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i love nerds

Kris and myself have a competition going on.  Its the “Who can be more hardworking” competition. Its basically measured by the sheer amount of waking hours spent on work.

Apart from when he was OUT COLD from his flu, I think he wins. He’s still sick actually but he decided to still infect everyone at work go to work regardless. 😛

I got a milder version of Kris’s cold but what really bothered me was tooth issues on both sides of my jaw. Annoys me to no end because I love food, I love chewing yummy food. Now I’ve resorted to mostly fruit smoothies and fattening milkshakes. I went for a Singaporean event the other day and I could only eat chicken rice and flat rice noodles coz it required v little chewing. I had to swallow some satay and throw away the yummy Hainanese chicken. It makes me very sad. Very very sad.



Project Grateful 365: Grateful that I’ve managed to put some food into my tummy

Day 121

If you know what a foodie I am, heck if you read my blog and count the number of entries that are food related you would know that nothing makes me happier than yummy in my tummy.

However getting food poisoning means that nothing appeals to me. Especially fajitas and sour cream, I hate SOUR cream now, the mere thought of SOUR CREAM makes me want to puke!

So I had trouble holding anything in for like 24 hours, but just now through, I’ve managed to have a leeeeeetle bowl of chicken soup udon.


If I can hold it in for 3-4 hours without it coming out the direction it was put in, it must mean …………I’m feeling better. Its quite interesting, Me turned off at the sight of food. Normally nothing makes me happier than eating yummy things.

I’ve lost 1.5kg from this not eating stint, so maybe its a good thing after all. There will be NO beach whales in the Caribbean. Well maybe just one, KRIS!!!!! hehe hehe.

That said, he has been the sweetest hubby bot, coming home during the lunch hour to check on me, coming home before his dinner engagement to FORCE feed me. I feel very loved, sick but loved!

Project Grateful 365: Day 120 + 121

Day 120 is a copy cat of Day 119, but I have to make that exception because my lil LOVE BUG is just too cute!!



The moment I switched on SKYPE, he saw me and just launched into a HUGE FITOF GIGGLES.


He was all bouncy and full of laughs.

I’m so grateful for the most adorable nephew in the world.  In the evening I made Fajitas(Worse decision in the world!!!) and signed up for the orientation of the NEW YORK volunteer program. You can call me charbothelpsalot!

Project Grateful 365: DAY 121 (March 6th, 2013)

Today I’m grateful that I’m sick and not homeless. I think the aforementioned Fajitas might not have been thoroughly cooked and I have puked three times since this morning.

Food poisoning is 1 thing, food poisoning from your own food, is just laughable.


Nonetheless it could be worse. I could be sick and lying on the streets, so I’m glad to have 3 blankets and be almost entirely growing from the couch. I haven’t left it except to puke.