpitation and excitement of the nuptials has worn away. Instead it’s being eroded with the quiet comfort of knowing there’s someone at home waiting for you; the definitive comfort of knowing that when you have a bad day there will always be someone at home waiting to give you a big bear hug; best of all you know that no matter what happens, no matter what silly arguments you might have had, you take comfort in the fact that he/she will always be walking beside you for the rest of eternity.