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Tides of change (Project Grateful 192)

Today whilst doing a daily mundane chore of opening the mail box, I discovered a change in my character.

I got a letter in my mailbox stating that my visa has YET again been delayed due to xxx reasons and to allow them another 6 months processing time.

When I got it, instead of being annoyed as I usually have been. I was just happy I heard something from them since 5 months ago, since they last approved that particular part of the paperwork.

It could be that I’ve learnt to expect so little from that particular agency but I would like to think that I’ve become more patient and more forgiving throughout this process. I’ve gained perspective towards the whole matter and while 6 months is a long time, its not the be all and end all for me anymore.

Nothing ever is; because life is a journey.

Life throws you crap all the time and its so much easier to just be enraged and upset. Sometimes you get upset because you have every right to, or because you cannot control your emotions. So vent all you want, be frustrated and be upset all you want but know at the end of the day life still has to go on.  More often than not, the little problem that we’re currently obsessing about? becomes only a bleak of dirt in your journey of life.

Morbid as it sounds, we are born, have xxx amount of years to live then we die. So make it count. Refuse to let the nitty gritties of life get you down, after all

“This too shall pass”

So this is my Grateful entry number 192. I’m grateful for growing in strength.

The grass is always more turquoise over at the other bank.

When I first got here, I was home alone a lot and didn’t have much friends so I looked forward to Kris coming home every night for dinner. I would make us a nice dinner, have everything at the correct temperature and just be waiting for that door knob to turn.

Now he’s working at home and when I come back from an excursion with my friends. He’s always around! So today after a nice long 2 hour walk with some pals along the Hudson, I arrived home to an empty house! I was so delighted! I pottered around made some lunch and saw down by the window writing this blog entry.

Sometimes just sometimes, its nice to be alone for a while. (Don’t worry Kris, when u’re home I’ll still give you a nice big hug and kiss!)

On the bright side, at least I’m cognizant that I ALWAYS want what’s on the other side, because I can now remember to appreciate what I have at the current moment!!

Right here and now, I must remember to enjoy the time alone! Clicking and clacking on this beautiful keyboard of mine! drinking from my nice fat glass cup! and chowing down on my day old salad and pepperoni pie!

Ahhhh the joys of being home alone!

This will be Day 191’s PROJECT GRATEFUL ENTRY! – Enjoying time at home alone!

Project Grateful 365 (Day 184, 185, 186) – Beluga Love

(Day 184) I HEART BELUGAS!!!!

I love love BELUGAS! They are like underwater teddy bears. All cute and soft and squishy!!!!!!! I was really chuffed to be able to go to the Georgia Aquarium to see my favourite whale! Belugas are usually cottony white and super friendly! They are commonly found in the arctic and sometimes subarctic regions. They also have 50% body fat, so they are quite the little chubbers!

beluga 2 beluga1


(Day 186) Grateful for being a ‘follow-bot’

I got to follow Kris to his business trip and I remember thinking before (way backkkkkkkk when I was younger, how good housewives/tai-tai’s get it!) I got to wallow in the nice comfy hotel bed, not have to clean/dust/cook or do any form of housework, besides packing for the trip and unpacking for the trip, watch some TV as a special treat and explore a new city. Its like a trip on my own but with company in the evenings and hugs to sleep. How awesome is that??


(Day 187) Grateful for being happy with simple things! 

Today I cleaned everything! I even washed the floor rugs and all!, went for a nice walk, played with little Charlie bear, made dinner, bought some groceries, signed up to be a team leader for New York Cares and even managed a combo blog entry! I feel accomplished! Best part? Its only 7pm! The night is still young!!!!

I like busy/relaxed days. Meaning I did a lot but didn’t feel rushed! Everything was done at my leisure and I have a nice time doing everything! So today I’m grateful for being happy when doing chores and living a simple life! Somedays I get annoyed being a housewife but today I treasure being one! So I must remember to be grateful for that!




Project Grateful 365: Day 183 – Oh Happy Sluggy Days!

I like following Kris on business trips!

(actually its also because I don’t like staying at home alone!)

Huge King Size squishy soft beds, huge TV and cable!


I dont like the idea of watching too much TV, but once in a while its okay! Its like a kind of special treat on vacations! I mean daytime TV is so much trash and once Kris comes home, I rather we go for walks, do something outdoors or have a nice chat over dinner then be glued to the TV.

Anyways this was me today!



The cutest slug in the entire state of Georgia!


Spot my little toes!

Once in a while, its nice to have lazy days! Nothing on my to do list, no errands to run, nobody to meet, no dinner to cook, nothing to clean/scrub/wash. Just me and my sluggy self!


**Warning! Slug like behaviour can only happen at most once a month**








Hee! I felt like a silly entry! Tomorrow I will troop down to Georgia’s Aquarium!  I think its still currently the biggest aquarium in the world with 8 million gallons in the world!

Oh wait! MY COUNTRY HAS TOPPED THAT! With over 10.5 million gallons in the world! With the newly opened S.E.A aquarium! TAKE THAT AMERICA!!!!!!


Project Grateful 365: Day 182 Sunny days and adorable Charlie

Today I woke up to a beautiful sunshiney day!



The sun was awesome (not too hot and oppressive) and there was a nice cool breeze too! Then I got to hung up with my 2 favourite people from 20 exchange!

This little cutie and his mom!



He’s a little man now, all 12 months old! He just keeps getting cuter and more interactive. My favourite is when you put your hands to your lips and move it up and down and Charlie Bear follows! A close second is when he shakes his butt when he hears the ABC song. How cute is that!

Later in the evening, I attempted to make gluten free cheese balls, they didn’t quite rise the way they were expected too, which made it not quite as delicious. They contain a lot of liquid too, so it was smoking a lot and I was worried about setting the fire alarm off.  Anyways, this is what they look like.


Project Grateful 365: Day 181 – Housewives in NYC

I met another 3 housewives in NJ’s Mitsuwa today. Our intention was to have lunch and get some Japanese groceries, turns out we had so much fun catching up that I only managed to catch the 4.15pm bus back. Almost 4 over hours of chatting. The company was great! So thanks S, W and N!

I’m grateful today for yummy Japanese food and good company. I love to hear stories about another culture. Its  fun to learn about how the lives of other women are like in an entirely different country. If you think about it humans are so similar and yet so different. Through artificial geographical and national boundaries, varying social norms and culture expectations we might grow up in entirely different environments, but at the core of it all we have the same type of blood running through our veins, and all need food and air to survive.

Personally I feel more knowledge of different ethnicities, religion and culture can help to bridge gaps between different societies and in the long run breeds more tolerance and less conflict hopefully.

I bought some fresh noodles and soup base and tonight my lucky husband is going to have Tonkatsu Ramen! Om nom nom!

So today I’m grateful for delicious food and good company.  I think that its a blessing to meet nice people and so far in the city, I seem to have met some really nice people. So YAY to that!