T came over to stay with me for 2 days while Kris was travelling. We had a good time chatting and spending time with one another. I knew her since Uni days and really got close in the last 2 years before graduation. Since then, I think we have been constantly in touch despite work, traveling and immigration plans. She’s going to be in Georgia for a couple of years and while that still might be 14 hours away by car, its still better than 24 hours away by plane!


This is us, happy and excited before we stood in line for 6.5 hours to see the POPE in Central Park.


Credits to T. She took a far better picture than my tiny lil camera. I guess the pope was about 10 to 12m away? But even tho we arrived 5.5 hours before he was slated to come, there was still throngs of people in front of us. But I guess I know can I saw the POPE in person! Hur Hur. 10m is not that far really!

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