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Restaurant Week – Nobu New York

New York City has restaurant week twice a year, once in Summer and another in Winter. As such you get prix fixe meals for a steal at some fancy places. Lunch goes for 25++ and dinner for 38++ (9% sales tax and tip of about 20%). The wonderful part of being a housewife? You can go for nice long leisurely lunches anytime. YAYYYY!!!!!!!

Today I booked Nobu New York for lunch with a friend. I’ve heard good things about it from many food reviews.

Appetizer – Shrimp Tempura with spicy sauce


The shrimp tempura batter was so light and airy and very very lightly coated in batter. It had a tinge of spiciness and was nicely balanced with a tad of sourness from the lemon dressing. I loved it.

Entree – Assorted sushi 


(Gindara, tuna, scallop, Alaskan crab, salmon, fluke).

The sushi was really really fresh and of remarkable quality. Sushi/Sashimi is all about the freshness of fish really, so it was a big WIN for me. The scallop was of outstanding quality actually, normally they come a little fishy for me but this was perfectly sweet and fresh. Loved it the most.The sushi rice was good too. Not as good as some of the Japanese rice I had in Tokyo but still decent quality for America.

Entree – Arctic Char with Ponzu sauce


My friend had Arctic Char with Ponzu sauce, which by the way is a cold water fish very similar to salmon. She said it tasted great but was a little raw in the middle. I guess its a Japanese restaurant after all.

Dessert – Raspberry cheesecake mousse.


You can’t see it from the picture but its really tiny, perfect end to a meal. Sweet dessert but not heavy at all, very light and airy, texture was almost similar to whipped cream.

I was a very very happy housewife at the end of the meal.

Nobu New York
105 Hudson Street, New York. 

Project Grateful 365: Day 181 – Housewives in NYC

I met another 3 housewives in NJ’s Mitsuwa today. Our intention was to have lunch and get some Japanese groceries, turns out we had so much fun catching up that I only managed to catch the 4.15pm bus back. Almost 4 over hours of chatting. The company was great! So thanks S, W and N!

I’m grateful today for yummy Japanese food and good company. I love to hear stories about another culture. Its  fun to learn about how the lives of other women are like in an entirely different country. If you think about it humans are so similar and yet so different. Through artificial geographical and national boundaries, varying social norms and culture expectations we might grow up in entirely different environments, but at the core of it all we have the same type of blood running through our veins, and all need food and air to survive.

Personally I feel more knowledge of different ethnicities, religion and culture can help to bridge gaps between different societies and in the long run breeds more tolerance and less conflict hopefully.

I bought some fresh noodles and soup base and tonight my lucky husband is going to have Tonkatsu Ramen! Om nom nom!

So today I’m grateful for delicious food and good company.  I think that its a blessing to meet nice people and so far in the city, I seem to have met some really nice people. So YAY to that!



Project Grateful 365 (Day 178) Walking tours!

June 10th, 2013

On weekends that we’re not doing a road trip, not gawking at protests or not travelling somewhere or eating at some yummy establishments. The husband and I will choose a random area to go on a ‘walking tour!’



(Fuel before our 8.36mile walk!)


Along with my cooking and cleaning duties, I’m also the chief fun officer. I plan recreational activities and things to do during weekends and weeknights. So today  I randomly planned a walk around the residential neighborhood of Astoria. The prices in Manhattan and Brooklyn are rising so quickly that many people find themselves moving towards Astoria for cheaper rents. There are mostly low rise buildings and residential homes, and some nice restaurants littered along broadway and 30th ave. Either than a good, long healthy walk there was nothing really at Astoria so we’ll probably not go back ever.

We walked quite a bit before taking the train back to Union Square and witnessed chants of ‘Hey Hey Ho Ho, Erdogan has gotta go!’ I sometimes wonder tho, beyond just an ability to voice your opinions how will protests like this, affect anything that is going on in Turkey? Nonetheless, a voice in better than no voice.



We wanted to go buy some fresh produce at the green market but unfortunately they were closing up before we had a chance. They are usually also pretty expensive I think, Wholefood prices. (Speaking of whole foods, I bought a peach for 1.80usd the other day #whysoexpensive????)

There was also a street market near University place but those ‘Pasar Malams’ usually just sell overpriced food and I don’t think they are all that fantastic. I’ve been to quite a few now and haven’t found myself being vowed by anything. They always smell fantabulous tho!


From Union Square we walked home, not before stopping for dinner and some scented candles. For some reason yankee candles are 12.99 per bottle now, why are they so expensive????? Bed Bath and Beyond is even worse, 20 bucks for a bottle of candle. You gotta be kidding me! Which is sad because I really love their Mahogany Teak! I’ll buy them when they are on sale 2 bottles for 22.50 before tax, which is still pretty expensive if you think about it. Non brand name candles can sometimes go for 4bucks on sale, so there’s your comparison!

The husband was craving Indian so we had Indian for dinner! Malai Marke at the east village. Very yums, 4.5 stars outta 5!

IMG_4368Lamb curry, Vegetable Curry, Naan and some complimentary papadum! Artery clogging but oh so good! 


Project Grateful 365: Macaroon Success! (Day 165)

**turns out my break didnt last long!**

3rd time success BABYROONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today my macaroons finally managed to be lifted off the wax paper without breaking.

I know that I’m a noob at baking macaroons and the first 2 times were sorrowful experiences.

Remember those #failcaroons #stupidroons #wontcomeoffthewaxpaperoons?

Well I’m 3rd time lucky, this time those babies came off the wax paper without much effort!

I know that they are not LADURÉE or Pierre Hermé macaroons but they are my own little babyroons.

IMG_3994 IMG_3997


I’m so proud of myself! Macroons require patience and precision, skills I lack severely in my life.

I thought about perfecting them into perfect little round babies. But you know what, I’m not going to seek perfection in everything. Odd shaped or not, this shall be my PERFECTLITTLEROONS!!!!

Project Grateful 365: Day 149 – Grateful for soft fluffy pancakes

Pancakes are so easy to make and so yummy.

Drizzled with luscious maple syrup and you have a gourmet breakfast right in front of you.

Ever so often, I buy a box of Aunt Jemma’s buttermilk pancakes and I’m transported to pancake heaven.

It is very easy to make pancakes from scratch too but I think this brand is way better than any recipe I’ve followed online. Its also very affordable, perfect for unemployed people like me! HA!

Pancakes are all about the viscosity of the mixture and temperature of the pan. Practice makes perfect!

IMG_3443 IMG_3444