Monthly Archives: November 2017

Quick Updates

So life has taken a turn, and these days, I mostly blog here.

BUT!!!!!! I have shared quite a number of years of my life pre baby here, so once in a while, when I have unrelated baby posts, I will visit this blog again!

It has been about 3 months since we moved from Manhattan to Jersey City and the verdict from the both of us have been: WE SHOULD HAVE DONE IT SOONER! But we really like the quiet here, so we have been telling people, yes we like it here, but only if you like peace and quiet! Or have a kid!

The Manhattanites often tease us and call us the Jersey People, or go: Adios! We’re never seeing you again!┬áMy response these days, are pretty standard. I usually go, yeah JC is terrible! We hate it here, don’t move here! The demand is really making our rents go up, so please don’t move to this terrible place!!! I love being able to walk into a restaurant at grove without making a reservation, having space to talk and chat freely, so please! Don’t move here! Stay in Manhattan where you gotta wait at least half an hour for a cool hipster place for dinner! JC is not cool at all. Its for boring people!

The best part about moving here to me, has been having a car right below our apartment, exploring little towns, buying tons of cheap groceries, going apple picking, going to farms, driving along the coast, going for mini vacations in the weekends! We obviously cannot wait till Kai is born, so that Mommy would be more mobile and we can bring him to more and more fun places! Oh the possibilities! 39 weeks and 1 day. We’re getting so close to fully baking our little bun!

But please, JC is not cool at all. Stay in Manhattan, go to Brooklyn! Stop increasing our rent!