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T texted me the other day to arrange for a SKYPE date. She’s a big sweetie pie, I meet her in NIE 7+ years ago when we were both teacher trainees. We had the same crazy humor, laughed about silly things and became firm friends even after we left to teach in opposite ends of Singapore.

I moved to NYC a while back but she never fails to remember to arrange for a SKYPE date when the school holiday rolls around, much like when in Singapore when we would arrange for tea/lunch during holidays. She’s crazy busy with school, various family commitments and her german classes but I know I still hold a special place in her heart, which I am immensely grateful for. She went to Germany and even bought me a souvenir and air mailed it all the way to NYC, I suspect that it was due to all those long conversations about visiting Germany together some 7+ years ago. Good memories. I miss her.

I appreciate people like that, people who actually mean something to you in your life, no matter how far you’re physically apart. I must remember to take more time to treasure this connection.

Life has indeed changed to much. I wish for happiness and contentment for my friends.





It has been a lovely visit back home for the last couple of days. I have spent quality time with family, friends and basked in the oppressive heat with fortitude; or as Kris says it – “like a trooper.” Singapore is for the most part, what I remembered it to be: awesome local food, (even) crazier crowds, columns and columns of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. The familiarity of Singlish, the endless stream of conversations that flow as if I never left, and the recollection of shared memories of the yesteryears.


I feel very blessed to be pampered head to toe by my family and friends alike. From taking leave from work to spend time with me, to accommodating my food requests, treating me to meals, giving me a ride home, to making time for me and being genuinely happy to share a meal/conversation/cuppa coffee with me!


I cannot express how happy that makes me feel.


So excuse me while I take a hiatus from this space and enjoy some good old lovin’.

Project Grateful 365: 174, 175, 176, 177!!! Mega Combo Edition

Sorry to my loyal readers! I have neglected this blog because I went on a summer road trip with the bot. We rented a car and drove to Harrisburg Pennsylvania and stayed at a hotel for a couple of days. I loved the bed in the hotel! It was the Country Inn Hotel and Suites and the king sized bed, has this wonderful thick and fluffy mattress protector that made me feel; I was sleeping on a cloud! I think I am going to tell Kris that I want a mattress protector for my 30th birthday! I know I’m supposed to feel old but I REFUSE to feel that way. I’m only about 1/3 my way through life and it has been a crazy ride for the 30 yrs, ups and downs and have made me who I am today. I’m not sure how the rest of my life will PAN out but my goal is to be happy and content for the rest of my life!


Sorry for switching topics! So I’m grateful for 4 things


174: Hershey park (1)

Walt Disney was wrong, Hershey Park is the happiest place on earth. Every kid there was smiling from side to side. It was hot as hell, but chocolate cheers everyone up! There is quite a few family friendly rides, kiddy rides and crazy-ass rides for the thrill seekers. Personally we took quite a few wooden roller coasters that I liked very much. I didn’t like the vertical drop ones and the ones that went at lightening speed. Just for the heck of it, we also took a ferries wheel, Hershey’s Kissing/Revolving tower and an adult carousel. It was a very hot but fun day! Oh I also got to see sea lions. Which I love! Because they are so fat and cuddly!

I must thank my hubby for this wonderful trip because he was an excellent driver and the ONLY driver I must add from NYC to Harrisburg.

IMG_4210 IMG_4225

175: Gettysburg (2)

I learnt quite a bit about the Civil War in America – the fight between the Union and Confederate States. It was very interesting to see (mostly mock ups) of how War was fought in the 19th century, primitive as compared to today, but still devastating like all wars are.

IMG_4251 IMG_4255 IMG_4256 IMG_4267

176: Experiencing the Amish culture (3)

On the last day of our road trip, we drove to Lancaster county where they are many Amish families still in existence. Its a very interesting and closed community who reject electricity, but use solar power, batteries and propane to heat the house, have a fridge, have lights and power a singer sewing machines. Instead of cars, they use buggies and horses. Its just so fascinating to see them reject technology and ‘modern America’. They don’t like to have their photos taken and have minimal decorations within their home.

IMG_4285 IMG_4288 IMG_4289 IMG_4301

177: Long walks, new friends and a beautiful sunset (4)

Today I met a friend to walk across the brooklyn bridge, like me her husband was posted to America for work and she doesn’t have a visa to work here. She’s very cute, she’s always offering me stuff she brought extra from the market. Like garlic, sauces and what nots. It was a beautiful day to walk across the bridge too. Its nice to meet people who are stay at home wives like me cause we got afternoons to relax, explore the city, exercise and have yummy lunches! I must learn to appreciate being a housewife more and stop waiting so anxiously for my Green Card so that I can can work, because I’m sure that when it comes and I need to wake up at 7am to work, I’ll moan and groan! So here’s a gentle reminder to myself, to enjoy the idyllic days while I can, just because I deserve to be pampered and happy!

Later in the day I met E and Charlie Bear and we trotted to Chinatown for my favourite Kungfu tea. He’s such a cute lil bear and his mother is such a sweet person that being around both of them makes you smile lots.

I’m sitting here in the sunset typing away while eating leftovers, grateful for my life right now.


