My Funny Bunny Husband … Or so he thinks

Conversation 1 with the hubs

Me: Christmas is definitely coming, I get targeted flyers from all the brands I buy from, telling me to get this or get that, on a daily basis.

The hubby: Well ….. they do track if you open up their emails and they probably go, THIS ONE IS EASY, GET HER GET HER!!!

Me: -__-


Conversation 2 (When he went on a business trip)

Him: I couldn’t sleep very well last night

Me: Is it because you miss me?

Him: It’s because the bed was too big, your elbows weren’t in my face as usual.

Me: -_-


Conversation 3

Him: I want more beer

Me: *pokes his potbelly*

Him: What? It’s one big muscle

Me: hahahahahahahaa


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