Tough Cookie

I’m helping out a friend, who’s currently going through a rough time. She’s a really nice person and very gorgeous too. The human spirit is very resilient, I see how much she has on a plate and yet still tries her very best to juggle everything effectively. Or as far as I can tell she’s doing a very effective job.

Its funny how people always see things from the outside and go, so and so has it so good, if only I was this lucky. But, truly nobody can really tell what it is like from the outside. We all see the stained glass windows and lavish curtains but what lies behind the castle is often left out of the picture.

From the outside, my life is perfect. However, like any other human being. I have my struggles too. It might not be a deadly disease or huge catastrophe   but it still exists. The mind is sometimes a tortured soul, it leads you to sink deeper and deeper into superficial wounds.

In any case, this post is about my friend. Through her, I see that no matter how tough things maybe be at this moment, if you toughen up and grit your teeth through these challenges. You will pull thru.

I hope and pray that, she will learn something valuable from this, and that the months that come after will be a little easier. Circumstances might be hard to change but hopefully she will find the strength and grace inside of her to triumph and transcend the crosses in her life.

I hope the same for myself. That thru the challenges in my life, I will become tougher and more resilient.

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