Sure my lost green card paperwork is a bummer, annoying root canal/multiple cavities and little annoyances here and there come up sometimes, but I must remind myself to always look at the glass half full. There are also a thousand other reasons why my life is going well! Shitty days will always come, but I’m just going to roll along the waves and let it all dissipate. Life somehow always finds a way of panning itself out. My stuff is delayed but at least not denied and a root canal is not all that bad, its annoying but not as scary as my wisdom tooth experience. I think after fixing my 7 cavities, I’ll rid my Dentophobia. I have hope! No more shaking in the dentist chair! Fearless Charbot from now on! Hup Hup Hup!

Project Grateful 365: Grateful for an accomplished Friday!

I had a nice walk with E and Charlie Bear today, and oh boy that little bear has grown so big and cute. All that  waving excitedly, (sometimes with both hands too), lovely adorable cackling smiles and happy little-baby-trying-to-talk noises. He’s such a delicious little muffin!

He loves to wave, smiled (almost) non stop at me for 4 miles and kept making all these cute lil noises. There is something about him that makes me feel so happy every time I spend time with him. He’s just so happy, peaceful and calm. He’s no longer a baby but a (really adorable) bubbling little toddler.

I think he’s so happy all the time because his parents are so much in love with each other and lovely him so dearly. They have such a happy and loving little family, that I think Charlie GLOWS with that love.  He’s so trusting with his huge baby eyes and so happy to be bouncing and dishing out smiles to everyone! E is the kind of mother (very hands on, protective but not overly) I want to be, when I have a child myself. She’s so chill and relaxed with him, adores him completely but yet doesn’t stifle him by being too afraid to let him just be a kid.

Oh I’m also happy today for my successful bread making.


My little bread rolls


Spinach and ricotta cheese rolls that BURST!


My version of a calzone (With Pepperoni and Mozzarella inside!)

IMG_3041Alsoooooo my tulips bloomed today too.


Project Grateful 365: Grateful for a nice brunch with a friend, virgin bread making success and walks with my bot

3rd March 2013

Day 118

Because pictures are better than words!


Eggs Benedict on buckwheat crepe with a friend


My current favorite dress which is wayyyyy to cold to wear out now, but fashion over form (some times its okay to be ditzy)


Freshly baked bread #FTW


Someone is waving at me from up there!


Stout for the Stout! Posture dear! Posture! heh


I liked this picture of us looking cute!




Happy hour (Beer + 6 oysters = 12 buckaroos)

Fave = Washburn MA

2nd Fave = Reach Island WA

3rd Fave = Steamboat WA




Mario pose!


Isaiah wants to pose too! 🙂

Project Grateful 365: SSN application, MOPEY days and Columbia Teachers College

Day 114, 27th Feb: HAPPY THAT THE SSN was easy peasy!


Today I am grateful that the application for the SSN went super smoothly. After I enter the USA with my K1 visa, I need to bring that visa into the office and apply for a Social Security Number. Unlike the K1 visa which took ~200 years, the SSN application was super easy peasy. I went in and out of the office within 20 minutes and the peeps were friendly and relaxed. SO AWESOME to deal with a pleasant and happy-to-be-at-work government officer/clerk! We even chatted about her Chinese bamboo plant!

In case you’re living in Manhattan! CLICK here for more information about applying for your SSN!


Day 115, 28th Feb: Grateful for an insightful talk about my future goals!

columbia TC

I went for a graduate talk in Columbia’s teacher’s college and was quite happy with the courses they offered. Compared to CUNY’s open house, they were way more welcoming/organized/efficient and had more/better programs. Well Columbia is better endowed than CUNY, so its not surprising I guess.

I love being in class, I love interacting with children and little ones. I like the influence and difference I can make as an educator right in the class room. But I also know that policy/educational leadership/curriculum planning can help me further the things I want to push through in the education system. Those would help aid me in furthering my dreams of opening a play school!

I love being in the classroom but I’m also interested in educational psychology and school counselling. I find the gifted education system appealing and the special needs program rewarding.


Happy problems nonetheless, better to be presented with an array of choices than to be STUCK with one, I dare say!



Frown upside down

Today started out mehhhh. I suddenly missed home (family, esp that little cutie pie of mine and my friends lots). Bouts of homesickness hits me from time to time, but its normal of a new immigrant.

I try not to dwell on it and be grateful of the opportunities I have in this city instead. I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot be happy as a lark everyday, but I will NOT allow my self to wallow in self pity, just because.

I have it pretty good (all things considered) and I must be thankful for that and focus on the HAPPYs and the GOODs! *determined face* So I got quite a bit done, I booked 2 hotels in the Virgin Islands, found out about Driver’s licensing in the city, a cheap and good driving school, went to IKEA to get household related items and is currently preparing to make PAD THAI for dinner!

**edit of Pad Thai. Its GOOD!!!!


Pad Thai goodness! Vegetarian!



Fried Tofu, a lot of oil, but not all that bad after I filtered it out!

YAY!!!!!!! ME for turning a moppy day into an effective one. As my hubby says, ‘Turn that frown UPSIDE down’! Since its Friday night, we’re going for a walk and maybe a movie tonight! WHEEEEEE. I want to go for HAPPY HOUR, but Kris finishes work late and its not as if I can DRINK anyways. I think BARS need to have a happy ice cream hour!