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i love nerds

Kris and myself have a competition going on.  Its the “Who can be more hardworking” competition. Its basically measured by the sheer amount of waking hours spent on work.

Apart from when he was OUT COLD from his flu, I think he wins. He’s still sick actually but he decided to still infect everyone at work go to work regardless. 😛

I got a milder version of Kris’s cold but what really bothered me was tooth issues on both sides of my jaw. Annoys me to no end because I love food, I love chewing yummy food. Now I’ve resorted to mostly fruit smoothies and fattening milkshakes. I went for a Singaporean event the other day and I could only eat chicken rice and flat rice noodles coz it required v little chewing. I had to swallow some satay and throw away the yummy Hainanese chicken. It makes me very sad. Very very sad.



Reminiscing boating life

A few days ago our friends from SV Malaika sent us some pictures of our old boat SV Oia. These are the new owners (pardon the intrusion but a good reminder that you’re never really outdoors alone especially with the crazy zooming capabilities of high end cameras!)

IMG_4487 IMG_4495 IMG_4521


The little sail boat that Kris spend many waking hours repairing but didn’t get to sail across the world. It made me feel a tinge of regret and a little whimsical to be honest.

Of course, I am perched high up in my Manhattan apartment, wayyyyyyyy removed from the elements of the sea that affords me with the luxury of being whimsical. A boat is SHEER hard work, loads of physically labour and financial liabilities attached to it for brief moments of pleasure. (IMHO)

Kris refuses to budge on owning a sailboat as opposed to owning motor boat. I dislike keeling over with a vengeance so I guess we’re never owning a boat again.  The idea of living in a boat/owning a boat is really romantic, one envisions picturesque sceneries, wind ruffling through your hair, big hats, fashionable sun glasses and cruisers without a care in the world.

Well thats a FALLACY! Sailing is harder than driving, you have to look at sea level (fishing lines), surroundings (other boats), below (rocks/corals and what nots) all the time. The wind has a mind of its own. If you don’t enjoy the physical act of sailing, I recommend just flushing cash down your toilet bowl instead. Electronics and the sea are arch enemies, so there is ALWAYS ALWAYS something to fix!

But once in a while, its nice to look back at the experience of owning a boat. An alternative lifestyle, a road less travelled, courage to pursue (his) dreams and tenacity to follow it thru. He wanted something, overcame all the challenges involved, planned and strategized to reach his goals! That’s my SUPERBOT husband! A Do-er and a Dreamer! Me? I just am his whacky side-sick, willing to ride on these little adventures with him!

Truth to be told, there was brief moments that I enjoyed the rush of doing something different, the thrill of being afraid but the anticipation of fear was really what got me in. Lesson learnt? Dont waste time being afraid of the future, live in the present. The fear of fear is often worse than the actual scenario.

Thanks OIA for the memories.

Project Grateful 365: Grateful for a super supportive hubby!

Day 117: 2nd March 2013

So yesterday in bid to lug myself out of my mopey molly syndrome, I decided to force the hubby out of the house to watch a comedy – Identify Theft!



We both love Jason Batemen from the famous series of Arrested Development and I needed a laugh, so why not! 28 USD later, I was rather pleased. It was not fantastic but still quite funny and had a feel good element at the end. How selflessness gives way to selfishness and because of the former, you feel much better about your life. Melissa McCarthy was hilarious, very entertaining and executed her part very effortlessly.

Anyways, what transpired after the movie, was the one worth documenting and remembering. 🙂

As we were walking back home from the theatre, Kris kissed the top of my heart (#shortpeopleadvantages) and told me, ‘HAPPY 1 week wifelet’, (I totally forgot we got married a week ago :/ ) and proceeded to tell me he marked the date in the 2014 calendar coz he was afraid he would forget. HOW SWEET IS THAT BOY? I felt very loved.

As we were walking along, I told him more about graduate school and the expenses and how I was worried that following my dreams/going into graduate school doing the things I want might not be a sensible financial decision and blah blah blah. And he says, ‘Don’t worry about the money, just do the things you want and I’ll take care of the rest, do the things you’re passionate about and the things that make you happy!!’

So yes, today I feel grateful for having married such a wonderful hubby, because its not as it we have tons of cash lying around, yet he’s willing to take on (future) financial strains/inconveniences to help support my dream.


edit: After running some numbers vaguely through my head, I think its more prudent for me to get a job for a year. (If I can that is *crosses fingers*, given the dire job market situation in the US) Then later study part time and work part time in graduate school. I can do it *pumps fist*!!!!! First step, register for the GREs in Nov 2013! Or maybe first step, consolidate those AOS papers so I can file for the GC and get my Employment Pass!!!!