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Fall in Central Park




IMG_8928 IMG_8929


These 3 photos are my favourite ones taken today. Fall in Central Park is absolutely spectacular. It is my favourite time to be in the Park and my top 3 places to be in, in NYC. It is just a good escape from the Urban Concrete Jungle. The huge park provides a brilliant contrast to the towering sky scrapers all the city.

Its a wonderful place to just go wander with your love/date/partner and slowly recharge. Little cute toddlers toddling around and dogs of all sizes just puttering around happily. It is JUST SIMPLY a #happyplace.



Me and my love, against the blindly sun-rays




Kris blending in with the tall trees.



Me being clownish


Passed by this little guy at the pet shop, after countless tail wags and adorable little licks, it was hard not to bring him home. He’s a puppy of 4 months, 900 bucks (down from 1800) and is a Lapso Also from Tibet.

EXTREMELY cute!!!!! but maybe after we actually have an income and maybe a house. Someday 🙂

All in all it was a wonderful day, 6 miles and my knees didn’t hurt. YAY!!!!!