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The Human Things

Sometimes, I look back to a couple of years ago and marvel at how far NS1 has grown. Even before Kris had co-founders, he told me he had a project he was working on. A project that started out with his fine tip pilot pen and his black moleskin notebook. Without lines, because apparently he cannot use notebooks with lines.

A couple of months and many hours of tinkering later, 2 co-founders were found and they all began working on my couch, alternating between each others couches really.

2 years and a little more, they now have XX employees and are growing really rapidly.

I admire the tenacity and intelligence of my husband. It is not easy to start and grow a business. 

However, I am also exasperated sometimes. Like now, I’m trying to study for my midterm tomorrow and he’s asking me 100000000 questions. Where is the brush, where did you keep the humidifier, are you sure the fan can be dismantled, can I take out the scones now? Where is the butter. Oh. My. God. 

Sometimes, I feel that he needs me — just to do the human things. 

Remember the good

Ever so often, I get stuck in the little mundanities of life, go on auto pilot mode and forget to savor my life one little bit at a time. It’s also times like this that I get a little angsty and wish things will just hurry up to the good part.

This morning tho, as I took my time to lie in bed a little longer and look out of the window. I realized that I am exactly where I want to be, 10 years ago. In fact, I am where I had wanted to be and then some.

The most important of them all, is that I am loved unconditionally, in all the little gestures, that I’ve come to forget existed because they have become so routine. I guess its important to take a step back from time to time and count those little blessings, abundantly scattered in our ‘mundanities’ of life.

Tough Cookie

I’m helping out a friend, who’s currently going through a rough time. She’s a really nice person and very gorgeous too. The human spirit is very resilient, I see how much she has on a plate and yet still tries her very best to juggle everything effectively. Or as far as I can tell she’s doing a very effective job.

Its funny how people always see things from the outside and go, so and so has it so good, if only I was this lucky. But, truly nobody can really tell what it is like from the outside. We all see the stained glass windows and lavish curtains but what lies behind the castle is often left out of the picture.

From the outside, my life is perfect. However, like any other human being. I have my struggles too. It might not be a deadly disease or huge catastrophe   but it still exists. The mind is sometimes a tortured soul, it leads you to sink deeper and deeper into superficial wounds.

In any case, this post is about my friend. Through her, I see that no matter how tough things maybe be at this moment, if you toughen up and grit your teeth through these challenges. You will pull thru.

I hope and pray that, she will learn something valuable from this, and that the months that come after will be a little easier. Circumstances might be hard to change but hopefully she will find the strength and grace inside of her to triumph and transcend the crosses in her life.

I hope the same for myself. That thru the challenges in my life, I will become tougher and more resilient.

Boys and girls, hear hear.

People are willing to give up a lot for success, reaching the APEX of their career, amassing obscene amounts of money.

I see this very prevalently in American culture, the culture of valuing long hard hours of work, it seems as tho if you have spent 80-100 hours in the office this week you have won some magical award, that you have awarded yourself in your head. It shows you possess grit, substance and resilience.

It doesn’t matter if one is going through their third divorce, or if ALL their kids need therapy, or that they have not taken their puppy out for a walk in the last decade. opps no more puppy now.  There is no medal for being a good husband/wife/parent or pet owner. There is only prestigious awards for doing well at work, amassing huge amounts of POWER and WEALTH. CEO? Best sales person? Most Billable hours? Youngest Partner ever in firm history. You didn’t go home all weekend to close this M&A project? Good for you!

After all, who cares about family values, friendships, relationships, people or living things? They don’t matter, suck it up fellow living things. You value quality time? You’re weak. Everyone needs TONS of money to be happy. Didn’t you get that MEMO? Well I guess you’re not working hard enough. Answer every email! There is no such thing as weekends. You need down time? You’re too soft! You didn’t get that promotion? Is that why you’re upset? Well work harder. Give up more! Don’t go home for Christmas or Thanksgiving, show the bosses your true worth!

The only truly value and worth of a person is how much work they do, how many hours they churn into billable hours.

A couple of nerds in Princeton tired to be Contrarian to this way of life. Read this.