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Holidays from the perspective of an Immigrant

Holidays are especially hard for me, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas to be honest. They are not big holidays in Singapore like the Chinese Lunar New Year but they are prime times where everybody goes back to family, either driving for hours or taking flights across the country. They remind me, that my birth family is far way, far far away to be precise.

I’m grateful for Kris, he really is the best husband for me. His family is also very loving to me. But the fact of the matter is, holidays do remind me of the fact that I am home, but not quite home. I guess, holidays just make you remember family and friends a lot more. Asians in general are far less sappy.  There are much fewer, “I love you’s” and “I miss you’s” but affection is showed in different ways. Affection is shown in: “Have you been eating well, Is the business doing well, Are you exercising regularly, Where are you doing for the Holidays, Are you doing well in School? You’re so hardworking, I’m sure you’ll do well for the finals.”

So considering that I am now far away from Asian culture and more immersed in American Culture. That I would like to take time to tell my family, that I miss them and love them very much. This holiday season, as they bustle about their daily lives, I hope they remember that a sister, daughter, auntie, sister in law, is thinking and wishing them well from 9000 miles away.


Mindful Living.

I’ve tried to change my life a little recently, a little bit of yoga, meditation, making little switches over to environmental household products, bath products and organic skin products. The use of essential oils and yoga has made me so much more at peace.

At the risk of sounding like a whack job, I think the latter has  CHANGED my life!

I now take time to love my body a little everyday. A stretch or two, a whiff here and here, slowing down more often and being more aware of my breathing. It’s amazing how little changes can make my life so much happier. Today after yoga and during the shower, I suddenly feel this burst of gratitude for all the good in my life. (I know it sounds silly) But I was just happy and at peace with myself, perhaps it was the warm water, perhaps it was the exercise, perhaps it was the lavender oils or just the combination of everything! Life has been really good to me and I’m immensely grateful for everything. Moving here was hard before, but Kris has been the most amazing husband you can wish for, my new extended family has showered me with so much love and I’ve also met some really nice people here in NYC.

So with this new invigorated energy, I’m ready to end the year with lots of festivities and start the new year with renewed hope and positivity!


My yoga studio uses this bamboo chairs that are not only eco friendly but so pretty and surprisingly comfortable. I took this photo this morning before yoga class. Aren’t they cute?