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I came home late last night from class and Kris had made his own dinner of hotdogs and chips. *frown at unhealthiness* *beam at self reliance*

This morning, he brewed his own coffee (+mine), made his own oatmeal and even packed his own turkey sandwich.


*insert evil cackle*

I kid. It was very sweet of him, I told him once that once I start school I will have less time to do everything at home and apparently he HEARD me! Despite his head being buried deep into his computer screen, but then again his head is always buried into some technological device so that’s a moot point.

I even had flowers to ‘congratulate’ me on completion of my first statistic class. Which by the way wasn’t all that bad, I think I’m going to enjoy it.


Speaking off being all grown up, I fired my old dentist and switched to a new provider. Partly because the older one did not have an ounce of compassion in his bone, I also blame him for my current tooth issues. I walked in last year with no pain what so ever and happy like a lark. After he was done with me, which took 2 excruciating months, a root canal and 9 tooth invasions, I have been living with a pain I never felt prior to that 2 months. SERIOUSLY!!!!!! #@%*&$%@(^$(*@^$

I’m mortified of dentists, because I’m highly insensitive to the novocaine injection and he just was very dismissive towards me because I was so scared. I’m scared for a reason!!!

In any case, I hope this dentist is better and less of an ASS. I need to man up when it comes to dentists. It won’t be all bad, I will just explain my novocaine concerns and if she’s dismissive in any way, I’m not going to sit about submissively and let her ‘tooth rape’ me. I’m just going to find a dentist that I’m more comfortable with. Her reviews on ZocDoc are excellent though, so hopefully like my GP, she’s going to be kind and sympathetic to my *ahem* irrational as well as logical fears.

I mean if you always feel pain even after the injection, its a logical fear right? (PROOF) But then again pain is 70% psychological, so it could be that I’m imagining the pain? BUT BUT, when I let the medicine sit in long enough, usually I don’t feel the pain. But my stupid old dentist used to overbook his appointments so tightly that he just went straight into the procedure despite my protests. AHHHHHHHH all this thinking is rehashing my nightmare from last year.

I am not afraid.

I am not afraid

I am not afraid.

I’m all grown up now!!!!!

*proceeds to beg Kris to come to the dentist with me*

Tee hee hee.

It is all going to be alright. It is only PAIN! The sharp shooting, brain numbing, soul piercing pain will only last for a while!!!!!

Reminiscing boating life

A few days ago our friends from SV Malaika sent us some pictures of our old boat SV Oia. These are the new owners (pardon the intrusion but a good reminder that you’re never really outdoors alone especially with the crazy zooming capabilities of high end cameras!)

IMG_4487 IMG_4495 IMG_4521


The little sail boat that Kris spend many waking hours repairing but didn’t get to sail across the world. It made me feel a tinge of regret and a little whimsical to be honest.

Of course, I am perched high up in my Manhattan apartment, wayyyyyyyy removed from the elements of the sea that affords me with the luxury of being whimsical. A boat is SHEER hard work, loads of physically labour and financial liabilities attached to it for brief moments of pleasure. (IMHO)

Kris refuses to budge on owning a sailboat as opposed to owning motor boat. I dislike keeling over with a vengeance so I guess we’re never owning a boat again.  The idea of living in a boat/owning a boat is really romantic, one envisions picturesque sceneries, wind ruffling through your hair, big hats, fashionable sun glasses and cruisers without a care in the world.

Well thats a FALLACY! Sailing is harder than driving, you have to look at sea level (fishing lines), surroundings (other boats), below (rocks/corals and what nots) all the time. The wind has a mind of its own. If you don’t enjoy the physical act of sailing, I recommend just flushing cash down your toilet bowl instead. Electronics and the sea are arch enemies, so there is ALWAYS ALWAYS something to fix!

But once in a while, its nice to look back at the experience of owning a boat. An alternative lifestyle, a road less travelled, courage to pursue (his) dreams and tenacity to follow it thru. He wanted something, overcame all the challenges involved, planned and strategized to reach his goals! That’s my SUPERBOT husband! A Do-er and a Dreamer! Me? I just am his whacky side-sick, willing to ride on these little adventures with him!

Truth to be told, there was brief moments that I enjoyed the rush of doing something different, the thrill of being afraid but the anticipation of fear was really what got me in. Lesson learnt? Dont waste time being afraid of the future, live in the present. The fear of fear is often worse than the actual scenario.

Thanks OIA for the memories.